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  • Hihaus Products & Office daily—Technique team get panic!?
    Hihaus Products & Office daily—Technique team get panic!?
    September 29, 2022

    This is an unusual Thursday. All our technique team members are circle together, inside of them, is a sample of our latest series of Chinese style. The office suddenly gets busy, and after 5minutes, it’s we call off work. It turns out the sample windows have problem with drainage system, last week have heavy rainfall to make the inside of house have little water coming. So that’s why full team gathering together to check the system and learning as well. Our technique no matter when, get the problem of our items solve, it’s their priority. As we always mentioned, providing quality windows and doors for our customers, it’s our long terms aims. And to fulfill our targets, must use all of us strength. Luckily, the drainage problem of casement windows gets solve on the another day of morning, our customer got more satisfied with our fast response of solution and reliability. Our technique removes the parts of fix glass by using hammer + bolt driver, let the pressing profile get remove, then explain to others what is the structure, to let them have more idea to provide the solutions. And this is the full design in below:

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  • Happy Mid-Autumn Festival
    Happy Mid-Autumn Festival
    September 08, 2022

    Mid-Autumn Festival, named "Zhongqiu Jie" in Chinese, is also called "Moon Festival" or "Moon Cake Festival". It is the second most important festival in China after the Chinese New Year. Besides China, this festival is also celebrated in many other Asian countries, such as Vietnam, Singapore, Japan and Korea. People celebrate this holiday by gathering with their families, eating traditional food moon cakes, lighting lanterns and viewing the moon. In China, the Mid-Autumn Festival is a celebration of the rice harvest and many fruits. The ceremony is held both to give thanks for the harvest and to encourage the light that gave it to return again in the coming year. On this day of reunion, Hihaus wish you and your friends and family a harvest of smiling faces.

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  • Dilemma & logistics under the epidemic situation in Shanghai
    Dilemma & logistics under the epidemic situation in Shanghai
    May 17, 2022

    It is now the 3rd year since the COVID-19 began at the end of 2019. Although governments of all countries are trying to control the epidemic and put out the epidemic, new variants continue to appear due to the characteristics of the virus, which also leads to the gradual normalization of the epidemic. Since March, Shanghai has ushered in a new round of epidemic. The sudden epidemic has brought a certain degree of crisis and test to Shanghai, an international metropolis, and the people of the city. Taking cross-border logistics as an example, Shanghai is an international port city. In 2021, the container throughput of Shanghai Port exceeded 47 million TEUs, with a year-on-year increase of 8%, ranking first in the world for 12 consecutive years. However, affected by the epidemic, there was a labor shortage in Shanghai port and the land transportation was blocked, which had a negative impact on the foreign trade logistics industry. With the introduction of the differentiated prevention and control policies of the Shanghai municipal government, more and more factories and enterprises are gradually returning to work and production. COSCO Shipping has provided counter services in Shanghai to facilitate customers to handle relevant import and export business. Then, the "white list" of the first batch of resumption of work and production of Shanghai postal express industry was announced. Is it just around the corner for Shanghai to unseal, restore living order and open Shanghai port? Perhaps even we Chinese do not fully know that Shanghai port is the largest logistics exchange port in the world. No port in the world can replace it. It accounts for more than 70% of the total transit volume in Asia, and Rotterdam, known as the largest port in Europe, is far from comparable. Reading till here, you maybe so much worry about importing from China, is it mean all factory goods can't ship out because of Shanghai situation. Actually, there have so many seaport and export a lot in China, such as Guangzhou and Shenzhen. As 18 years’ experience family own factory in Foshan for Aluminum windows and doors, we can arrange shipping via Guangzhou or Shenzhen port. With normal production time, and quality products, we are sure we can provide you with long term cooperation. Why don't get it start from now? Contact us by leaving your information, let our Engineer to contact you right now!

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  • Loading for Garage doors and Aluminum Windows and Doors
    Loading for Garage doors and Aluminum Windows and Doors
    May 05, 2022

    Project Base: Seattle, USA House Type: Residential Required type : Aluminum Glass Garage Doors & Aluminum Windows and Doors For Aluminium Glass Garage Doors Glass: Tinted black glass Size : 16ft X 8 ft Package : Standard strong export wooden package **Strong packaging ensures that our customers receive the goods without any problems. ** We have professional workers to driver the forklift to load the long package. For Aluminium Windows and Doors Glass: Low-E double Glass 5mm Size : Customization Package : Standard strong export wooden package Being a good business partner , we are willing to help our customers to purchase all items for their projects . Hope to receive your requests soon , let us follow your projects and get your satisfaction goods.

