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  • Happy Chinese New Year
    Happy Chinese New Year
    January 24, 2022

    The Chinese New Year is coming soon, we, HiHaus Ltd, wish our clients a sparking and bright Chinese New Year. Year of 2022 is the “Tiger” year in China, wish everyone forges ahead with the vigor and vitality of the tiger!

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  • Loading 40HQ to Singapore
    Loading 40HQ to Singapore
    January 12, 2022

    Yesterday, the goods loaded with 40HQ were delivered to the port of Singapore. It was close to the Chinese Spring Festival. Our staff were still working hard.Our customers purchased aluminum alloy doors and Windows as villa project orders and samples of doors and Windows as exhibits for the company. In addition, the customer also purchased many other personal and project goods, and we coordinated the loading and delivery to our warehouse for storage for the customer. Looking forward to the customer's feedback after receiving and installing the goods . As the Chinese Spring Festival is approaching every year, our production department will have a one-month holiday from next week. There will be an urgent order when we come back from the Spring Festival. If you need to ship the goods in March and receive the products in May, please contact us as soon as possible to place the order, so that the customers can receive the goods in advance. Customers who wish to place orders can arrange the purchase as soon as possible, so as not to delay the delivery date. Happy New Year to you all again!

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  • HiHaus Won The Title Of "CHINA'S TOP BRANDS FOR WINDOWS AND DOORS" in year 2021
    HiHaus Won The Title Of "CHINA'S TOP BRANDS FOR WINDOWS AND DOORS" in year 2021
    January 10, 2022

    From December 27, 2021 to December 28, 2021, the 23rd China International Door and Window Facades Technology Exchange Seminar was held in Shanghai, China. 18 supporting units, 32 organizers, 48 co-organizers and nearly 300 people from all over the country of China in the door and window facades industry attended the seminar. At the conference, the 2021 "China's top 100 brands of doors and windows for home" brand was awarded, and HiHaus doors and windows, with good brand reputation and excellent service system, stood out among many domestic door and window brands and won the title, once again showing the brand value and status of HiHaus windows and doors.

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  • 2022 New Year Holiday Notice
    2022 New Year Holiday Notice
    September 06, 2022

    Please be informed that our company will break for New Year Holiday from Jan 1st to Jan 3rd .If you have any urgent support issue during holidays, please contact us via email.Thank you for all our customers support this year. We are very grateful for your continued patronage and always treasure the loyal customers like you.Looking forward to more cooperations in next year.

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  • Merry Chrismas & Happy Holiday
    Merry Chrismas & Happy Holiday
    December 24, 2021

    Thank you for your support of 2021, let our quality windows and doors help you make a bigger brand and perfect home in coming 2022.

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  • Hihaus System Windows and Doors 2022
    Hihaus System Windows and Doors 2022
    December 17, 2021

    On December 6th, Hihaus System Windows and Doors 2022 Rich business Crash plan investment launching meeting was successfully held in the headquarters, Hihuas system doors and Windows and China Windows network team, strong cooperation, strategic cooperation. This meeting focuses on investment promotion and planning, and makes a strong attack, aiming to find more like-minded franchisees in the country. Conference venue At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Liang , vice General Manager of Hihaus, came on stage to deliver a speech. Mr. Liang said that the company attaches great importance to this investment activity, and invested a lot of money, manpower, material resources to support the new business, requiring all soldiers to go all out, strictly implement, resolutely win the battle. Mr. Liang , Vice General Manager of Hihaus, delivered a speech Subsequently, the trainer deeply interpreted the activities, policies, target tasks and reward system of the China Merchants Association, and focused on the brand investment goals, refined and analyzed the advantages and benchmarks of the Hihuas brand to ensure that all investment in the food industry All members went all out to ensure the completion of the task. Teacher Miss Chen At the end of the meeting, Mr. Zhou , Director of Hihaus Investment Promotion, encouraged all the investment promotion elites in the audience to take the initiative to ensure the smooth completion of the investment mission objectives. They also commended the teams and individuals with outstanding performance in investment promotion in the previous quarter. The winning team stated that they will continue to carry forward the spirit of Hihaus, who is not afraid of challenges and constantly improving, and make new achievements for the Hihaus brand. Mr. Zhou , Director of Hihaus Investment Promotion Award by winning Team According to statistics, Our country's door and window industry has a market size of nearly 400 billion to 500 billion. At present, the application of system doors and windows only accounts for about 1% of the total door and window market. Undoubtedly, system doors and windows are a bonus industry. Affected by the upgrading of terminal consumption, consumers have higher requirements for the functionality and appearance of doors and windows, which will further expand market demand and bring new market opportunities for related brands. The current door and window industry still presents a pattern of "large industry, small enterprise", and door and window brands are uneven. Therefore, it is very important for door and window companies to enhance the strength of distributors and cultivate large businesses. Judging from the reality of the leapfrog development of Hihaus system doors and windows in recent years, its super-big-name strength has begun to show its signs. For the Hihaus System Door and Window Merchants Conference, the company headquarters will provide very large support for signing and joining, from decoration to samples, to terminal advertising and operation training assistance, assisting this Merchants Conference in all directions!

