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  • New ! Checking for Frameless Aluminum Glass Garage Door New ! Checking for Frameless Aluminum Glass Garage Door
    Mar 28, 2022
    Project A Base : Botswana Usage: Residential Required : 5MM Black tempered glass + Frameless aluminum with motor It is generally made of aluminum frame with tempered glass but its full view and widely used in our life for its excellent performances. The aluminum profile thickness is up to 3mm for strong practicability. Optional accessories : Galvanized / white coating / black coating ( This project is chosen to be black coating accessories ) Optional motor: China high quality model / imported model . For the plug, we can do customized as customer's country standard. For voltage , we can make 110V or 220V. Please send us your sizes , Let our garage door work for you.
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  • Talk about impact resistant glass Talk about impact resistant glass
    Mar 25, 2022
    Impact resistant glass consists of two or several layers of glass which are combined with a protective laminate such as PVB to keep them intact even when broken and as a type of safety glass. The lamination between the two pieces of glass is a very strong polymer layer to provide reinforcement and hold the glass pieces together even in the event of breakage and is the most basic and widely used type of lamination in the impact resistant glass industry. The construction and infrastructure sector holds the largest share of the impact resistant glass market at 44% by 2021. Impact resistant glass is mainly used in major infrastructure to maximize human safety and asset security. Impact resistant glass is used in homes and corridors, detached houses, apartments, hospitals, office buildings and high security premises. The focus on the construction and infrastructure industry is expected to drive the growth of the global impact resistant glass market over the forecast period. Hihaus is a manufacturer with more than 16 years experience in the industry. Our team is made up of trained professionals who fit a variety of aluminium window and door styles, garage door styles , wood door styles and rails styles to the highest standards. We accept customization , surely support our products going with impact resistant glass ,please get in touch to find out more.
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  • Demand for smart glass will increase Demand for smart glass will increase
    Mar 21, 2022
    The different technologies used in smart glass include phototropic, liquid crystal, suspended particle displays, electrochromic, thermochromic and others. The demand for electrochromic glass is expected to increase during the forecast period. Electrochromic products are used in skylights, windows and facades to provide colour and privacy. The use of smart glass in buildings offers several benefits such as enhanced comfort, energy savings, reduced maintenance costs and daylight maximization. Increasing adoption of smart buildings to reduce energy consumption and rising environmental awareness complement the growth of this market segment. End-users of smart glass are automotive and transport, construction, aerospace, solar and others. 2020 has the highest share in the building and construction sector. Applications in commercial buildings and the increase in energy-efficient buildings are increasing the demand for this product. As a comprehensive professional company , Hihaus follows the inspiration of the modern age. We can customized the products as your request.
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  • The advantage of aluminium folding door The advantage of aluminium folding door
    Feb 28, 2022
    Hihaus is a comprehensive professional company that develops, produces and sells high-end aluminium folding doors. The advantage of aluminium folding door as follow, **Thermal insulation **Noise reduction **Strong sealing **Effective door space saving **Simple and easy to use **Free separation of space to play a special decorative effect Welcome to send your requests to get the best prices!
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  • Our advantage of Garage doors Our advantage of Garage doors
    Feb 21, 2022
    Quality products. We offer a wide variety of residential and commercial garage doors that can be customized to satisfy the exact requests of our customers. And also we offer doors in a variety of colors, styles, insulation and window options, each of our products has one constant: reliability. Our robust and reliable doors are built to stand the test of time, so our customers and their clients can rest assured that their products will work perfectly. Excellent value. We offer excellent quality doors at competitive prices. Thanks to our flexibility in the choice of materials and doors, we can satisfy every budget without cutting down the product quality. By providing long-lasting and reliable products, we minimize the need for replacement, thus maximizing longevity. Perfect service. Hihaus created a service culture that enables each employee to provide outstanding service to our customers. We truly care about our customers as if they were part of our family, which is why we go to great lengths to ensure our customers are satisfied. Hihaus offer a wide variety of residential and commercial garage doors that can be customized to satisfy the exact requests of our customers. As you like ,as your choice, welcome to contact us to do your customization models.
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  • How to maintain the aluminum doors and windows? How to maintain the aluminum doors and windows?
