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  • How to Find NFRC-Certified Window Companies: A Step-by-Step Guide
    How to Find NFRC-Certified Window Companies: A Step-by-Step Guide
    February 04, 2024

    What is NFRC? The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) is a non-profit organization that develops and maintains energy performance ratings for windows, doors, and skylights. NFRC certification ensures that products meet certain energy efficiency standards, helping consumers make informed choices about their home's fenestration. Why Choose NFRC-Certified Windows? NFRC-certified windows offer a number of benefits, including: 1 Increased energy efficiency: NFRC-certified windows can help you save money on your energy bills by reducing heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. 2 Improved comfort: NFRC-certified windows can help to make your home more comfortable by reducing drafts and providing better insulation. 3 Increased durability: NFRC-certified windows are built to last, withstanding harsh weather conditions and providing years of trouble-free performance. How to Find NFRC-Certified Window Companies There are a few things you can do to find NFRC-certified window companies: 1 Search the NFRC website: The NFRC website has a searchable database of certified companies. You can search by location, product type, and other criteria. 2 Ask your local contractor: Many local contractors are familiar with NFRC certification and can recommend companies that are certified. 3 Look for the NFRC label: When you're shopping for windows, look for the NFRC label on the product. This label indicates that the product has been certified by NFRC and meets its energy efficiency standards. Our Journey to NFRC Certification We recently went through the process of obtaining NFRC certification for our aluminum casement windows. The process took about a year from start to finish, and involved the following steps: 1.Selecting a product system: We selected our aluminum casement windows for certification because they are one of our most popular products and we were confident that they would meet NFRC's energy efficiency standards. 2.Submitting a product application: We submitted a product application to NFRC, which included detailed information about our windows, such as their size, materials, and energy performance ratings. 3.Testing: NFRC required us to send our windows to an independent testing laboratory for testing. The testing process involved measuring the windows' energy efficiency, air leakage, and other performance characteristics. 4.Review: Once the testing was complete, NFRC reviewed the results to determine if our windows met their certification standards. 5.Certification: After a successful review, NFRC issued us a certificate of compliance. Our NFRC-Certified Windows Our aluminum casement windows are now NFRC-certified. They have a U-factor of 0.29 Btu/hr.ft².F and an air leakage rate of 0.5 L/s.m² at 75 Pa. These windows are made with 6mm double low-E glass, 6mm double low-E glass, and 6mm clear tempered glass with argon gas filling. NFRC certification is a valuable way to ensure that your windows meet high standards of energy efficiency and performance. If you're looking for new windows, be sure to choose NFRC-certified products.

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  • Improve speed and efficiency through digital intelligence, consolidate core competitiveness and adhere to high-quality development!
    Improve speed and efficiency through digital intelligence, consolidate core competitiveness and adhere to high-quality development!
    November 21, 2023

    In the modern life, not only do doors and windows protect the safety of the home, but also they display the beauty of home. Windows and doors also show people’s pursuit and yearning for a better life. As the leading brand of high-end doors and windows in China, HIHAUS adheres to high quality and service as its core and has become the ideal choice for many consumers. 01 Select the best materials and improve the quality From design, material selection to technology, HIHAUS adheres to its business philosophy, and each step is full of unique ingenuity. We will carefully select different kinds of materials, including aluminum, glass, hardware, sealing materials and a tiny screw, which is to provide consumers with the best products as well as a safe, comfortable and beautiful home environment. 02 Innovate technology and improve the construction system HIHAUS is constantly exploring intelligent production technology and intelligent production mode, leading to the revolution in this industry and truly entering the era of intelligence. Nowadays we have "8S production management standard", "58 quality control processes", "ERP management system". Because of the three systems, we can ensure that the production of doors and windows has extremely strict quality control and perfect service system. 03 Provide a better service to win the trust and reputation In order to provide a better service to customers, HIHAUS has established a set of perfect service system, including the pre-sale consultation, sale service and after-sales service. We not only respond to customers’ needs and feedback immediately, but also through the establishment of customer database and the analysis of needs and feedback, truly think what customers want. 04 Pursue environmental protection to build a better life In terms of environmental protection, HIHAUS actively uses environmentally friendly materials to reduce energy consumption in the production process. We have established an environmental management system. We will ensure that the production and operation of the company meet the environmental requirements by improving the environmental awareness and responsibility of the employees. What we pursue is not only the economic benefits of enterprises, but also the commitment to social responsibility. HIHAUS adheres to the road of high-quality development and constantly improves the quality and performance of products to win the trust of consumers and the recognition of market. We must strive to create every door and window and bring consumers a safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly living environment.

