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  • How to choose door and window installation screw products? How to choose door and window installation screw products?
    Dec 05, 2022
    1. What screws are generally used for door and window installation? There are 3 commonly types of screws for installation of doors and windows, expansion screws, self-tapping screws, self-drilling (drilling tail) screws. 1. The expansion screw is covered with an expansion pipe fitting. It uses the movement of the thread to make the expansion piece "open and expend", so that the formed extrusion force achieves a fixed effect. 2. Self-tapping screws, which have a sharp head, can "drill, squeeze, press, and tap" the fixed body through their own screws to make corresponding threads, so that they are tightly connected to each other. 3. Self-drilling screws, also known as self-tapping self-drilling/drilling tail/dovetail screws, compared with self-tapping screws, has a blade like tail on its head, so it can be directly driven into the fixed body without pre-drilled hole. 2. How to choose the type of door and window screws Although doors and windows may use a lot of different type of screws, but if the focus is on the installation, then mainly in the door and window frame fixing, as well as hardware installation (slide brace) will use screws, When the door and window frame is fixed, expansion screws or self-tapping screws with larger size (longer length and larger diameter) are usually used. In terms of safety, as long as the product and construction are reliable, both types of products can be selected. Of course, There are also some special cases when the door and window frame is fixed, mainly when the wall is red brick, porous brick, aerated brick, it is not recommended to choose expansion screws. During hardware installation (sliding support), self-tapping screws or self-drilling screws with the size of the slotted hole are usually used. Both types of products can be selected, but self-drilling screws are more convenient to use. 3.How to choose screw products ? From the material, specification (dimension) of screws, to the shape and thread of screws, the selection is also exquisite: The screw material should be made of stainless steel as much as possible. In most cases, 304 stainless steel is preferred, 316 stainless steel is used in coastal cities, and 410 stainless steel is selected for the connection parts of doors and windows with thick walls or high-strength scenarios. Regarding whether the expansion screw is made of nylon casing or the kind of stainless steel blasting screw, my personal suggestion is that as long as the main body of the screw is not carbon steel but stainless steel, it can be used. Of course, if you have a budget, you can choose a larger stainless steel blasting screw. Its security is relatively more guaranteed. In addition to the material, the second most important aspect of the screw is the specification (size). The larger the specification, the greater the "fixing force" that the screw can provide for the fixed body. Taking nylon expansion sleeve screws as an example, the common sizes are 6 / 8 * 60 / 80 / 100 (unit mm), 10 * 80 / 100 / 120, etc., and the common sizes of stainless steel expansion screws are 10 * 70 / 90 / 110 etc. In the selection of hardware (sliding support) mounting screws, in addition to the material, the specification should also be considered. Generally, the size of the sliding support screw hole is about 5 mm, so the diameter of the screw should be about 4.8 mm, and the diameter of the screw of about 3 or 4 mm is easy to leave safety. hidden danger. In addition, the sliding support also needs to consider the problem of screw loosening (the thickness of the hardware wall is so small, and the screw thread is easy to tighten if it is not tightened), so it is recommended to choose a fine thread (the screw thread is more "tight") self-tapping or self-drilling screws.
