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Floor Hinge Installation Procedure

Floor Hinge Installation Procedure

December 20, 2021

How to install the floor hinge for pivot door? Here is our professional direction as follow


install floor hinge


A. Draw a line to make the center of the floor hinge shaft coincide with the door clip shaft;


B. Open a hole on the ground according to the instruction and the real object, and the size of the hole should be tightly matched with the shell of the ground Spring, and should not be loose;


C. Put the ground spring into the opened hole and straighten it;


D. Lift up the door with the door clip to make the shaft of the ground Spring insert into the shaft hole of the door leaf;


E. Adjust the screws in the three directions of the ground Spring, keep the door leaf vertical, and rotate the axis up and down to coincide;


F. Adjust the closing speed;


G. Cover the decorative cover of the ground Spring. The installation precision of the ground Spring has a great influence on its service life.

Finished floor hinge with pivot door reference picture


wood front pivot door


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