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Ultimate Woman Power - Be Your Best

Ultimate Woman Power - Be Your Best

Mar 14, 2023

The most gorgeous day of March, the beauty will be carried out to the end.

On March 8, Women's Day, Hihaus held a series of activities to celebrate with the beautiful ladies.


At 5:00pm on March 8, the program started with boss Jessie expressing her greetings and sincere wishes to all the ladies of the company, saying that all the ladies of the company exuded firm and gentle strength in life and work, and were deservedly resounding roses.



Gifts and food feasts



Hihaus prepared exquisite holiday gifts for the ladies and wished them a beautiful appearance.

There were also a variety of delicious food for everyone to enjoy, such as sweet and delicious cakes and desserts, delicious Sushi platter, fragrant pizza, fried chicken and skewers. What was presented at the scene was not only a food, but also the company's full of heart and affection.



Fun Playing Cards to Win Gifts



They can dress in exquisite make-up, but also wear military uniforms.

They can go up to the moon, but also can break the waves!

They do not need to be defined, regardless of age.

They show their light in different fields!

The ultimate woman power, be the most beautiful!

Happy holidays to all the goddesses of Hihaus!

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