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  • Aluminum Windows and Doors: High Praise from Global Customers
    Aluminum Windows and Doors: High Praise from Global Customers
    November 07, 2023

    During the 134th Canton Fair, several groups of customers from the United States and Saudi Arabia had come to visit our factory in Foshan. They highly praised the quality of our large curtain walls, super-high wooden doors, and curve balcony fixed windows. Our customers are mainly local homeowners, distributors, and contractors. With 19 years of experience, we have in-depth communication with customers and believe that our products can create greater value for them.

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  • Create the light of the "One Belt and One Road" and jointly build the world to see China's good doors and windows!
    Create the light of the "One Belt and One Road" and jointly build the world to see China's good doors and windows!
    October 24, 2023

    On October 18, the third "Belt and Road" International Cooperation Summit Forum was held in Beijing. In the 10 years since the Belt and Road Initiative was proposed, China has carried out thousands of pragmatic cooperation projects with its partners, harvested substantial and substantial results, and jointly painted a magnificent picture of connecting the world and sharing beauty . Following the "One Belt, One Road" international cooperation policy, Hihaus Doors and Windows has started foreign trade business in 2018 and strives to expand overseas markets. Currently, the marketing network has spread to more than 60 countries and regions around the world, including Singapore and Malaysia. 23 “One Belt, One Road” international cooperation member countries, including , Philippines, Italy, and South Africa, have achieved remarkable performance results. Cambodia- Four star hotel project Philippines-Luxury Villa Project Qatar-luxury villa project The reason why Hihaus Doors and Windows goes abroad and goes global is due to its continuous innovative research and development capabilities and its always-adherent craftsmanship and quality. Hihaus has always insisted on independent research and development, and has accumulated nearly 20 years of system door and window technology. It can develop high-quality doors and windows that meet specific functions based on the geographical and climatic environments of different countries and regions around the world. Various products are at the leading level in terms of safety and stability, sealing and waterproofing, sound insulation and noise reduction, thermal insulation, anti-theft and anti-prying, etc. In the future, Hihaus Doors and Windows will continue to uphold the development concepts of innovation, openness and cooperation, embrace the global market, adhere to innovative design and ingenious quality, hold high the Chinese brand flag, and use its own high-quality development to help Chinese doors and windows move towards the world's advanced level and serve global users. Work hard to create a better living life! Hihaus doors and windows, intelligently made in China, shared with the world!

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  • HIHAUS in BEX ASIA Singapore
    HIHAUS in BEX ASIA Singapore
    September 19, 2023

    During 6th-10th , we went to Singapore to join BEX ASIA and visit our customer and Potential partner. Some tips we got after visiting Singapore customers: 1. The Singapore government requires houses with a certain age (10-20 years) to be renovated externally or internally. 2. Sliding windows are relatively rare in Singapore, while double glazed windows with Low-E glass are more common. 3. Fixed glass below 1 meter must be laminated in accordance with local requirements. 4. Grids mostly are external, with no internal frames seen. 5. Local workers are mostly foreign workers, and townhouses cannot be installed with a crane, so products need to be divided as much as possible. 6. Large projects have proposed the same credit requirements as in the Philippines. 7. Due to environmental protection and energy conservation, some customers have proposed solar panels. Smart home is a relatively new concept in Singapore, which can be explored. Overall, the visit to Singapore customers provided valuable insights into the local market. By taking advantage of the opportunities and addressing the challenges, businesses can position themselves for success in this growing market.