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  • Important Notice
    Important Notice
    December 15, 2021

    Dear Customers, The New Year holiday is coming. In order to ensure smooth delivery of existing orders before the Spring Festival, our company decided to arrange orders before the Spring Festival as follow: For aluminium windows and doors, The orders confirmed before December 20,2021, production can be completed before the holiday, and for orders confirmed after December 20,2021, production can be arranged after the Spring Festival holiday. (For wood door orders, can be confirmed before December 31,2021.) Factory is planning to start the China New Year holiday from Jan.20th to Feb.8th. Actually the workers will all come back after Feb.15th. For the orders that have been finished at present, please arrange delivery in advance to avoid late delivery. Thank you for your understanding. Guangzhou Hihaus Building Materials Co., Ltd December 15, 2021

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  • Thanks Giving Day-Day for thankful, day for gathering, let's make a brighter future
    Thanks Giving Day-Day for thankful, day for gathering, let's make a brighter future
    December 08, 2021

    Just passed thanks giving day, and New Year is coming soon, 2021 is getting counted by us to finish our remaining goal. This year, We hold the same activities as last year, climbing Here are some pictures of our last year: We shared our thankful story and gathering after dinner And come to this year, we have more fun, had more challenge to achieve as each team. Leader have to lead all to finishing the climbing, the last team spend almost 4hours to finish, while No. 1 use 1.5 hours to get it done!! Besides, each team must take picture as similar to finish the checkout point original picture as bellow: NO.1 Gate of west door: No. 2 MOXINGLING : No.3 Mountain Plaza : No. 4 South Gate : Come into real, check this out: Last always our thankful store share in Hihaus Activities make us more unite and be more positive to all things and people around us. As we always say, "Quality is our priority". From deep in the heart, we try our best as we are such a good big team to great things together. People says, a good company is built by culture and it's people, and this is who we are, also the reason we insist our initial goal to make the quality windows and doors for all of our customer.

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  • We Are The Champion-- The HiHaus Team Won The Basketball Crown
    We Are The Champion-- The HiHaus Team Won The Basketball Crown
    November 29, 2021

    On the evening of Nov. 26th, 2021, the first "Hans Cup" Foshan Area Customized Doors and Windows Basketball Invitational Tournament Final hosted by Hans Building Materials Technology Co. in Sanshui District, Foshan, China. After more than one hour of fierce battle, the HiHaus team finally defeated all the competitors and won the champion crown. The game adopted the elimination system, and each team is organized by the major brands in the window and door industry. There are 16 teams, represented 16 leading brands, took part in this competition. The HiHaus team is the best one, they fought 4 rounds with 4 different teams, and finally won the game as the champion. Won the basketball competition is a reflection of the unity and hard-working spirit of HiHaus people, it is also a microcosm of the strength of HiHaus Ltd. Since its establishment in 2005, the windows and doors from HiHaus Ltd have performed a role and strength of Chinese windows and doors enterprises with quality. Nowadays, HiHaus is not only a brand listed on CCTV-1( China Central Television-1), but also is the title partner of high-speed train.

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  • Hihaus China Distributor Experience Share
    Hihaus China Distributor Experience Share
    November 08, 2021

