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  • What is the main reason of windows or glass falling down? What is the main reason of windows or glass falling down?
    Nov 24, 2021
    With the rapid development of the city and the increasingly compact urban space, high-rise buildings can be seen everywhere in the city, especially in developing country. In recent years, falling objects hurt people from time to time, which has become a hidden danger of social and public safety. Among them, accidents caused by the falling off of the outer wall of high-rise buildings, especially the glass curtain wall, are common. Picture from online Relevant news and real cases **On October 11, 2020, the office 23rd floor's glass curtain wall fell, location: Baotou, China On the afternoon of the 10th, there was a strong wind in Baotou city. At about 16:00, the glass was blown off, and more than 20 cars were smashed by the glass falling from the sky. The wind is strong, and the glass does not fall directly and vertically, resulting in more than 20 damaged vehicles. Picture from online How to avoid accidents Curtain wall safety accidents occur frequently. How to solve them? Find out the factors affecting the safety and quality of curtain wallFactors affecting the safety and quality of curtain wall will appear in the process of early construction planning, curtain wall design, production, installation, inspection, acceptance and maintenance, including government supervision.·Insufficient supervision on material production and processing The quality of materials is uneven. If there is no corresponding factory certificate and report, and some test data is missing, it will be directly used in the project. Explore the safety risk source of building curtain wall Curtain wall safety risk sources mainly include: Glass self-explosion, panel falling off, opening fan falling off, structural sealant failure, keel deformation and corrosion, embedded parts and connectors loosening and falling off. Cooperate with big and branding factory Most accident are cause of using lower quality construction for fixing glass, and lower quality hardware. It do really hard to get recognized in the beginning. But in China, branding factory have to maintain their reputation and being involve experienced worker for assembling, provide the base for quality products. Hihaus, keeping quality as priority for last 17 years, have built it's own reputation in China and oversea. We will be your reliable supplier and build long terms cooperation
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  • Prepare to test Singapore standard SS212 Prepare to test Singapore standard SS212
    Nov 19, 2021
    I would like to share with you a news that we received an order from Singapore recently. The customer ordered more than 20000$ of doors and Windows and ordered samples to test Singapore standard SS212. Product name: 65 thermal break aluminum system casement window Hardware : Full set Siegenia brand (German brand) Glass: open 5mm +20A+5mm double clear tempered glass/ fixed 5mm+1.52 pvb +5mm double tempered glass After 25 days we finished our sample quickly through strict production process. Today, our samples have been sent to the testing institution for testing.We expect our tests to be completed in about three weeks. The two sets of samples are sent to different addresses for testing, and we are looking forward to our testing results.
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  • Measuring Methods ---- How to measure door size Measuring Methods ---- How to measure door size
    Nov 17, 2021
    ---- How to measure door sizeChoose three points for horizontal or vertical measurement , the error should not exceed 1cm. If its exceeds, re-measurement is required. Choose three points for horizontal measurement, the minimum of the measured value is the width of the door. Choose three points for vertical measurement, the minimum of the measured value is the height of the door. Choose three points for horizontal measurement, the maximum value of the measured value is the thickness of the door frame. ---- About Special walls ( If your project has the following walls, please let us know.) Attention!!! 1. When measuring , please pay attention to whether the walls need to be decorated with tiles, such as kitchens, balconies, bathroom,etc. If you need to decorate the walls, please reserve enough size. 2. During the measurement , please feel free to consult us if you encounter any problems.
