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Big News: Champion Endorsement x Champion Quality | World Champion Xu Xin Successfully Signs as Brand Spokesperson!

Big News: Champion Endorsement x Champion Quality | World Champion Xu Xin Successfully Signs as Brand Spokesperson!

Apr 06, 2023

On March 31st, HIHAUS held a signing ceremony for its brand image spokesperson at the Poly Intercontinental Hotel in Foshan. At the "Huanxin Journey, Emperor Creates the Future" marketing summit, world champion Xu Xin was announced as the brand image spokesperson, which marked an important milestone for HIHAUS' brand upgrade and the opening of a new era for the brand. The ceremony was witnessed by the HIHAUS family, dealer partners, various media friends, and the general consumer group.


Xu Xin, who appeared in a shiny red sportswear, was the surprise guest at the ceremony and instantly became the focus of the audience, pushing the ceremony to its climax. His participation not only demonstrated his high recognition and trust in the quality of HIHAUS windows and doors but also testified to the strength of the brand.



During the ceremony, Xu Xin and the chairman of HIHAUS windows and doors signed the contract together, officially announcing Xu Xin as the spokesperson for the brand. He also presented a signed version of his table tennis racket to the brand and had an exciting match with Mr. Wu, the chairman of HIHAUS.



In addition to the signing ceremony, HIHAUS also launched its white paper on World Noise-Free Day, which aimed to provide a better noise reduction experience. Four new champion co-branded products were unveiled at the summit, including the Xintu series of modern casement windows, the Xinhui series of ultra-narrow system aluminum sliding door, the Xinyue series of double inward-opening windows, and the Xinrui series of medium-narrow lift-and-slide doors. These products impressed everyone present with their powerful features of noise reduction, heat insulation, wind and rain resistance, and high aesthetics.



As a world-class table tennis player known as the "Golden Left Hand" and the strongest straight paddle player, Xu Xin embodies the spirit of table tennis that never gives up, always striving for excellence and constantly climbing higher. The collaboration between Xu Xin and HIHAUS is a perfect match of the champion's spirit of striving for excellence and the enterprise culture of craftsmanship and quality.



In an interview, Xu Xin praised the product and brand strength of HIHAUS doors and windows, which he uses to ensure high-quality sleep every day. He emphasized that the doors and windows have sound insulation, heat insulation, and a fashionable appearance, meeting consumer aesthetics. The collaboration between the world table tennis champion Xu Xin and the high-quality door and window brand, HIHAUS, under the banner of "Champion x Quality", will help enhance the brand image, product awareness, create championship quality products, establish a leading brand, and empower the terminal performance to explode.


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