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  • Batch of LCL goods going to get delivery before September
    Batch of LCL goods going to get delivery before September
    September 01, 2023

    Lots of customer worried about the package of export, so here, as we are shipping a lot by LCL these days, we are going to explain how we do the well package to protect our glass windows doors during long transportation. First, all the goods after QC inspection, it has to be wrap in foam and PP film package. This will be the first 2 protection for the basic surface. As you can see, we put the extra protection corner to add up extra cover. After the 3 steps of fully inner package, for LCL shipping, mostly we recommend exported wooden package. Wooden case will be order in our cooperated plywood supplier, then we will assemble it in our workshop, below is the empty one Our workers will base on the size and reasonable weight, to pack the aluminum glass windows or glass doors panels, into the assembled wooden case. Inside of the wooden case, to avoided the panels shake, will add up the stoper to keep in then well fix. And here are some pictures of sending goods to our LCL forwarder. We assist you to make the whole house windows doors order get easier.

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  • Elevating Qatar's Residences: A Technical Guide for Installing Aluminum and Steel Products
    Elevating Qatar's Residences: A Technical Guide for Installing Aluminum and Steel Products
    July 28, 2023

    During 10th July to 20th July, our skilled technicians traveled to Qatar to lend their expertise to the prestigious Resident Residential project. As a leading authority in aluminum and steel products, we provided valuable guidance for the installation of aluminum windows, aluminum doors, steel doors, and canopies. In this article, we share our technical insights, tips, and best practices that can enhance the efficiency and longevity of these products, creating homes of unmatched excellence in Qatar. Expert Consultation and Project Assessment: Our specialized technical experts began with a comprehensive consultation and project assessment. By collaborating with the customer's installation team, we gained a thorough understanding of the project's requirements, site conditions, and unique challenges posed by Qatar's climate. This crucial step allowed us to tailor our approach and recommendations to ensure a smooth installation process. Selecting the Right Materials: Choosing the appropriate materials is pivotal for the success of any installation project. In Qatar's climate, where extreme temperatures and sandstorms prevail, it is vital to opt for corrosion-resistant and durable materials. Our expert advised the use of high-quality marine-grade aluminum for windows and doors, while galvanized steel was recommended for enhanced security and sturdiness in steel doors. Preparing for Installation: A successful installation starts with meticulous preparation. Our expert provided invaluable guidance on preparing the surfaces for the products' seamless integration. Surface cleaning and treatment ensured optimal adhesion of sealants and coatings, crucial for long-term product performance in Qatar's sandy environment. Technical Tips for Aluminum Window and Door Installation: Goods must be separate batch based on the locations. During the installation process, our technical expert shared step-by-step instructions for fitting aluminum windows and doors accurately. From ensuring precise measurements to employing proper sealing techniques, every detail was covered to guarantee energy efficiency, weather resistance, and longevity. Steel Door Installation Techniques: For steel door installations, our expert advised the customer's team on best practices to anchor the doors securely. These techniques ensured the doors' stability, minimized warping, and ensured a perfect fit for enhanced security and performance. Canopy Technical Expertise: Canopies play a key role in providing shade and protection from the elements. Our technical expert shared insights on designing and installing custom canopies that can withstand Qatar's challenging weather conditions. Wind-resistant designs and durable materials are emphasized to ensure the lifespan of the canopies. Under our expertise and guidance, Qatar's resident residential projects have gained valuable experience in the installation of aluminum and steel products. Our meticulous planning, material selection, and installation techniques have undoubtedly elevated the residences, setting new standards for efficiency and durability. We take pride in our contribution to reshaping Qatar's housing landscape and enabling homes that stand strong against the elements for generations to come.

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  • Travelers Visiting China Advised to Prepare for Hot Weather and Consider Timing to Avoid Dragon Boat Festival Holiday
    Travelers Visiting China Advised to Prepare for Hot Weather and Consider Timing to Avoid Dragon Boat Festival Holiday
    June 09, 2023