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    April 22, 2022

    1.Let's Say No To Noise TogetherOur ears and eyes are the windows to the outside world, but our ears are always neglected compared to our eyes. In the city, there is a lot of "noisy" noise affecting our lives. Doors and windows are an important part of the building envelope system, but they are also the weak link of external noise transmission. According to the relevant data, 80% of the external noise comes in from the doors and windows, therefore, soundproof doors and windows come into being. HiHaus is concerned about the urban noise problem and creates a comfortable space for human beings to live and rest. From providing products to providing door and window solutions, and then to providing solutions for beautiful living space, from studying lifestyle to becoming lifestyle, HiHaus has been committed to creating beautiful living for hundreds of millions of consumers.2.Noise and Soundproofing PowerhouseAs a pioneer in the industry of windows and doors, HiHaus has focused on sound insulation technology research and development for 18 years. Doors and windows are divided into enclosure or separation components according to their location and have different design requirements. Among them, the requirement of seal of soundproof doors and windows is the top priority in the product development and design of HiHaus. Adopting multi-channel sealing protection, comprehensive waterproof and dustproof, and superior sound insulation performance, together with independently designed hidden drainage system, ensure the sealing performance of the product reaches the industry's high quality level. HiHaus launches a variety of products every year, catering to the open-mindedness and diversified aesthetics of the new generation of consumers, delving into the basic performance of doors and windows, aluminum alloy materials and details of door and window construction to achieve a comprehensive upgrade of watertightness, airtightness, wind pressure resistance, sound insulation and other properties, rapidly iterating product design, improving the quality of doors and windows, and creating a better life.

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  • Celebration for Our Relocation
    Celebration for Our Relocation
    April 26, 2022

    At the beginning of spring, everything is renewed, and HIHAUS has relocated to a new office at 19F, Zhonghuan Mansion, No.334, Huanshi Dong Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou. This relocation is not only an important step in the strategic layout of HIHAUS, but also a beautiful beginning for it to a promising future, waving goodbye to Yinzheng Mansion. HACOS is the headquarter which has different subsidiaries and brands, HIHAUS is one member of them. HACOS has always worked hard and insisted on "providing better service and creating greater value". It is not only our mission but our pursuit. During the passing days, we have accumulated the foundation and strength. We have constantly pursued to service every foreign trade enterprise and strived to become the first brand of business services in China. On the morning of March 31, 2022, Harvey, the founder and CEO of HACOS, and one of the co-founders and the CMO, Jessie, as well as all colleagues gathered together to celebrate this wonderful housewarming ceremony. One of the co-founders, Nico, who is even on her business trip, still join us online. What's more, we feel so honored to have some business partners here to witness the important moment of HACOS together, including Ever Trust Logistics Technology, Guangzhou Great Field Trading Co., limited, MOOG PHONE INTERNATIONAL CO., LIMITED, Guangzhou Market Purchasing Trade Association, International Business Department of China CITIC Bank Guangzhou Branch, Guangdong Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export, etc. In a new environment, everyone was beaming, and the ceremony was full of joy and excitement. The celebration officially started at 10:00 am. After a simple greeting from the host, the wonderful lion dance performance began with people's cheers. Accompanied by the beat of the drums, the energetic lion kept changing its moves, one after the other, standing, squatting, and jumping, which attracted thunderous applause. After the lion dance, the founders, and guests came to the stage and cut the ribbon. Congratulations to HACOS! Harvey, the CEO, mentioned in his speech that We always keep up with the pace of the times and cherishes both stability and innovation. We make in-time adjustment to our work according to the changes of the situation, so as to truly provide customers with the best service. Starting today, we will open a new page in the history of HACOS. It will be a new starting point and a higher platform for us to develop. A complete success! Thanks to all the guests who came to witness this important moment with us during busy schedules. We highly appreciate it. In the days to come, we will welcome a new beginning at the Zhonghuan Mansion, continue the pace of progress, and stride towards a bright future! Hope that you can join hands with us to move towards better development!

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  • Hihaus Factory ‘New Face’—Blue Tinted glass Surface
    Hihaus Factory ‘New Face’—Blue Tinted glass Surface
    March 18, 2022

    Spring is the season, summer is coming soon. With flowers blooming season, our office has changed "new face" to welcome our customers. And here, will like to introduce you more about our office building surface. Follow this article, you will get more information for the Blue Tinted Glass Curtain Wall (Specially for island project) The upgrade of Hihaus doors and windows headquarters building is independently designed by the headquarters top designer. Through the careful design and planning of the designer, the brand connotation is deeply excavated and combined with our own products, so that the image and environment of the industrial park are refreshed and show a new image of international model and sense of science and technology. The main body of the exterior wall of the building adopts the latest curtain wall: 150 series newly developed in Jan, 2022. The glass visual area of this series is much higher than that of traditional doors and windows, with better daylighting area and permeability. The overall appearance is more beautiful and atmospheric, highlighting the new image of high-end, fashionable and international Hihaus doors and windows. After 18 years of deep cultivation in the door and window industry, Hihaus doors and windows has always lead the top direction of the industry. In the future, Hihaus doors and windows will continue to improve product innovation and market competitiveness, inject ingenuity into products, face the future with a new attitude and higher standards, be ready to make progress, gather momentum and take off, create a new era of brand, and create a better home experience for users. If you have project in hand, don’t forget to leave us your inquiry, our professional engineer will contact you for recommendation.

