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  • Hihaus carbon-crystal wood door - Quality and value dual upgrade! Hihaus carbon-crystal wood door - Quality and value dual upgrade!
    May 05, 2023
    As a good interior wood doors, it is not only about beauty and visual enjoyment, but also about practicality. Hihaus carbon-crystal wood door interprets the new definition of home products, restores the natural texture, and embeds nature into each wooden door, moving poetry into life, interpreting the ultimate aesthetics, and unlocking the new texture space. Hihaus carbon-crystal wooden flush doors uphold the "people-oriented" concept, to ensure the practical experience of wooden doors on the basis of multiple excellent performance, such as anti-wear resistance, moisture control, moisture resistance, resistance to high and low temperatures, all-round care for the health and safety of you and your family, and really do a good job in the room security defense. Hihaus carbon-crystal internal wooden doors will be "quiet" concept into the development of wooden doors. Hihaus carbon wood doors incorporate the concept of "quiet" into the development of wooden doors. The technology of automatic noise reduction 45 ° slanting mouth + door bottom sealer, to minimize the decibels in the living room environment, between opening and closing to bring a more quiet living space. Hihaus carbon-crystal wood door is made of formaldehyde-free environmental protection technology board as raw material to ensure that the wood door is net aldehyde-free and tasteless, and the material is firm and wear-resistant, which effectively protects the green environment and natural health of the living room and brings more trustworthy protection for the good. Hihaus carbon-crystal wood doors have always kept a high sense of social responsibility, and actively respond to the relevant national policy requirements, from purchasing, design, production, sales and other parts of strictly control the environmental protection standards. Hihaus carbon-crystal wood door is committed to let more families enjoy a quiet and comfortable high quality of life. The natural and comfortable modern minimalist style, the calm and atmospheric color scheme, the quiet temperament of understatement and elegance.
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