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  • What is title 24 guidelines for windows? What is title 24 guidelines for windows?
    Dec 27, 2021
    For the full purpose of title 24, it aims to save more energy As professional exporting to USA house project manufacturer, some customer may consider about the windows data will meet the local building code or not. And here , we like to explain one of the state's requirement, Califorlia. If you are in the Califorlia, you may hear about "title 24 guidelines". So what is it required for windows? Well, it is required that With the 2019 Title 24 energy standards update, the prescriptive maximum u-factor for all fenestration products (windows, glass doors, skylights) has been changed to 0.30 in all climate zones. The mandatory maximum u-factor for manufactured fenestration products has been maintained at 0.58. Up to 10 ft2 of fenestration or 0.5% of the conditioned floor area (whichever is greater) is exempt from the maximum u-factor requirement. Means in air-conditioning climates, choosing a window with an SHGC lower than 0.23 will reduce the cooling loads compared to the standard design. This is how it meet the energy saving . So which kind of windows can meet the requirement? Below is one our of series for example Double 5mm thicken glass with single low E and fill with argon With years experience, we are able to provide you best quality of windows to assist you save more in the future For last but not the end, If you are interesting in getting more idea for the pricing, contact us to get more idea now!!
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