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Good-luck of beginning

Good-luck of beginning

Feb 13, 2023

All members already backed to start work with a fresh attitude and full of enthusiasm to open a new journey.



The new year begins with a new journey together.



The lions offer blessings to celebrate the start of the new year.

The festive atmosphere of Chinese New Year is still strong.

But a new journey has begun!




All of us at Hihaus windows and doors wish you that good luck for the beginning of 2023!


Let's work together to achieve further success in 2023 !



Mr. Wu, the chairman of Hihaus windows and doors, delivered a speech to start the year and led the company's senior management to offer incense and pray for blessings, cut the golden pig, and for lion to dot the eyes. We wish that the new year will be prosperous and prosperous, and that we will reach new heights!



The gongs and drums are booming and the lions of fortune are dancing. Wishing you a prosperous in the new year!


Working hard to achieve our goals !


Great luck with the lucky packet !


Each lucky packet represents the care and blessing.

It also carries the expectations of Hihaus' members for the new year . Let's have a bright future together in 2023.


New year, new start.

Working hard to achieve our goals !

The new journey has begun, all the staff of Hihaus 

start again and make another breakthrough and create new glorious!

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