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Focus on the Canton Fair | Hihaus windows and doors show up amazingly

Focus on the Canton Fair | Hihaus windows and doors show up amazingly

Apr 21, 2023

All things come to life in this extraordinary spring, the 133rd China Import and Export Fair came to a successful conclusion from April 15 to April 19, the "China's first exhibition" of the Canton Fair reproduced the gathering of 10,000 businessmen which reflecting the accelerated release of China's economy and the high-quality development .At the Canton Fair, Hihaus windows and doors carried new products and technologies to stimulate the strong competitiveness and vigorous vitality of the window and door market, and lead new trends in the future development of household!



Focus on Canton Fair - New appearance


As the largest and most comprehensive international trade event in China with the most complete range of goods and the best transaction effect, Canton Fair is a high-end platform to promote communication and win-win cooperation. Hihaus windows and doors actively participated in this year's Canton Fair, insisting on the innovation drive, and promoting the high-quality development of China's doors and windows industry, while further expanding the international market through the Canton Fair as a trade platform.



Exploring Overseas - Creating Growth Together


At the exhibition site, Hihaus windows and doors with professional doors and windows product introduction, hard-core technical strength, to show overseas buyers the superior performance of enterprise products, with quality, brand, innovation and service advantages, to attract a number of foreign buyers to understand the consultation, the site is very popular, Hihaus brand directly strike the hearts of people and it went out of the circle wonderfully!



Make friends with the world and benefit from each other. Hihaus windows and doors confidently embrace the global market, hoping to show the international thought and product trends through this opportunity, comprehensively strengthen the interaction and communication with customers and consumers, and show "meeting customers" sincerity in all aspects to open the international market. At the Canton Fair, we made a big splash and won the unanimous praise and commendation from customers all over the world, becoming one of the highlights of the exhibition and once again making Chinese door and window brands stunning the world!



As the industry leading brand, Hihaus windows and doors show the world the leading production strength and brand concept in the industry, Hihaus windows and doors carry a fusion of the top domestic and international R & D design technology of the best products on the scene, to show the exhibition visitors a lot of self-developed green environmental protection, technology and intelligence of modern new products.



With superior quality capabilities, Hihaus doors and windows products became the most shining "stars" at the Canton Fair, standing firmly in the "C" position. Among them, the most eye-catching three-track sliding window series, the perfect double inward opening casement aluminum windows, simple love extremely narrow sliding doors, etc., to create a super high quality doors and windows, care for home security and build a higher standard of home life!


aluminum windows and doors


In the past 19 years, the growth of Hihaus windows and doors has written the story of the advancement of Chinese manufacturing and witnessed the rapid development of China's foreign trade, with market-oriented, innovation-driven, forward-looking international vision, developing the global market with high-quality products, improving the international distribution, inspiring the foreign trade potential of enterprises, and looking at the longer-term prospects of overseas window and door markets.



In the future, Hihaus will continue to make efforts to build a national brand of our own. With the attitude of innovation, openness and cooperation, Hihaus continues to expand its influence and development space in the global market, expand its prospect layout, uphold the concept of craftsmanship and quality manufacturing, promote the high-quality development of enterprises, and bloom the strength of brand power to embrace the global market with greater enthusiasm, and create new growth!


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