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How to choose the right garage door ?

How to choose the right garage door ?

January 04, 2022

When you decide to install a new garage door, whether you will use for house or company, Hihaus has 5 important suggestions for you as follow,


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1.Installing location
If the garage door will be installed for house, you will hope it can improve your house's attraction. While the garage door will be install for business service, you will focus on the multifunction not attraction.

The costing of one set garage door maybe very cheap or very expensive. The function and quality will effect the price. If the material is different, the price will be different also. Usually the cheap cost garage door will be short operating life and you need to maintain many times.

3.Design style
Whatever design style you like , such as Chinese style, Europe style , modern style or ancient style, the style should be matching with your house is better.

Hihaus garage door has 2 options of materials, galvanized steel or aluminium . It is not easy to crack, deform, or strip-layer, and not easy to get rusted.

5.Operating life
A good quality garage door with regular maintenance will get long operating life. So please choose the qualified garage door company to do the regular maintenance.


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