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  • 6 questions on the sealing strip of the aluminum windows and doors 6 questions on the sealing strip of the aluminum windows and doors
    Nov 15, 2021
    Question 1: What role can window and door sealing strips play? Answer: Sound insulation, dustproof, cold-proof, heat insulation and waterproof. Question 2: What is the cutting angle of the sealing strips? Answer: Normally, there are two kind of cutting way: 45 degrees and 90 degrees. Question 3: What are the reasons for the easy deformation of the sealing strips? Answer: The rubber of the sealing strip content is too low, the vulcanization time is too long or too short, the packaging method is not right or the packaging does not play a protective role, all those reasons could cause the sealing strips easy deformation. Question 4: What can be used to stop the shrinkage of the sealing strip? Answer: Adding fiberglass to the sealing strip can prevent it from shrinking and deforming. Question 5: What factors are related to the difficulty of opening/ closing windows and doors? Answer: The difficulty of opening/ closing windows and doors is related to the hardware, the weight of window and door sashes, but also related to the seal strips. The design of the sealing strip, the amount of pressure is not reasonable design is also likely to lead to difficult to open/ close the doors and windows. Question 6: How to identify the good and bad seal strips of door and window? Answer: (1)Watch: genuine rubber strip is pure black color, product’s surface is smooth, with uniform texture without impurities, and good density, no foam-like, product's surface gloss uniform. (2)Smell: Good sealing strip is with normal rubber smelling, the smelling should not be pungent, not strong. (3)Stretch: To good sealing strip, the feeling is suitable, elastic, strong tension, not easy to fold. (4)Section: To good sealing strip, the product section is regular, smooth lines. (5)Packing: The product is packed and curled in a neat and orderly manner, without disorder.
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  • Wood Door Take Care Tips Wood Door Take Care Tips
    Nov 03, 2021
    A.Please use soft cotton cloth to clean the stain place on surface. If the stain is serious, you need to use toothpaste or furniture special cleaner to do the 1 st cleaning then use the soft cotton cloth for the 2 nd cleaning. B.Do not do often friction for edges and corners that will make the paint fall off. C.Do not put the neutral reagent /wet cloth on the door surface long time that will cause some damage ( like color changed or covering peeling off). D.Please screw up the hinges or lock if any loose.For any noise of hinges , do the oil filling. For inflexible lock opening, please fill some lead Lead powder inside the hole of key hole, not oil. E.If happen partial stripping of door edge sealing , please press it stabled by the iron but under the iron must with dry cloth. If you are looking for quality windows and doors, curtain wall, wood doors, contact us or send us your requirement, we will offer you the professional advice.
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  • America Test Detail Reveal-AAMA America Test Detail Reveal-AAMA
    Oct 25, 2021
    America Test Detail Reveal, Process of Hihaus products inspection So what is AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440-11 NAFS 2011? It’s a test for North American Fenestration Standard / Specification for Windows, Doors, and Skylights In a word, it’s a very strict test, and here, let's check what test our products had experienced Step one: We prepare full products detail section drawing to Intertek for a general audit. Step two: Ship finish products to the lab, install on the test wall. The wall had 12 water guns and over 0.05pa pressure to our products for testing. The test had last for 30minutes!!! (Products holding on the test wall) (Water guns test—water is coming out to screen) After step 2, no leakage was found on the other side, the full products is remaining same. We are just half of the test, here comes to next step Step 3: Lab installed the wind gun for wind load resistance test, and same, each test will last for 30 minutes. (wind gun for wind load resistance) (wind speed control center) In final, our products pass all air tightness tests, water-resistance tests, and wind load resistance. And here also happy to share you our result, picture as below All test data is shown as above, passing the AAMA test once again proves our strong ability for quality products. If you are looking for quality windows and doors, curtain wall, glass railing, contact us or send us your requirement, we will offer you the professional advice.
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  • Hihaus Residential apartment project in China Hihaus Residential apartment project in China
    Sep 02, 2021
    There has lots of event we can celebrate in August, but the joy of getting start of the Residential apartment project, is the most worthy to share events in August. In 27th,August, 2021, this normal day on earth, our commencement ceremony made it different. By using Aluminum thermal break system sliding windows, top hung windows, and sliding door as main products, this project is located in Shenzhen, China. Here we share you some ceremony picture and joy to you. This will be the future finishing outlook without thermal break windows and railing. If you are handling a project which planing for purchasing windows doors, curtain wall and railing, contact us! We will provide you the customize one-stop solution for your project. Let cooperate and builder the bigger future.
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  • French windows design decoration for reference, pick one for your customer home! French windows design decoration for reference, pick one for your customer home!