    If you're planning a trip to China in the coming weeks, it's essential to be mindful of the temperatures in your destination city and take necessary precautions for hot weather. Additionally, it is recommended to plan your visit to avoid the Dragon Boat Festival holiday. According to a popular Chinese saying, "夏至端午前,必定是灾年" (Xiazhi duanwu qian, bidìng shi zainian), which translates to "Disasters are inevitable if the summer solstice comes before the Dragon Boat Festival." This year, the summer solstice falls on June 21st, followed by the Dragon Boat Festival on June 22nd, making it an unusual occurrence where the two events are back-to-back. Traditionally, the Dragon Boat Festival takes place after the summer solstice, allowing for a significant time gap of at least two weeks. During this period, known as "龙舟水" (longzhou shui) or "Dragon Boat Water," ample rainfall occurs, benefiting crop growth during the rainy season. However, with this year's unusual alignment of the summer solstice and the Dragon Boat Festival, only a one-day gap separates them. This situation may lead to a decrease in rainfall during the Dragon Boat Water period. As the weather becomes hotter and drier due to the approaching summer, evaporation rates increase, posing challenges for crop growth. Some regions, such as Henan, have already experienced unexpected rainfall during the ripening stage of wheat, further fueling the dissemination of this popular saying. While modern advancements in technology have enabled better prediction and management of natural disasters, it is crucial not to underestimate the forces of nature. It is advisable to make necessary preparations and take preventive measures to mitigate potential risks. If you have plans to visit China soon, remember to keep an eye on the temperature in your destination city and prepare for hot weather accordingly. It is also recommended to consider adjusting your travel dates to avoid the Dragon Boat Festival holiday. Otherwise, you might miss the opportunity to witness the production of aluminum windows and doors , curtain walls, and railings as workshops might be closed during the holiday period.

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  • Focus on the Canton Fair | Hihaus windows and doors show up amazingly
    Focus on the Canton Fair | Hihaus windows and doors show up amazingly
    April 21, 2023

    All things come to life in this extraordinary spring, the 133rd China Import and Export Fair came to a successful conclusion from April 15 to April 19, the "China's first exhibition" of the Canton Fair reproduced the gathering of 10,000 businessmen which reflecting the accelerated release of China's economy and the high-quality development .At the Canton Fair, Hihaus windows and doors carried new products and technologies to stimulate the strong competitiveness and vigorous vitality of the window and door market, and lead new trends in the future development of household! Focus on Canton Fair - New appearance As the largest and most comprehensive international trade event in China with the most complete range of goods and the best transaction effect, Canton Fair is a high-end platform to promote communication and win-win cooperation. Hihaus windows and doors actively participated in this year's Canton Fair, insisting on the innovation drive, and promoting the high-quality development of China's doors and windows industry, while further expanding the international market through the Canton Fair as a trade platform. Exploring Overseas - Creating Growth Together At the exhibition site, Hihaus windows and doors with professional doors and windows product introduction, hard-core technical strength, to show overseas buyers the superior performance of enterprise products, with quality, brand, innovation and service advantages, to attract a number of foreign buyers to understand the consultation, the site is very popular, Hihaus brand directly strike the hearts of people and it went out of the circle wonderfully! Make friends with the world and benefit from each other. Hihaus windows and doors confidently embrace the global market, hoping to show the international thought and product trends through this opportunity, comprehensively strengthen the interaction and communication with customers and consumers, and show "meeting customers" sincerity in all aspects to open the international market. At the Canton Fair, we made a big splash and won the unanimous praise and commendation from customers all over the world, becoming one of the highlights of the exhibition and once again making Chinese door and window brands stunning the world! As the industry leading brand, Hihaus windows and doors show the world the leading production strength and brand concept in the industry, Hihaus windows and doors carry a fusion of the top domestic and international R & D design technology of the best products on the scene, to show the exhibition visitors a lot of self-developed green environmental protection, technology and intelligence of modern new products. With superior quality capabilities, Hihaus doors and windows products became the most shining "stars" at the Canton Fair, standing firmly in the "C" position. Among them, the most eye-catching three-track sliding window series, the perfect double inward opening casement aluminum windows, simple love extremely narrow sliding doors, etc., to create a super high quality doors and windows, care for home security and build a higher standard of home life! In the past 19 years, the growth of Hihaus windows and doors has written the story of the advancement of Chinese manufacturing and witnessed the rapid development of China's foreign trade, with market-oriented, innovation-driven, forward-looking international vision, developing the global market with high-quality products, improving the international distribution, inspiring the foreign trade potential of enterprises, and looking at the longer-term prospects of overseas window and door markets. In the future, Hihaus will continue to make efforts to build a national brand of our own. With the attitude of innovation, openness and cooperation, Hihaus continues to expand its influence and development space in the global market, expand its prospect layout, uphold the concept of craftsmanship and quality manufacturing, promote the high-quality development of enterprises, and bloom the strength of brand power to embrace the global market with greater enthusiasm, and create new growth!