    Feb 18, 2022
    Aluminum alloy doors and windows are profiles that will undergo surface treatment. The door and window frame material components made by cutting, drilling, milling, tapping, window making, etc., are then assembled together with connectors, seals, and opening and closing hardware. Aluminum alloy doors and windows can be divided into sliding doors and windows, casement doors and windows, revolving doors and windows, screen doors and windows, shutters, fixed windows, hanging windows, etc. according to their structure and opening and closing methods. According to the different appearance and color, aluminum alloy doors and windows can be divided into silver white, golden yellow, bronze, bronze, black and yellow. According to the different production series (accustomed according to the width of the door and window profiles), aluminum alloy doors and windows can be divided into 38 series, 42 series, 50 series, 55 series, 60 series, 65 series, 78 series, 80 series, 110 series, 120 series, 188 series, etc. (1) The performance of aluminum alloy doors and windows Aluminum alloy doors and windows must undergo strict performance tests before leaving the factory, and can only be installed and used after reaching the specified performance indicators. Aluminum alloy doors and windows usually evaluate the following main properties: 1. strengthThe strength of aluminum alloy doors and windows is expressed by the level of air pressure applied during the compressed air pressurization test in the pressure box, and the unit is N/m2. The strength of aluminum alloy doors and windows with general performance can reach 1961-2353N/m2, and the high-performance aluminum alloy windows can reach 2353-2764N/m2. Under the above pressure, the maximum displacement of the center of the casement should be less than 1/70 of the height of the inner edge of the window frame.2. water tightnessThe aluminum alloy window is placed in the pressure test chamber, and a sine wave pulse pressure with a period of 2s is added to the outside of the window. At the same time, artificial rainfall of 4L per m2 per minute was injected into the window, and a continuous 10min 'wind and rain' test was carried out. There should be no visible water leakage on the indoor side. The water tightness is expressed by the average pressure of the pulsed wind pressure applied during the test. The general performance aluminum alloy window is 343N/m2, and the high-performance window for typhoon resistance can reach 490N/m2.3. Opening and closing forceWhen the glass is installed, the external force required to open or close the casement should be below 49N.4. sound insulationThe acoustic transmission loss of aluminum alloy windows is tested in the acoustic laboratory. It can be found that when the sound frequency reaches a certain value, the sound transmission loss of the aluminum alloy window tends to be constant. Using this method to measure the grade curve of sound insulation performance, the sound transmission loss of aluminum alloy windows with sound insulation requirements can reach 25dB, that is, the sound level can be reduced by 25dB after the sound passes through the aluminum alloy window. Aluminum alloy windows with high sound insulation performance, the sound transmission loss grade curve is 30 ~ 45dB.5. Nylon Guide Wheel DurabilityThe electric motor for sliding windows and movable casements is tested for continuous reciprocation through the eccentric linkage mechanism. The nylon wheel with a diameter of 12-16mm is tested 10,000 times; the nylon wheel with a diameter of 20-24mm is tested for 50,000 times; the nylon wheel with a diameter of 30-60mm is tested for 100,000 times. And the guide wheel and other accessories are not abnormally damaged.6. Opening and closing durability The opening and closing lock is driven by a motor on the test bench, and the continuous opening and closing test is carried out at a speed of 10 to 30 times per minute. When it reaches 30,000 times, there should be no abnormal damage. The use and maintenance of aluminum alloy doors and windows (1) During the use of aluminum alloy doors and windows, open and close gently, do not use too much force, and do not pull hard, so as not to damage the glass or door and window frame fan and bring unnecessary trouble to the use. (2) During the use of aluminum alloy doors and windows, soft gauze or cotton silk should be used to clean them frequently to keep the surface of aluminum alloy doors and windows clean and free from pollution. (3) During the use of sliding doors and windows, you should always check whether the spare parts are damaged. If there is damage, you should repair or replace them in time to avoid affecting the performance of the doors and windows. (4) It is strictly forbidden for acidic and alkaline chemicals to contact the surface of aluminum alloy doors and windows to avoid corrosion. (5) The rubber molding of aluminum alloy doors and windows to fix the glass is easy to shorten and become loose due to aging and shrinkage. It should be inlaid or replaced in time, otherwise the glass will be easy to loosen, resulting in gaps and easy leakage of wind and rain. (6) Aluminum alloy door and window glass can choose blue glass, because blue is most suitable for human eyes in terms of wavelength, so it is good for human vision. Brown glass is more suitable for bedrooms, and the brown color is softer, giving people a warm feeling. (7) When repainting the room, wrap the aluminum alloy doors and windows with cloth. When cleaning the glass (for sliding windows), it is best to remove the window sash and wipe it, which is easy to wipe clean and safer.