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  • The Calculation Method For The Cost Of Thermal Break Windows & Doors The Calculation Method For The Cost Of Thermal Break Windows & Doors
    Nov 28, 2022
    General speaking, the factors affecting the price of aluminum windows can be classified into material cost and design cost. Let’s analysis the price of aluminum windows from these tow factors as follow, Firstly, its the material cost : According to the cost element method, the main factors affecting the price of aluminum doors and windows are: profiles, glass, hardware. The corresponding cost proportion is generally profiles (about 30% to 40%), glass (about 15% to -20%), hardware (about 8% to 10%). 1.The cost of profile Aluminum profile price = Aluminum Ingot price + Aluminum profile processing fee + transportation fee Aluminum Ingot price Based on the ingot quotation and A00 aluminum ingot spot price (the average of the highest and lowest price) in the region on a reference date (the date of issuance of the bid, the date of return of the bid or the date of placing the order). Ingot prices are mainly affected by market conditions and changes, generally agreed within ± 10% without adjustment (calculated with an aluminum content of 10kg/㎡, the price risk is about 13 RMB / flat, accounting for about 2% of the integrated unit price of broken bridge doors and windows 600 RMB / square meter). Aluminum profile processing fee It refers to the delivery price within the province (the province location of processing ), including all costs such as labors and machine costs, losses, package, film, intra-provincial transportation, risks, management fees, profits, taxes (17% VAT), etc. for processing aluminum ingots into aluminum profiles, generally excluding the unloading fee at the delivery place of aluminum profiles. There is a refund when the annual purchase volume reaches the agreed tons (generally 2000 or 3000 tons), and the approximate market price is 200RMB per ton. a.The difference of brand The second-line brand is about 8% lower than the first-line brand, measured by the profile processing cost of 12% of the overall unit price of doors and windows, the impact of 0.96%. b. The surface treatment: Anodizing, powder coating, electrophoretic coating, fluorocarbon coating and other prices in increasing. c. Thermal break or non-thermal break Thermal break system is 2500RMB/ton expensiver than non-thermal break, mainly to increase the cost of insulation strips (domestic type), if its the imported strips, plus 2000RMB/ ton. The types of heat insulation strips, including glue-injection type and strip-through type, generally use strip-through type. The element of cost Different from vinyl profiles, the main aluminum profiles in the market are all domestic brands, and the price difference between them is quite small. The imported thermal insulation strips are better than the domestic ones, but is the cost difference of about 2000 RMB/ton worth it? For 1500*1500 window for example, the difference of 2000 RMB/ton is about 18 RMB/sqm, if the ratio of window to ground is 0.2, the difference is 3.6 RMB/sqm. a.Packing method: The packing cost accounts for 3%~5% of the total aluminum unit price, there are two ways of paper packing and plastic film packing.In General is paper packaging, when using paper packaging , it should be agreed that the weight of paper in each ton, which is generally ≤ 60Kg. such as using film packaging plus 1000 RMB/ton. b.The thickness of oxidized film: it is generally designed according to the minimum thickness required by the specification. For every 1um increase, the profile processing cost increases by 100 RMB/ton. c.Pound difference: 3‰ allowed by general agreement. Transportation fee It refers to the transportation cost from the aluminum profile processor to the aluminum door and window manufacturer, generally 500~800 RMB/ton, adjusted according to the fact according to the transportation distance and different ways. 2.Glass supply price Formula: Glass supply price = raw sheet price + further processing fee + long-distance transportation fee A.Raw sheet price First-line brands are 10% more expensive than second-line, according to the glass in the unit price of windows and doors accounted for 20% of the calculation, the impact of 2%. B.Advanced processing fee Glass advanced processing is divided into original processing and off-site processing according to different processors, and the price difference depends on other factors. According to the market reputation of the processors, they are divided into first-line brands and second-line brands, and the first-line brands are more expensive than the second-line ones. C.Transportation fee It is necessary to pay attention to the production sites of advanced processing manufacturers in the country, and choose the manufacturer with the shortest possible distance after considering the project location. If the project has a local factory, the transportation cost is 0. In other cases, according to the distance, the transportation cost of 5mm glass in the country is about 1~10 RMB/㎡, and other thicknesses are increasing proportionally according to the thickness difference. The element of cost For the choice of glass, it is enough to meet the relevant strong article and local energy-saving acceptance standards. In general, double white hollow can meet the requirements. 60 RMB unit price difference between LOW-E and ordinary glass, equivalent to about 10 RMB/m2 per square of the building, if Low-E glass can be used as a selling point, the cost investment of 10 RMB/m2 can bring 50 RMB/m2 or even 100 RMB/m2 increase in selling price, you can choose Low-E glass. 3.Hardware According to the weight of the door and window sash, the design of optional hardware (nominal load-bearing capacity should be more than 1.5 times the actual load), the movable hardware should be able to meet the use of more than 100,000 times as the A-class products. The main hardware includes 4 types: handles, actuators, locking seats, friction hinges. Main materials and price difference: Stainless steel > zinc alloy > aluminum alloy. Brand differences: the price of each brand grade of hardware is very big differences. Imports are more expensive than domestic; the first line of domestic brands are 15% more expensive than the second line, hardware accounts for 10% of the entire unit cost of doors and windows, which means that the impact on the cost of 1.5%. The element of cost Consumers are less sensitive to hardware than glass, domestic hardware brands can be satisfied. Such as KIN LONG. 4.Auxiliary materials In a comprehensive view, the cost of auxiliary materials used in aluminum doors and windows is about 40 to 100 RMB/set. 5.Labor cost Factory processing, testing and packaging are included in the aluminum doors and windows project. Secondly, the analysis of design series affecting the price of aluminum doors and windows. 