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  • Why choose aluminum see through garage door? Why choose aluminum see through garage door?
    Nov 07, 2022
    Aluminum garage doors are widely used in residential, villa, industrial and commercial buildings, etc. They are made of aluminum alloy and tempered glass or organic plastic board. There are several reasons why they are so popular: 1.Light Transmission. You can enjoy natural light while working in your garage with this garage door. Different glass panels can let different light into the garage and also to protect privacy, such as tinted, frosted, LOW-E or coated glass. 2.Low maintenance cost. This garage door is a powder-coated surface which avoids rust or corrosion. 3. Improve energy efficiency. Adding insulation to your garage door has a positive impact on the energy efficiency of your home. Therefore, more and more customers will use this aluminum garage doors as an ideal choice to increase visual appeal and practicality. Whether it is a villa project or a residential house, this garage door is very suitable for all types of design styles.
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  • Hihaus innovative stone garage door Hihaus innovative stone garage door
    Aug 11, 2022
    We are pleased to introduce our new model : Stone garage door. It is not only suitable for residential communities, but also for project-type buildings. 1. Naturality. Natural marble and luxury villa and residential exterior marble perfect integration, forming a natural picture, perfect unity, natural is the best, no fading and no deformation. 2. Artistic. Embodying nature's magic work, and Hihaus' wisdom and innovation, combined with life and nature. 3. Environmental protection and energy saving, green and low-carbon. 4. Fireproof and anti-theft, solid as a rock, stable as a mountain. Diamond is eternal, a door is forever. Specification: 5MM stone thickness , 60MM door panel thickness, good quality thicken powder coating accessories, optional motor ( China brand or Germany brand). Optional stone : If you are interested in this new type, please kindly send your requests to us.
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  • Choose the right sectional garage door Choose the right sectional garage door
    Jun 08, 2022
    People are asking whether sectional garage doors are worth the investment, then it is worth noting the convenience that these doors offer. In addition to this, these doors have security features that make them an outstanding choice for the security-conscious person. They are also designed with space management in mind. Each door is made up of individual sections which are in turn connected by hinges. This clever design means that these doors can be neatly rolled up or down, folding the door up to the ceiling rather than leaving it sticking out. Thanks to the way it folds, it is a great space-saving option. Sectional garage doors are the ultimate in practicality. They can be installed in almost any shape or size of garage. Sectional doors are made up of a number of horizontal sections. In the event of damage, individual panels can be replaced quickly and easily. Sectional doors can be customized to your specifications. This includes the height/width of the panels, colors and patterns, as well as different window options. Sectional doors are an attractive addition to your residential property, enhancing the appeal of your suburban home. Compared to roller shutters, sectional doors offer greater home security. Security locks are fitted as standard and can be automated. Hihaus manufacturing process is subject to strict quality control, so you can expect the final product to exceed your expectations. Please send your requests to us to get more details.
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  • How to choose the right garage door ? How to choose the right garage door ?
    Jan 04, 2022
    When you decide to install a new garage door, whether you will use for house or company, Hihaus has 5 important suggestions for you as follow, 1.Installing locationIf the garage door will be installed for house, you will hope it can improve your house's attraction. While the garage door will be install for business service, you will focus on the multifunction not attraction.2.PriceThe costing of one set garage door maybe very cheap or very expensive. The function and quality will effect the price. If the material is different, the price will be different also. Usually the cheap cost garage door will be short operating life and you need to maintain many times.3.Design styleWhatever design style you like , such as Chinese style, Europe style , modern style or ancient style, the style should be matching with your house is better.4.MaterialHihaus garage door has 2 options of materials, galvanized steel or aluminium . It is not easy to crack, deform, or strip-layer, and not easy to get rusted.5.Operating lifeA good quality garage door with regular maintenance will get long operating life. So please choose the qualified garage door company to do the regular maintenance.
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