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  • How to install a casement window How to install a casement window
    Dec 10, 2021
    1. Attached to the installation hole size,before that need to remove the dust from the wall hole, and keep the hole clean. 2. Use a new wooden wedge to fix the frame temporary. 3. By using the infrared measuring instrument , measure and adjust the perpendicularity and horizon of the frame. 4. Using a percussion drill to drill holes , and insert the expansion screw sleeve, then fix the expansion screw. 5. Make the foam, until the foam is fully formed, clear the excess foam , and ensure that the glue position is clean, make the waterproof glue inside and outside. 6. Place the gasket in a fixed position, then place the glass into right position, install the frame to fix the glass, then install tape or glue in a fixed position; 7. Install the hinge and handle of the window leaf, and pay attention to whether the leaf is firm and smooth. 8. Follow the subsequence of indoor to outdoor installation, first install the glass leaf and connect the hinge, then install the glass fan handle, install the hinge and handle of the fly screen 9. Finally,check whether the glass leaf and fly screen can be opened smoothly and firmly, and clean the installation site.
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