    Aug 26, 2021
    It's popular with french windows decoration for home windows installation. Try to imagine, if your home have a very big fix glass to floor, you can get a good view in the beginning of earlier morning, having the brightness start with you at night, what a good time in life. So here, we are going to share you some design for french windows combination. Follow us to view more: --White wall with large french windows, clear and modern design -In the morning, when curtain open, let sunshine fulfill living room, what a wonderful beginning. --For Villas, it's the best choice to make all windows into french windows --With modern and lovely furniture, brimming with warm feeling --The beautiful view always match comfortable cushion --Outdoor comfortable space, enjoy the nice weather time --Let’s come and sit in the living room, let the sunshine make it bright --How about using the sliding windows to seal the balcony area, it can expand the space but also prevent wind and rain from outside. --Your neighbour is admiring your large windows --With large view in the bedroom, enjoy the view anytime --Let's back to living room to enjoy our China river side view together Do you like those design of windows? How you think by using them in your projects? For more in-formations, please leave us your contact, we will assign the professional consultant to offer you professional advice.
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  • This is how we pack the window and door products This is how we pack the window and door products
    Aug 17, 2021
    Package Put on a "suit" for every door and window According to the actual conditions of profiles, glass and accessories, use non-corrosive materials for packaging; The packing box has sufficient carrying capacity to ensure that it will not be damaged under normal transportation and storage; All kinds of parts in the packing box can avoid collision and movement with each other; The packaging storage and transportation signs and usage should comply with the standard of GB/T191. Storage Set up a place for doors and windows The product should be placed in a ventilated, cool and dry warehouse; It is strictly forbidden to touch with acids, alkalis, and salt substances and prevent from rainwater; The product should be placed flat with non-metal spacers, and it should be placed upright and the vertical angle should not be less than 70°; The ground should be flat and smooth, and profiles are placed neatly without sinking and distortion. The auxiliary profiles are stacked on a shelf with flat wooden boards . Transportation Safety shipping Do not hang or swing freely when strapping, and ropes cannot damage the surface of the profile; Make every effort to avoid collisions between packing boxes during transportation; Handle carefully during transportation, and it is strictly forbidden to drop, throw, or hit; The transportation should be protected from rain and kept clean and pollution-free. Installation Witness the doors and windows gradually entering the "home" state 01 Scribe positioningAccurate control of horizontal elevation line, vertical control line, in and out position control line02 Window frame markUse a tape measure to mark the position of window upper and lower frames,the mark shall not damage the profile surface.03 Adjust the window framePosition the airbag and adjust the horizontal, vertical and diagonal lengths of the frames in time, and temporarily fix them with wooden wedges.04 Waterproof treatmentWaterproof paint, the thickness of the paint should be even05 window frame caulkingAnti-corrosion treatment & cement mortar plugging06 Fixed window frameFixed with expansion bolts, it’s in line with quality standards07 Playing sealantBefore applying the building silicone seal, check whether the inlaid parts of the outer wall and the door and window frames are compliant08 Glass installationThe glass does not touch the profile, leaving gaps on both sides of the groove to prevent the glass from exploding09 Cleaning upThe glass is cleaned with neutral cleaning fluid, and the frame is scrubbed with quicoline cleaning fluid. Consumer experience is the quality inspection of the raw materials, production technology, packaging, storage and transportation, and installation technology of aluminum alloy doors and windows. Hihaus has always improved the high-quality application of doors and windows with a complete quality assurance system, allowing good products to enter hundreds of millions of families.
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  • Human high-quality new doors and windows outline every inch of happiness radius! Human high-quality new doors and windows outline every inch of happiness radius!