    Hihaus China Distributor Experience Share -- Finding the right brand is the best way ----From Guangxi, China We joined DIAOSI(Hihaus China Brand name) for 17 years From the street shop Up to now, the big showroom From 2 of us till now big sales team At the moment of profound changes in the channel mode of the home decoration industry, how does the one of millions of big businessmen break through and expand and maintain the continuous growth of annual sales? Next, let's find the real answer through his story.View the trend & Clarify the direction Before joining, I was engaged in the taxi industry as a driver. In the process of my driving, I saw more and more newly developed buildings, so I felt that there would be a big market for doors and windows, which could be used by every family, so I made up my mind to do doors and windows. In order to increase sales, I chose to enter the local high-end market. Since 2015, I have been stationed in fuanju(Local high end store) high-end stores and formed a different industry alliance in the process. We constantly do return visits and related services for old customers every month, and have also been trusted and introduced by old customers. Therefore, the turnover rate of old customers can reach more than 60%.Core with quality A recent municipal government project is also an old customer who used our products. He thought it was very good and the quality was pass in all aspects, so he recommended me to bid. At that time, there were more than a dozen brands bidding, and finally our DIAOSI brand won the bid! Why can we win the bid? First, the strength of the company is strong; Second, the quality of the product is hard enough; The comprehensive strength is very in line with the positioning of high-end food street, so we finally chose DIAOSI! The municipal project is located in Yulin Water Street,Guangxi , China, the most prosperous local food street. The whole street is equipped with doors and windows of our DIAOSI. Every tourist can see DIAOSI and pay attention to DIAOSI, which greatly improves the brand awareness of DIAOSI doors and windows.Base on innovation & activation As the saying goes: choosing a good brand is far greater than your own efforts; So choose DIAOSI and let's create the best era together! On my way of operating DIAOSI doors and windows, the company has given me great help: team training, activity support, more product innovation. Our DIAOSI system window adopts the design of nail cutting and glue injection process to improve the sealing performance and safety performance of the whole cavity. The opening fan also adopts the design of internal and external flat frames, which is beautiful and fashionable. The drainage system is a hidden drainage downward, and the water tightness will be better. These are our advantagesThe higher the goal, the greater the achievement Over the past 17 years, I have also made some money; The next focus goal: expand the business team, do a good job in pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services, improve the market share, and build DIAOSI into a well-known DIAOSI in Yulin door and window industry! Above is the story from one of our distributor With rich experience for brand building, we can assist you greater business in oversea, Hope the story can offer you the motivate idea and have good action, Come and join us NOW! Choose Hihaus, Start from now Click to leave us your requirement.

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  • The Light Of Dealer!Five Advantages Of Joining Hihaus
    The Light Of Dealer!Five Advantages Of Joining Hihaus
    October 29, 2021

    With the rapid development of China's reform and opening up for 40 years, aluminum alloy doors and windows are now known as "the last piece of cake in the building materials industry". The annual sales of aluminum alloy doors and windows reach 500 billion yuan, which is also an important reason why more and more dealers have taken the initiative to join the team of aluminum alloy doors and windows in recent years. However, as a traditional and backbone channel force in the Chinese market, dealers are experiencing the test of the flat wave of channels and new channel forces. Under heavy pressure, Hihaus still adheres to its own development strategy and is committed to building a stronger dealer team. So far, Hihaus has more than 1000 distribution stores in China, covering more than 500 cities. So, what are the advantages of becoming a dealer of Hihaus? 1.Powerful aluminum storageWhenever the peak demand for aluminum alloy doors and windows comes, the shortage of supply has become the most worring problem for manufacturers. However, the Hihaus workshop has more than 3000 tons of aluminum. Even in the peak period of delivery, it can ensure the accessibility of production and supply. More importantly, Hihaus doors and windows strictly controlled the delivery time, drafted the delivery time challenge into a military order and hung it in the most prominent position in the workshop. Such discipline and commitment are the strong backings behind Hihaus dealers and the most powerful guarantee to promote the development of distribution outlets. + 2.Efficient production efficiencyAfter having a strong reserve of raw materials, efficient production is essential. The production line of the Hihaus factory adopts scientific and fine divisions of labor, and the division of each work area is very particular. The vertical division of the working area can reduce the handling and inspection time of doors and windows in each link of processing. In addition, Hihaus has not only introduced the most advanced machines and equipment at home and abroad, but also passed the strict product PC inspection to ensure the high efficiency of production and the high quality of finished products. 3. Advanced marketing management systemHihaus adopts a scientific marketing management system to provide dealers with rich management experience. Each department is independent of the other, has a rigorous division of labor, and strictly implements the work of the Department. At the same time, in practical work, all departments communicate and assist each other. For example, the storage department should not only do a good job in inventory management of best-selling products and unsalable products, but also summarize and feedback ; The logistics department should not only be responsible for distribution but also understand order planning. In the long run, dealers will make continuous progress and obtain better management ability. 4.Clear policy supportHihuas provides dealers with preferential product prices, brand promotion and preferential policy support. Whether in terms of product quality or terminal support, we will give the most mature and powerful support and help. While helping dealers avoid the risk of opening stores, the company also provides follow-up guidance in the later stage. Hihaus will provide a one-stop business support policy for every partner who joins the door and window industry. From store site selection, design and decoration, sample selection, pre-job training to after-sales service, we try our best to minimize the difficulties that partners may encounter when starting. Hihaus doors and windows, let you have no worries, develop the market and pursue your dreams. 5.Correct corporate cultural valuesHihaus always adheres to the development strategy of "supreme and serving the world", and always takes it as its responsibility to carry forward the Chinese door industry culture. Over the years, Hihaus has continuously carried forward the craftsman spirit, believed in "quality is life", and carefully achieved the ultimate quality of every detail of doors and windows. Hihaus firmly believes that only by integrating the meticulous and excellent craftsman spirit into every link can we make high-quality door and window products that move people's hearts. There is no doubt that through the edification of such corporate culture, dealers will carefully cultivate and develop the consumer market, expand and make a good brand. Now is the era of brand popularity. Whether a specialty store can develop well, the brand is an important factor. Therefore, we can say that choosing a high-quality brand is the first step to success. The powerful strength of Hihaus is worth your choice. Joining Hihaus is to open the door of wealth and embark on the road of wealth. Hihaus, prove your choice with strength.

