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  • Ultimate Woman Power - Be Your Best
    Ultimate Woman Power - Be Your Best
    March 14, 2023

    The most gorgeous day of March, the beauty will be carried out to the end. On March 8, Women's Day, Hihaus held a series of activities to celebrate with the beautiful ladies. At 5:00pm on March 8, the program started with boss Jessie expressing her greetings and sincere wishes to all the ladies of the company, saying that all the ladies of the company exuded firm and gentle strength in life and work, and were deservedly resounding roses. Gifts and food feasts Hihaus prepared exquisite holiday gifts for the ladies and wished them a beautiful appearance. There were also a variety of delicious food for everyone to enjoy, such as sweet and delicious cakes and desserts, delicious Sushi platter, fragrant pizza, fried chicken and skewers. What was presented at the scene was not only a food, but also the company's full of heart and affection. Fun Playing Cards to Win Gifts They can dress in exquisite make-up, but also wear military uniforms. They can go up to the moon, but also can break the waves! They do not need to be defined, regardless of age. They show their light in different fields! The ultimate woman power, be the most beautiful! Happy holidays to all the goddesses of Hihaus!

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  • South Africa customer factory tour in HIHAUS workshop
    South Africa customer factory tour in HIHAUS workshop
    February 20, 2023

    14th February is special day for couples, but also the special day for HIHAUS. We have project customer of 100villas fly from South Africa to visit us. By meeting in face, we know each more than online communication. During our meeting, we have discuss for the project and also offer some advance, there still will take some time for the villas project confirmation, but we believe what we recommend was very useful for our customers. As in 2023, coming to China will be more easy, we are here waiting for you all to visit us face to face.

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  • Good-luck of beginning
    Good-luck of beginning
    February 13, 2023

    All members already backed to start work with a fresh attitude and full of enthusiasm to open a new journey. The new year begins with a new journey together. The lions offer blessings to celebrate the start of the new year. The festive atmosphere of Chinese New Year is still strong. But a new journey has begun! All of us at Hihaus windows and doors wish you that good luck for the beginning of 2023! Let's work together to achieve further success in 2023 ! Mr. Wu, the chairman of Hihaus windows and doors, delivered a speech to start the year and led the company's senior management to offer incense and pray for blessings, cut the golden pig, and for lion to dot the eyes. We wish that the new year will be prosperous and prosperous, and that we will reach new heights! The gongs and drums are booming and the lions of fortune are dancing. Wishing you a prosperous in the new year! Working hard to achieve our goals ! Great luck with the lucky packet ! Each lucky packet represents the care and blessing. It also carries the expectations of Hihaus' members for the new year . Let's have a bright future together in 2023. New year, new start. Working hard to achieve our goals ! The new journey has begun, all the staff of Hihaus start again and make another breakthrough and create new glorious!

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  • HIHAUS Back To Work
    HIHAUS Back To Work
    February 01, 2023

    We are back to work!! Here share you all for how we welcome our first working day: 1. 'Open Gate' Red Envelope Every first working day after Spring Festivale, our finance will assiat our boss to prepart the lucky money 2. Married person give Red Envelope All married people has to give the red envelope to get the wishes from the person receive the luckey money And here , HIHAUS wishing you a prosperous and successful year of Rabbit.

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  • Happy Spring Festival
    Happy Spring Festival
    January 13, 2023

    Happy Spring Festival Wish we all have the best new year and good beginning. Our workshop will off from 10th Jan to 5th Feb, and will be back to work on 6th Feb. During the holiday, our engineer still here to offer you recommendation. Looking forward to our 2023 first cooperation.

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  • New Year's Loading of 2023 (Good start from this year)
    New Year's Loading of 2023 (Good start from this year)
    January 09, 2023

    As saying goes, a good beginning make the year. And in HIHAUS, we are having luck to have 2 shipments get loading at the first week of HIHAUS windows door. 2 20GP of windows doors for USA customer. Including sunroom for balcony, folding door for entrance, swing door located to living room. The second one is 40HQ to an Island country : Reunion This is 3 villas project, most are fix glass with sliding door, as is it windy, roller-shutter is added in front of sliding door. Lots of goods get loaded, as China is going to have Chinese new year on 21stJan, our workshop will be off on 7th Jan. There still remain 3+container need to ship out.. Hope this full container loading bring more luck and share all to you. Welcome to contact us to get 2023 latest design and items.

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  • Hihaus Grage Door Catalog 2022
    Hihaus Grage Door Catalog 2022
    January 12, 2023

    Feel free to check our catalog, or visit our product page for more details.

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  • Welcome the first day of Winter
    Welcome the first day of Winter
    December 23, 2022

    This the season to make your home warm, cozy and joyous 22nd Dec is the first day of winter in 2022, also ending of weeks of December. In cold area, it already cover with heavy snow, family are gather together having the delicious and hot meal at home. And for HIHAUS, though these days Covid let us work at home, but the wealthy colleagues, are still working hard in office. And have a small ceremony for the special day. Finishing for the celebration, let’s welcome Chrisms and New Year. By start using HIHAUS Quality winter proof windows doors.