1.The sizes of the windows and doors and the opening ways A.The area of each sash: By the basic area of each increase or decrease of 0.5 square corresponds to a corresponding reduction in the unit price, an increase of about 5%. When the single area is greater than 1.5 square meters, the glass must be tempered glass, single glass cost increased by more than 20%. The doors and windows also need to pay attention to the bright sub, bright sub height below 400 when very uneconomical, it should be considered to cancel. By making appropriate adjustments to the window and door opening sizes and compartment sizes, a better economical window and door division size will be obtained, and a more reasonable single-party cost will be obtained. B.The opening ways : The more sash are opened, the more hardware is required and the higher the cost. In the same single unit, adopt thermal break and non-thermal break and use non-thermal break as much as possible; in the opening way, try to open less, less swing, that is, "big fixed small open, more fixed less open, more sliding less swing". For example, some projects use "main room casement windows, secondary room sliding windows". 6. With U-value with requirements. Some customers located in cold or hot areas have certain requirements for the performance of windows and doors. Especially in North America, the country requires energy saving, because the doors and windows on the building, customers have energy saving requirements at the same time, and in this regard, it is best to measure by U-value. The lower the U-value factor, the better the thermal insulation performance of the doors and windows, but the higher the relative requirements and the more costly materials used. Therefore, this becomes a factor affecting the U-value.
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  • Why choose aluminum see through garage door? Why choose aluminum see through garage door?
    Nov 07, 2022
    Aluminum garage doors are widely used in residential, villa, industrial and commercial buildings, etc. They are made of aluminum alloy and tempered glass or organic plastic board. There are several reasons why they are so popular: 1.Light Transmission. You can enjoy natural light while working in your garage with this garage door. Different glass panels can let different light into the garage and also to protect privacy, such as tinted, frosted, LOW-E or coated glass. 2.Low maintenance cost. This garage door is a powder-coated surface which avoids rust or corrosion. 3. Improve energy efficiency. Adding insulation to your garage door has a positive impact on the energy efficiency of your home. Therefore, more and more customers will use this aluminum garage doors as an ideal choice to increase visual appeal and practicality. Whether it is a villa project or a residential house, this garage door is very suitable for all types of design styles.
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  • How to choose windows and doors for warehoue in Ghana? How to choose windows and doors for warehoue in Ghana?
    Oct 31, 2022
    Loading day for Ghana warehouse project We are here like to share you what can be choose for warehouse windows doors, case by one of our Ghana customer’s warehouses For the side of warehouse, will recommend by using double glazed sliding windows, if you want brighter in the warehouse, white color will be your best choice. **Bulk of windows were waiting for package White color it match all design, with quality surface color coated, durable and easy to clean. For glass part, we are using single 6mm thicken tempered glass, light will be easily to bring in and glass will be easy to clean up. Our workshop had installed white sliding windows as well for brighter and simple function. Beside, there have garage door for the main gate of closing the warehouse. For this Ghana warehouse, our customer chooses Europe design in white color, here is the warehouse garage door design he had pick Base on the hole size of garage door customer provided, we offer match door hole and accessories location drawing, below also share for reference: We pointed out all details, so our customer can check for distance correction, and his architect can check on-site space is it enough for the roll in. And here, is the finished panel actual picture, super nice work!! If you are also looking for your warehouse or workshop windows and doors, please do contact us right now to get your own plan
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  • Which material is the best for wooden door? Which material is the best for wooden door?
    Oct 24, 2022
    Generally speaking, there are three kinds of materials for wooden doors: solid wood doors, composite solid wood doors, and melamine doors. Which material is the best to choose? Based on our rich experience in exporting for many years and feedback from customers. Here are our suggestions: 1.Solid wood door: Its price is usually relatively high, and it is made of natural wood, which is more environmentally friendly, has good corrosion resistance and sound insulation. 2. Composite solid wood door: It is the most popular door at present. The texture is like the solid wood door, but the price is cheaper than the solid wood door, the stability is stronger, and it is not easy to crack and deform. Because it contains colloid, so its environmental protection is not as good as the wooden door. 3. Melamine doors: It is a one-time molding and the price is relatively economical, but it is easy to crack and get wet. Therefore, the choice of wooden doors is still varied, and there are various types of wooden doors, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. What kind of wooden door is the best, not only depends on your actual situation to decide, but you can also contact us, our engineers will give you professional advice!
