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  • Resident House Project in USA Houston
    Houston, USA Date: 9th September, 2022 Product Supplied:Home project windows doors: Thermal Break Folding Door, Fix windows, Casement windows, Single Hung Windows with Nail Fin, total items over 60 square meters. Project Story: This is the standard house in US local (Wooden structure, 3 floor building, family house) With design of modern, our customer choose black color frame to match the design, the pure black, make full house more neat as showing in below picture. Speaking of the design, customer choose clear glass (standard double clear tempered glass) simple but easy to match the house outlook. For the installation, we recommend nail fin (30mm) to match the wooden structure, it’s good to with nail fin for better water resistance and air tightness. These items to full fill the modern house including Aluminum folding door, swing door, picture windows, single hung window. Installed folding door view Well packed products before wooden case and shipping
  • Luxury Apartment Project
    Brisbane, Australia Product Supplied:Unitized curtain wall -The CW: 2000 SQM , AU Window system: 5000 SQM Project Story: The project curtain wall system tower is dominated by a unit and the podium building is dominated by a frame. The total curtain wall area is about 5000 ㎡. The tender of the project started in July 2020, it had lasted for one year. Our client constantly discussed with the architect about the scheme, and revised the design scheme many times, in order to meet the requirements of the owner and architect at the same time. With the efforts of the sales and the technique bidding department, we successfully beat the opponent and won the bid.
  • TianHe City project
    Chicago USA Product Supplied:4000 sqm ; Glass curtain wall and ACP curtain wallProject Story:The project is mainly done with glass curtain wall and ACP curtain wall as well as the project has 4000 square meters. In March 2021 - we start to negotiate with the customer for the project, provide solutions, offer after six months, the customer finally received our product and the installation is complete, he sent the project pictures to me yesterday and He was very satisfied with the quality of our products and service.He said that looking forward to cooperating with our Hihaus company.
  • Luxury Villa Project in Philippines
    Mainila, Phlippines Product Supplied:Double 6mm Tempered Glass Sliding Doors, Folding Doors,Top Hung WindowsProject Story:The house is base in Manila Philippines, the hurricane country’s capital. Customer’s house is located in the area of Villa group, aim to make his house into the modern but with Wealth gathering (luck in making big money). Highlights 1: You may notice that there have one very big red wood door in the front gate, that’s reach to 4.2 meter in total height ( Including the top glass) . The door is pivot door, specially design for the customer, by using full solid wood , as customer required cause of ‘Feng Shui’, the door for the fortune. Highlights 2: All glass are in 6mm double tempered glass. For the long time usage and house value, by using quality glass with luxury series. Highlights 3: The colors, frame is by using black and hardware by using gold. Perfectly match the modem design and the wealth gathering.
  • House Renovating Project In Australia
    Sydney, Australia Product Supplied:Laminated tempered glass casement windows, bi-folding windowsProject Story:The house is base in Sydney, Australia, renovating the windows with more graphic sense. And the house owner also want more stronger glass than before, so laminated glass met owner's requirements perfectly. After installed the windows, the owner love them very much and his neighbors praise his new windows are very nice, and ask he if recommend the window manufacturer( HiHaus Ltd) to they when their house renovate in the near future.
  • Kia City Center
    Blantyre Malawi Product Supplied:4-floor office building , Glass canopy , Aluminum window & door , Automatic sliding door , Glass staircaseProject Story:This project is for the Kia City Center which locates in Blantyre Malawi. Project contains 3000 Square meters curtain wall, and 2500 Square meters aluminum panel curtain wall for the 4-floor office building. Also, we supplied the glass dome for this project, and the aluminum glass staircase for the Land Rover showroom in this Kia City Center. The customer is very satisfied what we provide for the project and introduce other clients to us too!
  • College Library Project
    Bangkok, Thailand Product Supplied:Invisible glass curtain wall, total: 11, 000 square meters Project Story:This is an project for a college library, which locates in Bangkok, Thailand, by using the invisible-frame glass curtain wall system surround four sides of the wall of library in total 11, 000 square meters. Invisible-frame is a technology that hide the from from outdoor, that is can't not see any frame from outdoor, and makes the facade looks like one piece. With the reflective glass to reflect the sun light from the outdoor, in case, any harsh glare of light to disturb the readers in the library. Using double insulated tempered glass for good soundproof performance to keep the library in quietness to ensure there will be any noise interrupting the readers.
  • Huiting Manor
    Hubei, China Product Supplied:103 Series Thermal Break Casement Windows, 108 series entrance door, all glass with reflective color, over 20 villas buildings. Project Story:Hubei Resident building project is a project located in city side with good view, by using color reflective glass, thermal break system windows and doors, the area is aimed to build in luxury holiday village.
  • Nanning Residence Building Project
    GuangXi , China Product Supplied:86 Series Thermal Break Casement Windows, Fix glass with grills Project Story:Nanning Resident building project is a project located in the center of the city. The residential quarters are aimed to build the natural environment, focus on the higher class and build a high-end business district. By using grey color casement windows, with clear glass and insulation series, the whole area looks neat and modern.
  • Residential House Project
    Arizona, USA Product Supplied:$20,000 for Folding door,sliding window, casement door and glass railing etc. Project Story:We get client’s inquiry from alibaba,he is greenhand for all import stuff. Our team help him to make drawing,provide proposal with professional suggestions and everything.He knows he find the right One-Stop Project Solution Provider while we solve all problems for him.The order was confirmed within 3 days,finally we delivery to his door.He installed and happy,now is preparing 2nd new project to us.
  • Phoenix water city Apartment & Residence Project
    Yunnan Province, China Product Supplied:Full building windows and doors Series: 93 Thermal break Casement Windows, 90 Honor Swing Doors Project Story:Phoenix water city: it covers an area of 333,300 square meters , with 305 residences and 144 apartments, with a greening rate of 35% Floor Area Ratio:1.16. The main industries are five-star hotel, business center, theme commercial street,theme hotel and other tourism and life supporting facilities. It's the first project including full set living building and commercial building windows and doors in Yunnan. With local government's highly recognized and fully support, Hihaus gain the chance to get the project finished it successfully
  • Villa Door Replacement Project
    MOBILE, AL , USA Product Supplied:77 series German Hardware Folding Door with Golden handle Project Story:Mobile Villa is a replacement project, customer has sent the old door area picture, though the doors looks ok, but thinking of upgrade of the area, owner want to replace in higher quality doors with mosquito net. After received customer required, we made design, offer recommendation base on area, recommend the opening way with bigger size mosquito net. Attach picture in black is actual installation, owner is very satisfied with the quality door.
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