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  • Do Container freight rates will fall before New Year?
    Do Container freight rates will fall before New Year?
    December 12, 2022

    According to the latest data released by Shanghai Airlines Exchange on November 18, Shanghai Export Container Freight Index (SCFI) fall 136.45 points to 1306.84 last week, expanding its decline from 8.6% the previous week to 9.4%, for the third consecutive week. The European line is still the hardest hit one for the decline of freight rates. November 11th, the freight rate of European line fell 306 dollars per TEU to 1172 dollars per TEU, a drop of 20.7%, falling to the starting point in 2019. The freight rate of Mediterranean line fall by $94 per TEU to $1967 per TEU, with a drop of 4.56%. The freight rate of US West Line fell by $73 per FEU to $1559 per FEU, or 4.47%, a slight increase from 2.91% the previous week; The freight rate on the US East Line fall 346 dollars per FEU to 3877 dollars per FEU, or 8.19%. Insiders said that, following the sharp fall of the Far East-US West Line, the decline of the European Line has increased since November, with a decline of more than 20% last week. As the European energy crisis may speed up the local economic recession, recently the volume of goods to Europe has dropped sharply, as well as the freight rate. However, the latest freight rate decline of the Far East-US West Line, which has been declining previously, has converged, indicating that the market is unlikely to be in a permanent imbalance between supply and demand and will gradually adjust the supply of transport capacity. In the Asian near-sea lines, although the fourth quarter is the traditional peak season, the current market performance is still not comparable to the same period last year, and the freight rate has a trend of rising and falling. The freight rate of each TEU on Japan's Guanxi Line rose by $9 to $331, or 2.8%; The freight rate of Japan's Kanto Line per TEU fall by $10 to $318, or 3.1%. The freight rate of Southeast Asia Line (Singapore) per TEU fall by $19 to $327, or 5.49%; The freight rate of South Korea Line (Busan) per TEU continued to fall by $2 to $254. According to the analysis of insiders, it seems that the fourth quarter has entered the off-season of the ocean going shipping line, so it is normal to see less market volume. The freight rate of US West Line has stabilized, but the decline of the European line has expanded, which may continue to fall after the Spring Festival in the first quarter of next year; The fourth quarter is the traditional peak season of the near sea line, so, with the coming of the Spring Festival, the recovery of goods is still expected. But as Christmas and New Year (Also Chinese New Year coming on January) As our past export experience for windows doors, the shipping cost will be rising again on middle of December before Christmas. **Loading for office project windows and doors With over 18 years history, our experience for exporting windows and doors can assist you for more professional advice. Leave us your contact in below to get more advice now!

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  • The World Cup Casement Windows
    The World Cup Casement Windows
    November 23, 2022

    The World Cup That Changed Everything, but our quality casement windows remain the same . Let our aluminum windows to make you more enjoy the football watching, Let's SOUND IT LOUD !

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  • Hihaus Office Weekly Morning Meeting
    Hihaus Office Weekly Morning Meeting
    November 14, 2022

    --Only by knowing ourselves can we know life. Only by controlling ourselves can we control the world Second week of November, we welcome our morning meeting in such serious situation (Covid-19 getting more serious in Guangdong area). We have goods news to share: Our dearest Miss Katherine get promote into senior engineer! Only in a year, she gains big progress and today, she finally gains what she paid. Let’s congratulate her again Also, we like to share what our products developing manager prepare: The Iceberg Model ‘Iceberg model is a tool that allows you to shift your perspective and see beyond the immediate events that everyone notices. It helps you to uncover root causes of why those events happen. That's possible by looking at deeper levels of abstraction within the system that are not immediately obvious.’—explanation from internet So how we understand ourself more by knowing Iceberg model? Here is the 2point First: Ask yourself deep questions to form a preliminary understanding of yourself Something about what skill you have, what kind of value of yourself. What were your target and what you want to get in the future. Second: Take an inventory of the knowledge/skills acquired by yourself, and summarize the deeds praised by others For example: What type of things I can finish it easily? And last, why we need to know ourself? In Chinese old saying’ We have to think third time about ourselves‘. Knowing ourselves is our life subject. Because of don’t know anything, many person choose to obey . Only by knowing ourselves can we know life. Only by controlling ourselves can we control the world.

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  • Celebrated Anniversary for joining HIHAUS
    Celebrated Anniversary for joining HIHAUS
    October 14, 2022

    Here we share the happiness our colleague joining HIHAUS anniversary for 2 years and 6 years. Miss Sarah, as Engineer of house project provider (Specialize for windows, doors, curtain wall, railings, and façade), said she the time she in HIHAUS learn a lot and also get a good chance to provide better services to HIHAUS customers. ‘Joining HIHAUS for 6years as Customer Successful Center, dealing with oversea customer to assist them get their house in better situation, this all let me feel so satisfied with work life.’ Said by our Miss Rita (Manager of Customer Successful Center) Hihaus,One-stop building facade, windows,doors and curtain walls solutions provider,Top 10 branding manufacture in China 1.Experienced: Have building project experience for resident and commercial in Southeast Asia, American, Africa etc.; 2.Quality priority: Strict quality control system, products pass Australia AS2046, American AAMA test, verified supplier (by Intertek); 3.123,000 Square meter workshop,800+ employees, support fast production, provide project solution, shop drawing , installation guide with local support . Let’s give our best wishes to them. Hope they find more work life purpose in HIHAUS, meanwhile, assist our customer with more value

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