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  • New launch of Hihaus Intelligent Technology Exhibition Hall !
    New launch of Hihaus Intelligent Technology Exhibition Hall !
    October 18, 2021

    As we all know, at the eye-catching Guangzhou Construction Expo, the Hihaus intelligent technology experience museum with the theme of "scientific and intelligent life and unlimited future" not only brought its highlight, grabbed the C position in the industry, but also won strong affirmation from the on-site experience audience. The mainstream authoritative media of major industries scrambled to report, the application scenario of science and intelligence integration caught the eye, and the strength explained the "new wind direction" of the future development of the industry. This is a modern intelligent exhibition hall with a high combination of doors and windows and modern science and technology, with a total area of more than 1000 square meters. So what are the bright spots? As the leader of China's "door and window integration revolution" and the trendsetter of modern doors and windows, Hihaus firmly grasped the general trend of the times and industry and used its technical advantages to launch the intelligent technology experience Museum. 1. Design styleThe pavilion is dominated by the popular "advanced gray" and adopts a simple and fashionable design style. Remove the heavy and complicated decoration, integrate the breadth of natural beauty into life, and show the brand charm and corporate image of Hihaus doors and windows. Match with simple texture lines to create a calm fashion sense. At the same time, smart technology elements are skillfully integrated to make the overall space more comfortable and elegant. Where you can see, there is a high sense of art. On the whole, the design of the exhibition hall emphasizes the sense of integration with the times and the attribute of scientific and technological intelligence, with a unique shape. The creative collision of various door and window products, combined with lighting, presents an elegant atmosphere and a three-dimensional sense. 2. Overall layout The overall spatial layout of the intelligent Experience Hall focuses on intelligent products and integrates sereral new products and best-selling product series of Hihaus to fully display rich and colorful products for customers. 3. Product performance professional test areaThere are a professional test area for the water tightness, air tightness, sound insulation and noise reduction functions of doors and windows to provide quality assurance for doors and windows. 4. Life scene structureProduct categories are increasing layer by layer. Through excellent design and perfect presentation, the regional and overall space is independent and unified. At the same time, the visual space is divided and decorated by decorations, so that the product characteristics can be presented in a perfect situation. We can see that behind the new exhibition hall is the upgrading of batches of products, representing new leaps and breakthroughs of Hihaus doors and windows again and again. The sixth-generation intelligent technology experience center connects the history, present and future of Hihaus, and is also a window for the dissemination of Hihaus brand image. There are not only the honor wall of Hihaus but also the high-tech exhibition of Hihaus doors and windows. In addition, you can not only visit all kinds of popular doors and windows but also experience the brilliant sparks of the integration of technology and life. Experience attractive real-life scenes and appreciate the real charm of the Hihaus doors and windows. Finally, it can be said with certainty that the successful completion of the sixth-generation intelligent technology experience center of Hihaus is the result of the hard work of all Hihaus people, the crystallization of Hihaus' 16 years of ingenuity, and the solid step taken by Hihaus doors and windows on the road to "expand the foundation of a century and create a world-famous door". There is no doubt that this will add strong wings to the development of Hihaus doors and windows and make the Hihaus brand fly higher. We believe that with continuous efforts, Hihaus doors and windows will make more outstanding achievements and make greater contributions to creating a better living life. We always believe that a good product is one in a million and Hihaus is the first choice for your decoration. We look forward to your understanding and participation.

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