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  • Big News: Champion Endorsement x Champion Quality | World Champion Xu Xin Successfully Signs as Brand Spokesperson!
    Big News: Champion Endorsement x Champion Quality | World Champion Xu Xin Successfully Signs as Brand Spokesperson!
    April 06, 2023

    On March 31st, HIHAUS held a signing ceremony for its brand image spokesperson at the Poly Intercontinental Hotel in Foshan. At the "Huanxin Journey, Emperor Creates the Future" marketing summit, world champion Xu Xin was announced as the brand image spokesperson, which marked an important milestone for HIHAUS' brand upgrade and the opening of a new era for the brand. The ceremony was witnessed by the HIHAUS family, dealer partners, various media friends, and the general consumer group. Xu Xin, who appeared in a shiny red sportswear, was the surprise guest at the ceremony and instantly became the focus of the audience, pushing the ceremony to its climax. His participation not only demonstrated his high recognition and trust in the quality of HIHAUS windows and doors but also testified to the strength of the brand. During the ceremony, Xu Xin and the chairman of HIHAUS windows and doors signed the contract together, officially announcing Xu Xin as the spokesperson for the brand. He also presented a signed version of his table tennis racket to the brand and had an exciting match with Mr. Wu, the chairman of HIHAUS. In addition to the signing ceremony, HIHAUS also launched its white paper on World Noise-Free Day, which aimed to provide a better noise reduction experience. Four new champion co-branded products were unveiled at the summit, including the Xintu series of modern casement windows, the Xinhui series of ultra-narrow system aluminum sliding door, the Xinyue series of double inward-opening windows, and the Xinrui series of medium-narrow lift-and-slide doors. These products impressed everyone present with their powerful features of noise reduction, heat insulation, wind and rain resistance, and high aesthetics. As a world-class table tennis player known as the "Golden Left Hand" and the strongest straight paddle player, Xu Xin embodies the spirit of table tennis that never gives up, always striving for excellence and constantly climbing higher. The collaboration between Xu Xin and HIHAUS is a perfect match of the champion's spirit of striving for excellence and the enterprise culture of craftsmanship and quality. In an interview, Xu Xin praised the product and brand strength of HIHAUS doors and windows, which he uses to ensure high-quality sleep every day. He emphasized that the doors and windows have sound insulation, heat insulation, and a fashionable appearance, meeting consumer aesthetics. The collaboration between the world table tennis champion Xu Xin and the high-quality door and window brand, HIHAUS, under the banner of "Champion x Quality", will help enhance the brand image, product awareness, create championship quality products, establish a leading brand, and empower the terminal performance to explode.

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  • How can you transform your home into a modern and stylish living space?
    How can you transform your home into a modern and stylish living space?
    April 03, 2023

