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Hihaus innovative stone garage door

Hihaus innovative stone garage door

August 11, 2022

We are pleased to introduce our new model : Stone garage door. It is not only suitable for residential communities, but also for project-type buildings.


stone garage door


1. Naturality. Natural marble and luxury villa and residential exterior marble perfect integration, forming a natural picture, perfect unity, natural is the best, no fading and no deformation.

2. Artistic. Embodying nature's magic work, and Hihaus' wisdom and innovation, combined with life and nature.

3. Environmental protection and energy saving, green and low-carbon.

4. Fireproof and anti-theft, solid as a rock, stable as a mountain. Diamond is eternal, a door is forever.


5MM stone thickness , 60MM door panel thickness, good quality thicken powder coating accessories, optional motor ( China brand or Germany brand).


Optional stone :


stone garage door


If you are interested in this new type, please kindly send your requests to us.

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