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Hihaus Exterior aluminum front door with side panel

Hihaus Exterior aluminum front door with side panel

June 16, 2023

An aluminum exterior front door with side panel is a very popular and modern choice for a front entryway. Aluminum is a highly durable, strong, and low-maintenance material that provides excellent protection and lasting performance. In addition to the practical benefits, aluminum front doors with side panels offer a sleek and contemporary aesthetic that can complement a variety of home styles.


front door with a side panel


When choosing an exterior aluminum front door with a side panel, consider the thickness of the door, the insulation properties, and the type of glazing used in the side panel. The insulation properties will help to keep the house warm in cold weather and cool during hot weather. The thickness of the door will further help in soundproofing and increasing security. You may also want to consider the security features of the door such as multipoint locking systems for added protection.


Overall, exterior aluminum front doors with side panels offer a stylish and functional option for those seeking a modern and minimalist look and increased natural light in their entryway.


aluminum front door


Hihaus aluminum front doors can be customized with pure high quality aluminum material for whole set , also can accept mixed stainless steel frame with aluminum panel door leaf . If you want to get more details ,welcome to contact us.

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