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  • Exchange rate is going down!
    Exchange rate is going down!
    March 14, 2022

    The Euro has joined the dollar in the 6-character range against the RMB and really its a new record low for the euro since it was officially circulated over a decade ago. Affected by the situation between Russia and Ukraine, there have 2 important points should be attention to know, A. Russia accounts for approximately 6% of global aluminium production and 7% of global nickel production. The situation is tense, increasing the supply risk in the market, and aluminium and nickel prices have risen sharply. Raw materials such as aluminium and nickel rose and the cost of enterprises rose. B. Exchange rate fluctuations have increased and costs are difficult to account for. Contact Hihaus, 18+ years experience & 20+ countries exported,China top manufacturer.We highly specialize in custom for residential, commercial and architectural projects. In March, we have good offer for our main products as follow, ** Aluminium Windows and Doors **Steel/Wood doors **Garage doors Please send your request to get the best prices.

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  • Aluminum Curtain Wall Factory Live Show
    Aluminum Curtain Wall Factory Live Show
    March 07, 2022

    In the sunny day of 2nd March, here welcome our first live show after our factory office building surface decoration. **Live show** **Hihaus Curtain Wall Surface** With 6mm+12A+6mm double tempered blue reflective glass, the full office building merge to environment , the full office building become tall and big (though is same building). The curtain wall system we are using is half-visible system, with 3.0mm thicken material for supporting, excellent glass surface for office , hospital, hotel building. But if you are planning to make same design for your villa, that will be nice. Coming to our showroom,, there have demo curtain wall for customer getting close to it. The curtain wall awning windows support to make in width 900mm and 1500mm height. Just for the opening angle, base on the safety issue, it has limited open area control. At the end, if you want to review our live show this time for latest products, please leave us your inquiry and get the best recommendation Hihaus Services Team is waiting you here.

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  • The amazing designs of Winter Olympics Beijing 2022
    The amazing designs of Winter Olympics Beijing 2022
    March 03, 2022

    The 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing have closed on 20 February. It gives the world so many surprises , even the athletes left the Winter Olympic Village showing a lot of reluctance. Let's review some amazing designs which deeply catching everybody's eyes. National Speed Skating Oval ---The Ice Ribbon Big Air Shougang Ice Cube National Stadium--- Bird's Nest Surely that there still have lots of designs are amazing because Beijing division undertakes all ice sports, Yanqing division undertakes snowmobile, sledge and alpine skiing, and Zhangjiakou division undertakes all snow sports except snowmobile, sledge and alpine skiing. Insistent effort will bring good luck, Hihaus Wall Curtain also won the hotel projects ,and we have received many foreigner friends' good comments for Aluminium Windows and Doors. We believes that our excellent products will worth more and more customers’ attention. Welcome to send us your requests.

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  • Loading Day for Picture Windows
    Loading Day for Picture Windows
    February 24, 2022

    Project Base: Manila, Philippines House Type: Residential Required Glass: Double clear +Low E glass Today's is so cold in China, rainy but not affect our loading. We are response for our customer and doing our best to make the loading, here, let’s come to check how we load the picture windows in safety way. **Irregular shape picture windows loading by forklift** **3 meters panels loading by forklift** **Closing container door with remaining goods ** For all windows and doors, even some suppliers from Foshan but in other items like railings, wardrobe, cupboard, floor board which are for whole house decoration, we are happy to assist our customers to make their project or house. Finally, share our new decoration for surface: Being the China Top 10 branding for over 18years, we keep quality as our priority. Waiting for your cooperation with our quality windows doors. Don't forget to contact us right now or leave us your required in below ^.^

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  • 2022, start work! Together to the future!
    2022, start work! Together to the future!
    February 10, 2022

    Dear customer friends, The Spring Festival holiday has ended, and our company has resumed normal work arrangements on February 7. If you need to urgently receive aluminum alloy doors and Windows installation, please contact our business as soon as possible to place an order. Here, we thank our customers for their cooperation and cooperation, we always adhere to better products, to provide you with better service. I wish all customers and friends good health and prosperous business in the New Year!

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