    Aug 11, 2021
    【What is your happiest life state like? 】 /// Solitude in school days The company team building party Parent-child weekend after getting married Go home to see elderly parents ...... Maybe happiness is hidden in the corner of your growth First stop for growth One's sense of security -------NO.1--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Entering the society The most important small blessing is Find a safe "shelter" Doors and Windows not only rely on excellent product force Creating a "livable living Space" More with its sense of mission of security guarding Escorting the growth of the younger generation 65 Series Aluminum System inside casement window The latest national standard profile wall thickness Tilt and turn window to save space Three seals, three glass and two cavities Wind and rain 0 penetration, sense of security MAX Community carnival Neighbor Autonomy, "Sound" Freedom ------2--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Circle of friends, social chain gradually established Fun parties are the new social tie Living field also needs bright fireworks gas System doors and Windows in the application scenario construction Strive to meet the needs of contemporary young people Create an exclusive space where you can play freely Open the new mode of Autonomous Sound Insulation and Noise Reduction! ! 112 series System double inward opening casement window A full set of imported accessories Multi-channel sealing isotherm vertical Sound insulation and noise reduction "Sound" comes from Ingenious color contrast design New era home standard Start a family Quality life should be a show -------3--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are a generation pursuing the quality of life High-pressure and fast-paced life I never stingy to give my life a holiday What a wonderful experience to be with family "There is love", it must be shown No matter how hot it is, also can't resist, love "noisy" heart Let the enthusiasm for quality life gather in one place at home 122 series Inside and outside flat frame casement window Antibacterial handle without base base Zinc alloy rounding process Adopt 24C type heat insulation strip Strengthen multi-channel sealing patent The best thermal insulation effect of the broken bridge Late years Enjoy the fun of returning to old age ------4--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Smart home Never patented by young people It's more helpful for the elderly As a child, I am usually busy at work Parents can’t take care of many things Now with smart system doors and windows Realize hand-smart integration, wind, rain and climate monitoring, etc. Never worry about the safety of your parents anymore! 95 series The home has Hihaus Is the happiest state of life Home is centered on love Happiness is a circle of radius Hihuas would like to be a part of each circle Leave us your contact, let us be part of your life
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  • Do you know the safety sizes for windows? Do you know the safety sizes for windows?
    Aug 06, 2021
    1 About window height In general residential buildings ,the window height should be under 1.5m, plus the windowsill height under 0.9m, the window top is maximum 2.4m away from the floor surface. The height of the window should wait for a requirement to decide according to image of day-lighting, ventilated, space. 2. Window width The width of the window generally starts from 0.6m. According to the provisions of the building standard hole specification, the width modulus of the general building hole is 300mm, that is, the general width is 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm and so on. It should be noted that when the window hole is too wide, should be added vertical keel or "go all out door or frame", or the stiffness of the window is easy to appear. Reflective glass interpretation The thermal reflectivity of heat reflecting glass is high, such as the total reflection heat of 6mm thick float glass is only 16%, under the same conditions, the total reflection heat of endothermic glass is 40%, while the heat reflecting glass can be as high as 61%, so it is commonly used to make insulating glass or laminated glass to increase its thermal insulation performance. The metal-coated thermal reflective glass also has the function of one-way image transfiguration, that is, the outdoor scenery can be seen indoors during the day, while the indoor scenery can not be seen outdoors. One-way perspective glass (also known as atomic mirror, single-side mirror, SLR glass, double-sided mirror, one-way glass) is a kind of glass with a very high reflection ratio to visible light. Unidirectional perspective glass is mainly used for concealed observation Windows, holes, etc. The product can be used in public security bureaus, detention centers, police stations, prisons, courts, procrastinates, karaoke, offices, kindergartens, psychiatric hospitals, schools and other special places. Need professional suggestion for your house windows doors or for your project? Leave us your requirement in below to get your own consultant !!
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  • What advantage of Low-E glass? What advantage of Low-E glass?
    Jul 30, 2021
    Today, I am here to introduce you more about low-e glass, also called as reflective glass. There are 3 features we have to know about: 1. High infrared reflectivity, can directly reflect far infrared radiation. 2. The surface emission E is low, and the ability to absorb foreign energy is small, so the heat radiated is less. 3. The shading coefficient SC has a wide range, which can control the transmission amount of solar energy according to the need to adapt to the needs of different regions. The principle of low-E glass in summer and winter: In winter, the indoor temperature is higher than the outdoor, and the far-infrared heat radiation mainly comes from the indoor. Low-E glass can reflect it back to the indoor to keep the indoor heat flowing away. Low-E glass can still allow part of the solar radiation from the outside to enter the room. This part of the energy is absorbed by indoor objects and then converted into far-infrared thermal radiation, which is retained indoors. In summer, the outdoor temperature is higher than the indoor temperature, and the far-infrared heat radiation mainly comes from the outdoor. Low-E glass can reflect it out to prevent heat from entering the room. For outdoor solar radiation, low-E glass with low shading coefficient can be restricted to enter the room, thus reducing certain cost (air conditioning cost). So when and where should we use low-e glass? For more information, please leave us the message to check the products which can install low-e glass.
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