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Hihaus Office Weekly Morning Meeting

Hihaus Office Weekly Morning Meeting

Nov 14, 2022

--Only by knowing ourselves can we know life. Only by controlling ourselves can we control the world


Second week of November, we welcome our morning meeting in such serious situation (Covid-19 getting more serious in Guangdong area).

We have goods news to share: Our dearest Miss Katherine get promote into senior engineer! Only in a year, she gains big progress and today, she finally gains what she paid.

Let’s congratulate her again



Also, we like to share what our products developing manager prepare: The Iceberg Model

  ‘Iceberg model is a tool that allows you to shift your perspective and see beyond the immediate events that everyone notices. It helps you to uncover root causes of why those events happen. That's possible by looking at deeper levels of abstraction within the system that are not immediately obvious.’—explanation from internet



   So how we understand ourself more by knowing Iceberg model? Here is the 2point

   First: Ask yourself deep questions to form a preliminary understanding of yourself

   Something about what skill you have, what kind of value of yourself. What were your target and what you want to get in the future.

  Second: Take an inventory of the knowledge/skills acquired by yourself, and summarize the deeds praised by others

For example: What type of things I can finish it easily? 

And last, why we need to know ourself?

In Chinese old saying’ We have to think third time about ourselves‘. Knowing ourselves is our life subject. Because of don’t know anything, many person choose to obey . Only by knowing ourselves can we know life. Only by controlling ourselves can we control the world.

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