    --Discover the latest trends in aluminum windows and doors showcased at the impressive HIHAUS "6.0 New Product Showroom" and take the first step towards creating your dream home. On the day of the exhibition, the chairman of HIHAUS Group, Mr. Wu Sibing, the president of the Guangdong Door and Window Association, Mr. Xu Sheng, the president and vice president of HIHAUS Doors and Windows, Mr. Wu Shangrong and Ms. Xie Zhiling, as well as the assistant to the chairman, Mr. Zeng Jun, and other high-level leaders from headquarters, industry experts, and outstanding dealer representatives from all over the country attended and witnessed the brilliant opening of the "6.0 New Product Showroom", a grand event in the aluminum door and window industry! The celebration kicked off with an exciting lion dance performance, followed by a speech from Chairman Wu Sibing, who expressed that after six months of planning and preparation, the new exhibition hall has been upgraded with a higher-end image to showcase the brand strength of our factory, empower dealers, and improve market competitiveness in the aluminum windows and doors market. Finally, he wished all the guests and their families and friends a prosperous and abundant business. "In 2023, HIHAUS China Windows And Doors must win, and will definitely win!" The president of the Guangdong Door and Window Association, Mr. Xu Sheng, expressed the most sincere welcome to all the guests and friends from all walks of life present. Mr. Xu said, "HIHAUS Doors and Windows' new generation 6.0 showroom has successfully opened, creating comfortable and quality living spaces with aluminum doors and windows! The effective presentation of HIHAUS's creativity and development capabilities. In the future, HIHAUS will focus on product research and development, brand building, and channel construction, expand greater development space, and create a better future with a new attitude, and achieve a flying development!" The ribbon-cutting ceremony pushed the festive atmosphere to its climax, as the leaders and guests jointly cut the ribbon on stage, with colorful ribbons flying, salutes ringing out, and congratulations echoing throughout the venue. The golden scissors opened the way for a new journey and signaled the grand opening of the HIHAUS "6.0 New Product Showroom", a crucial step in realizing the brand value of HIHAUS Doors and Windows in the aluminum doors and windows market. With the thunderous and awe-inspiring drum and lion dance performances, we witnessed together this extraordinary opening ceremony! The solemn lion dance ceremony continued with the chairman, Mr. Wu Sibing, opening the ceremony with the eye-dotting ritual, which gave a prestigious touch to the sleeping lion, symbolizing the giving of life and signifying endless wealth and prosperity. The subsequent "green-plucking" ceremony also indicated that auspiciousness is upon us, and we will soar to new heights with every step. The lion dance conveyed congratulations and good wishes to HIHAUS Doors and Windows for a prosperous and abundant business in the aluminum windows and doors market. After the ceremony, the Hihaus headquarters arranged for the guests to visit the new image showroom. Senior leaders explained the grand opening of the new 6th generation showroom and introduced the new and popular products of Hihaus aluminum doors and windows one by one. This not only demonstrated Hihaus' brand strength in the aluminum doors and windows market but also gave the doors and windows products a simple philosophy of life and integrated the products into interior space. The use of light and shadow, mountains, water, green plants, and other elements establishes a new spatial order and creates a beautiful quality space of life and natural ecology. The latest layout of the 6th generation terminal showroom is created with high appearance, high standards, and high requirements. During the visit to HIHAUS new sixth-generation showroom, all guests, dealers, and industry leaders were impressed by the cutting-edge design concepts and innovative product displays at the HIHAUS "6.0 New Product Showroom". By providing a unique combination of quality, aesthetics, and performance, HIHAUS Doors and Windows continue to set new standards for the industry and help customers create the homes of their dreams.

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  • HIHUAS WINDOWS DOORS In The 133rd 2023 Canton Fair
    HIHUAS WINDOWS DOORS In The 133rd 2023 Canton Fair
    March 20, 2023

    The 133rd Canton Fair is an international trade fair held in Guangzhou, China. It is one of the largest and most comprehensive trade fairs in the world, featuring a wide range of products from various industries such as electronics, home appliances, machinery, hardware tools, building materials, and more. The fair is typically held twice a year - in spring and autumn - and attracts thousands of exhibitors and visitors from around the world. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the fair was held online in 2020 and 2021, but it has returned to its traditional offline format for the 133rd edition in spring 2023. there are several construction-related products that will be exhibited in Phase 1 of the 133rd Canton Fair. Building materials and hardware tools are among the product categories that will be featured during this phase. Visitors to the fair can expect to find a wide range of building materials such as ceramics, stones, panels, flooring, and roofing materials, as well as various hardware tools such as power tools, hand tools, and accessories. In addition to these products, machinery related to construction such as excavators, loaders, bulldozers, and other heavy equipment may also be exhibited during Phase 1. And we, Hihaus windows doors, focus on high-end Aluminum windows, Aluminum doors, Curtain wall, Glass Railing, Wooden door, Garage Door, waiting you to come to visit us, and prepare the small gift if you have any order in hand Looking forward to meet you soon in Canton fair!!

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