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Hihaus, a professional manufacturer specializes in the production of high end aluminum doors and Windows, and provides project solutions.


With the more than 123,000 ㎡ of production base, the production capacity of Hihaus reaches 500,000 ㎡.

Hihaus factory


Glass workshop: Preparing the glass, customized the size needed, and including cleaning the dust of the glass.


Glass workshop


In order to achieve the automated, informed and refined of production management to ensure the high quality of the window and door, Hihaus imported the high-end production equipment and automated production lines from Germany and Italy, and operated by the skilled production team.


Hihaus guarantee superior quality through providing a full range of procedure: materials cutting-punching-glass sealing-accessories installing-assembling-QC-packing-loading.


A smooth surface of cutting of the aluminum profile is one of the most important factor of Air Leakage Resistance and Water Penetration Resistance. Fomindustrie, from Italy, offers the smooth cut with super precision.


smooth cut with super precision



CNC digital macine


Auto Glass Cleaner: Remove all the dust, stain or fingerprint from the glass to ensure all glass is 100% clear.


Auto Glass Cleaner


The fully automatic warm edge production line, a fully automatic insulating glass production line, that integrates film removal, cleaning, striping, inflating and gluing. Combined with FLEXIBLE WARM EDGE and REACTIVE HOT MELT, which provides a unified seal and structural strength for insulating glass.


fully automatic warm edge production line


Assembly workshop: After every element of aluminum window or door was finished, they will be assembled in the extensive assembly workshop.


Assembly workshop


Assembly workshop


Storage: Here for the material will be well defined, any part of the window and door could be found easily.



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