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  • How to clear and maintain wood door? | 5 Things you need to know about wooden door maintenance. How to clear and maintain wood door? | 5 Things you need to know about wooden door maintenance.
    Oct 09, 2022
    Lots of people don't know how to clean the wooden during daily usage, or even don't realize the wood door should be maintain in this way. However, with good maintain of wooden door, not only can keep it as shinning and new as the time we purchase, but also can extend the usage lifetime. Here are 5 things we need to know about maintain wooden door. 1. Do not be overexertion The meaning of overexertion in here is for when you open or close the door. During your daily usage, pushing or pulling too hard with big opening angle, wood door will get harm. What's more, do not hang heavy objects on the door leaf and must avoid collision and scratch of sharp objects. 2.Do not open the door when your hand with water. Door lock is one of important part of wood door. And below tips we should be aware of that. Don't open the door with wet hand, lock color will be fade out after some time of water ruin. Besides, when you use keys or spinning the button of door lock, please be more carefully, don't be so hard on it, otherwise will reduce the service life of door lock. If hinges, lock position become lose, please tight them up immediately. When the door lock does not open flexibly, add some pencil lead foam into the keyhole, will be helpful. 3.Do not let detergent get into the line which pressing glass . Some wooden door design with glass, to clean them up, you should be aware these points: 1)When wiping the glass, do not let the detergent or water penetrate the gap of the wooden door glass bead to avoid deformation. 2)Do not use too much force to wipe the glass to avoid damage to the glass and ourselves 3)If the glass gets broken, there may be a big damage. It's wise to ask professional maintenance personnel to repair it. 4.Use soft cloths to wipe out the dirt To clean up the dirt of wooden door surface (For example: fingerprint), can try breathing out to make it wet, wiping with soft clothes (rough clothes will easily make scratch). Also, can use the vacuum cleaner dedusted regularly. If the stain is hard to remove, you can try with neutral detergent, toothpaste, or special detergent for furniture. After decontamination, do remember clean it immediately. 5.Keep well ventilated The wooden door should be kept in a well ventilated, normal temperature and humidity. To prevent the wooden from deforming due to excessive humidity and temperature difference, and the metal accessories from rusting, edge sealing, and decorative materials falling off. When using electric heaters or other heating equipment in cold weather, keep away from wooden door to avoid heating deformation. With above explanation and maintenance, hopefully you will find them useful. If you meet any other similar problems.
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  • Benefits of Insulated Garage Doors Benefits of Insulated Garage Doors
    Aug 26, 2022
    Insulated garage doors can provide benefits to your home that go far beyond a profitable return on investment. One of the most attractive benefits of an insulated garage door is the energy savings your new insulated garage door will provide. Improved Energy Efficiency As usual, your home's garage is one of the most common areas of your home with the lowest energy efficiency. This is due in part to the different building standards between homes and garages, leaving the garage with more gaps and other areas that allow for significant air leakage. Advantage of insulated garage doors Insulated garage doors can help you better regulate the temperature inside your garage. This means you're less likely to lose heat from the rest of your home because your garage acts as a buffer between the heated interior and the harsh temperatures outside. It also helps your HVAC system work smarter, instead of working harder, to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home, helping you save on immediate energy costs, as well as long-term preventive maintenance and repair costs for your HVAC system. Increased Durability Non-insulated garage doors are built much differently than the new ones. Most remarkably, older and non-insulated doors are typically made of sheet steel wrapped in a panel frame - which makes them very easy to dent. Insulated garage doors contain multiple layers of insulation, aluminum and steel - which means they are designed and built to be less susceptible to dents and other potential damage from cars, children, bad weather, etc. Improved Noise Suppression Another major benefit of insulated garage doors is improved sound suppression. In some cases, garage door noise is caused by the vibration of the door panels as they open and close. This can be a particular problem for rooms located directly above or adjacent to the garage. Insulated garage doors are typically much quieter than other conventionally constructed garage doors because the insulation suppresses excessive motion and vibration. In addition, noise from outside the door can be greatly reduced. If you have more questions , welcome to contact us .
