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How can you transform your home into a modern and stylish living space?

How can you transform your home into a modern and stylish living space?

Apr 03, 2023

--Discover the latest trends in aluminum windows and doors showcased at the impressive HIHAUS "6.0 New Product Showroom" and take the first step towards creating your dream home.


On the day of the exhibition, the chairman of HIHAUS Group, Mr. Wu Sibing, the president of the Guangdong Door and Window Association, Mr. Xu Sheng, the president and vice president of HIHAUS Doors and Windows, Mr. Wu Shangrong and Ms. Xie Zhiling, as well as the assistant to the chairman, Mr. Zeng Jun, and other high-level leaders from headquarters, industry experts, and outstanding dealer representatives from all over the country attended and witnessed the brilliant opening of the "6.0 New Product Showroom", a grand event in the aluminum door and window industry!



The celebration kicked off with an exciting lion dance performance, followed by a speech from Chairman Wu Sibing, who expressed that after six months of planning and preparation, the new exhibition hall has been upgraded with a higher-end image to showcase the brand strength of our factory, empower dealers, and improve market competitiveness in the aluminum windows and doors market. Finally, he wished all the guests and their families and friends a prosperous and abundant business. "In 2023, HIHAUS China Windows And Doors must win, and will definitely win!"



The president of the Guangdong Door and Window Association, Mr. Xu Sheng, expressed the most sincere welcome to all the guests and friends from all walks of life present. Mr. Xu said, "HIHAUS Doors and Windows' new generation 6.0 showroom has successfully opened, creating comfortable and quality living spaces with aluminum doors and windows! The effective presentation of HIHAUS's creativity and development capabilities. In the future, HIHAUS will focus on product research and development, brand building, and channel construction, expand greater development space, and create a better future with a new attitude, and achieve a flying development!"



The ribbon-cutting ceremony pushed the festive atmosphere to its climax, as the leaders and guests jointly cut the ribbon on stage, with colorful ribbons flying, salutes ringing out, and congratulations echoing throughout the venue. The golden scissors opened the way for a new journey and signaled the grand opening of the HIHAUS "6.0 New Product Showroom", a crucial step in realizing the brand value of HIHAUS Doors and Windows in the aluminum doors and windows market. With the thunderous and awe-inspiring drum and lion dance performances, we witnessed together this extraordinary opening ceremony!


The solemn lion dance ceremony continued with the chairman, Mr. Wu Sibing, opening the ceremony with the eye-dotting ritual, which gave a prestigious touch to the sleeping lion, symbolizing the giving of life and signifying endless wealth and prosperity. The subsequent "green-plucking" ceremony also indicated that auspiciousness is upon us, and we will soar to new heights with every step. The lion dance conveyed congratulations and good wishes to HIHAUS Doors and Windows for a prosperous and abundant business in the aluminum windows and doors market.




After the ceremony, the Hihaus headquarters arranged for the guests to visit the new image showroom. Senior leaders explained the grand opening of the new 6th generation showroom and introduced the new and popular products of Hihaus aluminum doors and windows one by one. This not only demonstrated Hihaus' brand strength in the aluminum doors and windows market but also gave the doors and windows products a simple philosophy of life and integrated the products into interior space. The use of light and shadow, mountains, water, green plants, and other elements establishes a new spatial order and creates a beautiful quality space of life and natural ecology. The latest layout of the 6th generation terminal showroom is created with high appearance, high standards, and high requirements.



During the visit to HIHAUS new sixth-generation showroom, all guests, dealers, and industry leaders were impressed by the cutting-edge design concepts and innovative product displays at the HIHAUS "6.0 New Product Showroom". By providing a unique combination of quality, aesthetics, and performance, HIHAUS Doors and Windows continue to set new standards for the industry and help customers create the homes of their dreams.

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