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Hihaus Products & Office daily—Technique team get panic!?

Hihaus Products & Office daily—Technique team get panic!?

Sep 29, 2022

This is an unusual Thursday. All our technique team members are circle together, inside of them, is a sample of our latest series of Chinese style.


Hihaus Technical team


The office suddenly gets busy, and after 5minutes, it’s we call off work.

It turns out the sample windows have problem with drainage system, last week have heavy rainfall to make the inside of house have little water coming. So that’s why full team gathering together to check the system and learning as well.  

Our technique no matter when, get the problem of our items solve, it’s their priority. As we always mentioned, providing quality windows and doors for our customers, it’s our long terms aims. And to fulfill our targets, must use all of us strength. 

Luckily, the drainage problem of casement windows gets solve on the another day of morning, our customer got more satisfied with our fast response of solution and reliability. 

Our technique removes the parts of fix glass by using hammer + bolt driver, let the pressing profile get remove, then explain to others what is the structure, to let them have more idea to provide the solutions.

And this is the full design in below:


Casement window latest series of Chinese style

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