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Improve speed and efficiency through digital intelligence, consolidate core competitiveness and adhere to high-quality development!

Improve speed and efficiency through digital intelligence, consolidate core competitiveness and adhere to high-quality development!

Nov 21, 2023

In the modern life, not only do doors and windows protect the safety of the home, but also they display the beauty of home. Windows and doors also show people’s pursuit and yearning for a better life. As the leading brand of high-end doors and windows in China, HIHAUS adheres to high quality and service as its core and has become the ideal choice for many consumers.


01 Select the best materials and improve the quality

From design, material selection to technology, HIHAUS adheres to its business philosophy, and each step is full of unique ingenuity. We will carefully select different kinds of materials, including aluminum, glass, hardware, sealing materials and a tiny screw, which is to provide consumers with the best products as well as a safe, comfortable and beautiful home environment.



02 Innovate technology and improve the construction system

HIHAUS is constantly exploring intelligent production technology and intelligent production mode, leading to the revolution in this industry and truly entering the era of intelligence. Nowadays we have "8S production management standard", "58 quality control processes", "ERP management system". Because of the three systems, we can ensure that the production of doors and windows has extremely strict quality control and perfect service system.



03 Provide a better service to win the trust and reputation

In order to provide a better service to customers, HIHAUS has established a set of perfect service system, including the pre-sale consultation, sale service and after-sales service. We not only respond to customers’ needs and feedback immediately, but also through the establishment of customer database and the analysis of needs and feedback, truly think what customers want.



04 Pursue environmental protection to build a better life

In terms of environmental protection, HIHAUS actively uses environmentally friendly materials to reduce energy consumption in the production process. We have established an environmental management system. We will ensure that the production and operation of the company meet the environmental requirements by improving the environmental awareness and responsibility of the employees. What we pursue is not only the economic benefits of enterprises, but also the commitment to social responsibility.



HIHAUS adheres to the road of high-quality development and constantly improves the quality and performance of products to win the trust of consumers and the recognition of market. We must strive to create every door and window and bring consumers a safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly living environment.

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