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  • Hihaus innovative stone garage door Hihaus innovative stone garage door
    Aug 11, 2022
    We are pleased to introduce our new model : Stone garage door. It is not only suitable for residential communities, but also for project-type buildings. 1. Naturality. Natural marble and luxury villa and residential exterior marble perfect integration, forming a natural picture, perfect unity, natural is the best, no fading and no deformation. 2. Artistic. Embodying nature's magic work, and Hihaus' wisdom and innovation, combined with life and nature. 3. Environmental protection and energy saving, green and low-carbon. 4. Fireproof and anti-theft, solid as a rock, stable as a mountain. Diamond is eternal, a door is forever. Specification: 5MM stone thickness , 60MM door panel thickness, good quality thicken powder coating accessories, optional motor ( China brand or Germany brand). Optional stone : If you are interested in this new type, please kindly send your requests to us.
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  • How much a new front wooden door cost ? How much a new front wooden door cost ?
    Aug 03, 2022
    The front door plays an important role when it comes to the attraction of your home from the street, many people prefer the wooden door. but how much does it cost? It is important to know this when you are planning to make some changes for your house. The cost will be influenced by your own front door ideas, as different materials and door styles will have very different price tags. The way the door is built is also important. What material of the frame you like? What sizes of your wall thickness? What kinds of hardware you like? To allow you to budget, we will give some suggestion and what you might expect to pay. So, how much does a new front wooden door cost? The average cost of a new front wooden door is among $300 to $5000 , depending on the size ,quantities, material and style of the door. The material the door is made of is important, as is the way it is constructed. The material of the door will have a significant impact on the cost. However, you should also consider whether the door will have a solid , half hollow or hollow core, whether it will be a flush style or custom model. Other costs will include labor, hardware, shipping. If you have requests for front wooden door , we are willing to give your more information and kinds of options for you to choose.
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  • New Modern Aluminum Glass Garage Door New Modern Aluminum Glass Garage Door
    Jul 22, 2022
    Hihaus aluminium glass garage doors are becoming a popular choice for homeowners looking to modernize or enhance their homes .This garage door is an impressive architectural focal point that changes the look throughout the day. Contemporary aluminium and glass garage doors let in natural light during the day and have a warm, welcoming glow at night. A variety of glass options are available, from clear glass to modern frosted glass. Aluminium panels are also available. Hihaus garage door is made from commercial grade aluminum, its durable ,long service life and low maintenance. 1. Durable, low-maintenance ,commercial grade aluminium frame with a variety of glazing options. 2. Frames and solid aluminium panels are available in anodized and powder coated finishes . 3. Available with tempered glass, acrylic or solid aluminium panels. Optional insulated glass available. 4. Insulated glass available for energy efficiency. 5. Can be customized with glass and colour. Your choice of glazing controls light and privacy, so the garage can be used as a functional living space. Please send us your requests and let our garage doors work for you.
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  • Checking for aluminum entry door Checking for aluminum entry door
    Jul 13, 2022
    Project : New Zealand House Type : Residential Required type : Aluminum entry door Aluminum profile: Double side 4mm casting aluminum panel in design Lock system: Samsung brand lock Opening: With pivot system Package: Standard strong export wooden package Let’s follow the checking details, Door with frame size 1560X2700mm Here has another popular aluminum casing door finished, If you have interested models , you can send to us, we do customization for you. Also we have a popular entry door catalog , we can send you to choose designs. Do not hesitate , welcome to contact us.
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  • What is the price range for Front Doors? What is the price range for Front Doors?
    Jul 07, 2022
    The average price for Front Doors ranges from $300 to over $5,000. Generally speaking, front doors are more expensive than other doors in the home. They are external doors and are designed to be more durable as they need to withstand the elements, extreme temperature changes and act as a security barrier. The cost will depend on the material of the door, its size, construction and quality. As well as the practical aspects of security and insulation, front doors are an important element of the curb. They are the first feature that people notice about your house and there are many design options to choose from. If you want to know more details about the front doors, Hihaus is the right choice for your to get answer. However, you can send your interested design to us , we can do as customization.
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