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Benefits of Insulated Garage Doors

Benefits of Insulated Garage Doors

August 26, 2022

Insulated garage doors can provide benefits to your home that go far beyond a profitable return on investment. One of the most attractive benefits of an insulated garage door is the energy savings your new insulated garage door will provide.


Improved Energy Efficiency


As usual, your home's garage is one of the most common areas of your home with the lowest energy efficiency. This is due in part to the different building standards between homes and garages, leaving the garage with more gaps and other areas that allow for significant air leakage.


insulated garage doors


Advantage of insulated garage doors


Insulated garage doors can help you better regulate the temperature inside your garage. This means you're less likely to lose heat from the rest of your home because your garage acts as a buffer between the heated interior and the harsh temperatures outside. It also helps your HVAC system work smarter, instead of working harder, to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home, helping you save on immediate energy costs, as well as long-term preventive maintenance and repair costs for your HVAC system.


Increased Durability


Non-insulated garage doors are built much differently than the new ones. Most remarkably, older and non-insulated doors are typically made of sheet steel wrapped in a panel frame - which makes them very easy to dent.


Insulated garage doors contain multiple layers of insulation, aluminum and steel - which means they are designed and built to be less susceptible to dents and other potential damage from cars, children, bad weather, etc.


Improved Noise Suppression


Another major benefit of insulated garage doors is improved sound suppression. In some cases, garage door noise is caused by the vibration of the door panels as they open and close. This can be a particular problem for rooms located directly above or adjacent to the garage.


Insulated garage doors are typically much quieter than other conventionally constructed garage doors because the insulation suppresses excessive motion and vibration. In addition, noise from outside the door can be greatly reduced.


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