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  • Huiting Manor
    Hubei, China Product Supplied:103 Series Thermal Break Casement Windows, 108 series entrance door, all glass with reflective color, over 20 villas buildings. Project Story:Hubei Resident building project is a project located in city side with good view, by using color reflective glass, thermal break system windows and doors, the area is aimed to build in luxury holiday village.
  • 504 ㎡ villas windows and doors project, Chinese and Western mixed and harmonious
    Huizhou, Guangdong, China Date: September, 2022 Product Supplied:Villas project windows doors: Casement windows, Sliding Door, Wooden interior door. Project Story: Project background: The villa is designed for vacation, the owner was planning to use the villa as a retirement house. The designer selected the luxurious and elegant style with dark gray as the main color tone for the owner. The floor glass with a wide view gives a sense of visual impact. As the separation point between indoor and outdoor, the one-way perspective of LOW-E glass can not only ensure spaciousness and transparency but also ensure the privacy and safety of the indoor space, so as to create a comfortable space that is both independent and connected inside and outside. Thermal Break aluminum doors and windows are ideal materials for modern residences. They not only have excellent energy saving, heat insulation, sound insulation, and low conductivity but also greatly improve the structural strength of doors and windows, bringing a different living experience to the living space. Our doors and windows strictly follow German window-making technology and are committed to creating high-performance doors and window products to create a comfortable and comfortable home environment.
  • Nanning Residence Building Project
    GuangXi , China Product Supplied:86 Series Thermal Break Casement Windows, Fix glass with grills Project Story:Nanning Resident building project is a project located in the center of the city. The residential quarters are aimed to build the natural environment, focus on the higher class and build a high-end business district. By using grey color casement windows, with clear glass and insulation series, the whole area looks neat and modern.
  • Residential House Project
    Arizona, USA Product Supplied:$20,000 for Folding door,sliding window, casement door and glass railing etc. Project Story:We get client’s inquiry from alibaba,he is greenhand for all import stuff. Our team help him to make drawing,provide proposal with professional suggestions and everything.He knows he find the right One-Stop Project Solution Provider while we solve all problems for him.The order was confirmed within 3 days,finally we delivery to his door.He installed and happy,now is preparing 2nd new project to us.
  • Phoenix water city Apartment & Residence Project
    Yunnan Province, China Product Supplied:Full building windows and doors Series: 93 Thermal break Casement Windows, 90 Honor Swing Doors Project Story:Phoenix water city: it covers an area of 333,300 square meters , with 305 residences and 144 apartments, with a greening rate of 35% Floor Area Ratio:1.16. The main industries are five-star hotel, business center, theme commercial street,theme hotel and other tourism and life supporting facilities. It's the first project including full set living building and commercial building windows and doors in Yunnan. With local government's highly recognized and fully support, Hihaus gain the chance to get the project finished it successfully
  • Villa Door Replacement Project
    MOBILE, AL , USA Product Supplied:77 series German Hardware Folding Door with Golden handle Project Story:Mobile Villa is a replacement project, customer has sent the old door area picture, though the doors looks ok, but thinking of upgrade of the area, owner want to replace in higher quality doors with mosquito net. After received customer required, we made design, offer recommendation base on area, recommend the opening way with bigger size mosquito net. Attach picture in black is actual installation, owner is very satisfied with the quality door.
  • Jiutian Yujing Apartment Project
    Jiangxi province, China Product Supplied:86 Casement Windows, 65(3.5) Sliding Doors, 108 Thermal Break Swing Door Project Story:The project covers an area of 281,000 square meter, which is a big project of Ruijin scale, which is located in the west section of Jindu Avenue, the main road of Ruijin city. The intersection with Xingye Avenue (Qicai Avenue). Central Park, west of the city. Shazhouba revolutionary site group, in line with Ruijin. The overall strategy of "extending to the East and moving the center of gravity northward" in the West. The East is the main road of Longzhu City, and the south is the Longzhu park. Yingshan red shadow theatre, the west side of the Shazhouba tourist Reserve Park, planning cultural and educational area, enjoy municipal alcohol and mature facilities in the north. The project is a continuous collection of culture and education, and is naturally a landscape, which will become the core of urban development in the future. Hihaus is honor to have chance to join this project, hoped to created more value to end users.
  • Tourist Villas Projects
    Long Island, Bahamas Product Supplied:PVC Casement windows, Aluminum 65(3.5) Sliding Doors Project Story:These Villas projects is one of our oversea villas projects. Different from others, it located in island, surrounding by forest and sea. For surface color have to use corrosion protection to maintain it’s using time. Hihaus is looking forward the tourist find their living room cosy with our quality products, to create the best holiday during their stay.
  • Qiubei Hotel Project
    Yunnan , China Product Supplied:Aluminum Casement Windows , Aluminum Picture windows , Aluminum Sliding Doors , Glass Handrails Project Story:This project is for A Hotel in the tourist attraction in Qiubei, Yunnan Province, China. Project contains 2 buildings of guest rooms, total 4500 Square meters aluminum windows and doors. Also, we supplied the glass handrails for the patios.
  • Linda Courtyard Residential Project
    Zunyi City, Guizhou Province Product Supplied:108mm thermal break aluminum casement window, 83mm sliding door,swing door ,row wood Project Story:"Linda Courtyard" is located at the junction of Huichuan Avenue and Zhujiang Road in Huichuan District, which is the city of Zunyi. The first state-level economic and technological development zone is the economic, political and cultural center of Zunyi. The total planning land area of the whole project is about 97.66 mu, and the total construction area is 169,000 square meters. Total number of residential households: about 490. After the completion of the overall will create a collection of food, entertainment, culture in one. One-stop large commercial and residential complex.
    Abuja , Nigeria Product Supplied:Amount:$700,000 for Curtain wall, sliding window,casement door and glass railing etc. Project Story:Starview Palace Hotel is a brand new hotel currently located at 4th avenue (by Setraco Gate) Gwarinpa, Abuja. And a place for personal and business gatherings.
  • Yue long Shan Apartments/ residential/ Mall/ Office buildings
    Qujiang Shaoguan City, China Product Supplied:Swing Door, Sliding Door, and Sunroom. Project Story:This project is a planned commercial-residential area, which could accommodate 6,000 families, with the construction area 650,000 square meters. It is a modern large-scale complex with residence, office buildings, apartments, shopping mall.
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