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Hihaus System Windows and Doors 2022

Hihaus System Windows and Doors 2022

Dec 17, 2021

On December 6th, Hihaus System Windows and Doors 2022 Rich business Crash plan investment launching meeting was successfully held in the headquarters, Hihuas system doors and Windows and China Windows network team, strong cooperation, strategic cooperation. This meeting focuses on investment promotion and planning, and makes a strong attack, aiming to find more like-minded franchisees in the country.


Conference venue



At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Liang , vice General Manager of Hihaus, came on stage to deliver a speech. Mr. Liang said that the company attaches great importance to this investment activity, and invested a lot of money, manpower, material resources to support the new business, requiring all soldiers to go all out, strictly implement, resolutely win the battle.


Mr. Liang , Vice General Manager of Hihaus, delivered a speech


Subsequently, the trainer deeply interpreted the activities, policies, target tasks and reward system of the China Merchants Association, and focused on the brand investment goals, refined and analyzed the advantages and benchmarks of the Hihuas brand to ensure that all investment in the food industry All members went all out to ensure the completion of the task.



Teacher Miss Chen


At the end of the meeting, Mr. Zhou , Director of Hihaus Investment Promotion, encouraged all the investment promotion elites in the audience to take the initiative to ensure the smooth completion of the investment mission objectives. They also commended the teams and individuals with outstanding performance in investment promotion in the previous quarter. The winning team stated that they will continue to carry forward the spirit of Hihaus, who is not afraid of challenges and constantly improving, and make new achievements for the Hihaus brand.


Mr. Zhou , Director of Hihaus Investment Promotion


Award by winning Team


According to statistics, Our country's door and window industry has a market size of nearly 400 billion to 500 billion. At present, the application of system doors and windows only accounts for about 1% of the total door and window market. Undoubtedly, system doors and windows are a bonus industry. Affected by the upgrading of terminal consumption, consumers have higher requirements for the functionality and appearance of doors and windows, which will further expand market demand and bring new market opportunities for related brands. The current door and window industry still presents a pattern of "large industry, small enterprise", and door and window brands are uneven. Therefore, it is very important for door and window companies to enhance the strength of distributors and cultivate large businesses. Judging from the reality of the leapfrog development of Hihaus system doors and windows in recent years, its super-big-name strength has begun to show its signs. For the Hihaus System Door and Window Merchants Conference, the company headquarters will provide very large support for signing and joining, from decoration to samples, to terminal advertising and operation training assistance, assisting this Merchants Conference in all directions!


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