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  • The advantage of glass railing The advantage of glass railing
    Feb 16, 2022
    1: ProtectiveGlass balcony guardrail has good flexibility, not easy to be affected by external forces and broken, strong and durable, strong impact resistance, to ensure maximum personal and property security, so that you live at ease, with a comfortable. In particular, it can protect the personal safety of children. 2: DecorativeInterior decoration of frameless floor-to-ceiling glass guardrails, simple and stylish, with a strong permeability, loved by modern young people, the home decoration style to show people the place, the degree of beauty of home decoration balcony guardrails to highlight, so the choice of what kind of guardrail decoration balcony is very critical. Glass balcony guardrail and traditional materials compared to the guardrail, with a rich colour, can meet the different personalized needs of the decoration users, but also let people bright, stop and look, to attract the eyes of many decoration enthusiasts, for the family decoration to add color, to play the perfect decoration effect.3: PracticalityUsers who live in high-rise buildings are usually more bothered by the fact that the higher the floor, the greater the wind and the louder the noise. If the wind is too big, not to mention the balcony on the decorative items or drying clothes, it is difficult to rest in the room at ease. The glass balcony fence is a fully enclosed structure with a good sealing effect. If you close the fence all the way, it is like a glass wall, which can play an excellent wind and sound insulation effect, no matter how high you live, you can be protected from the wind and sleep peacefully.
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  • Aluminum alloy doors and windows history and culture Aluminum alloy doors and windows history and culture
    Feb 14, 2022
    The aluminum alloy door occupies a small space, the use span is large, the sliding is flexible, the separation changes are various, and the flexible use function is very popular with the convenient and comfortable opening method. The mature and optimized structural design and perfect product matching ensure excellent performance. It is also economical, inexpensive, economical and durable. The good performance of the aluminum profile determines that it is welcomed by architects and users once it is put on the market. As early as before World War II, a small number of buildings abroad were equipped with aluminum windows. Aluminum alloy doors and windows came out in my country in the early 1980s, and until the late 1990s, basically used several old window types in foreign countries, but they developed from less to more. The advantages of aluminum alloy doors and windows have been in the world for decades, and its unique properties have been recognized by the world, such as light weight, corrosion resistance, high strength and rigidity, non-toxic, high temperature resistance, good fire resistance, long service life, It can meet various functions of various complex sections and is difficult to replace by general materials. With the acceleration of reform and opening up, my country's aluminum alloy doors and windows industry has developed rapidly, from glass curtain walls, glass lighting roofs, to the world's latest hidden-frame glass curtain walls, frameless all-glass curtain walls, as well as the world's newest hidden-frame glass curtain walls and frameless all-glass curtain walls that have appeared in Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places in recent years. Although the aluminum composite panel curtain wall started late, the private exhibition is faster and the level is higher. In the early days, there were a large number of powerful military enterprises engaged in the production of aluminum alloy doors and windows. Once their products came out, they were appreciated by architectural design and users. However, as many collective enterprises, township enterprises and individual enterprises rush into action, the quality of the product declines, which will have a negative impact on the product for a period of time. At present, there are many aluminum alloy door and window production lines introduced in my country, and there are series in almost all countries in the world. In addition to the introduction of more than 100 aluminum doors and windows processing and assembling production lines, profile extrusion, oxidation coloring, powder coating, insulating glass, mold processing, group punching, glass cutting, computer-aided design, door and window performance testing, sealing tops , low-frequency induction heating furnace, strong stretching and straightening, fixed-length cutting, aging treatment, electrophoretic painting, waste water and alkali recovery, pure water preparation and other production lines or equipment, and introduced technical drawings, raw material formulas, production processes, product standards , product trademarks, etc. Most of these imported software and hardware are of the advanced level in the 1980s, laying the foundation for the modernization of the aluminum door and window industry. Due to the small space occupied by aluminum alloy doors and windows, large use span, flexible sliding, and various separation changes, the flexible use function in a convenient and comfortable opening method is very popular. The mature and optimized structural design and perfect product matching ensure excellent use. The performance is also economical, and it is the characteristics of high quality, low price, economical and durable products. Therefore, aluminum alloy doors and windows are not only supplied domestically, but also exported to Algeria, Sri Lanka, Liberia, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Zaire, Burkina Faso, Mauritania, Western Samoa, Benin, Uganda, North Korea, Jordan, Djibouti, Russia, the United States , Japan and other foreign exports.
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  • Do your windows doors glass need heat soak treatment ? Do your windows doors glass need heat soak treatment ?
    Jan 21, 2022
    Welcome to Hihaus windows and doors, here we are like to introduce you more about the glass, one of the important issue for the windows and doors. You may know that there have semi tempered and fully tempered glass, base on different area , the project will choose different type of glass. But mostly will use fully tempered glass consider for the safety issue. So let's see what is Heat Soaking System? Heat soak testing is a destructive test. Tempered Glass is put into a heat Soak Oven and brought to and held at a temperature of reach to 555 degrees Fahrenheit for two hours !!! Most glass containing Nickel Sulfide will shatter during this process and thus be eliminated from the glass project. On rare occasions, this tempering process can cause problems if the plate glass used has microscopic inclusions within it. Heat soaking will identify more than 95% of problem panes. So when should we consider heat soaking? 1. Frameless glass handrail: If a frameless, cantilevered, or structural glass balustrade shatters, the absence of any kind of frame or handrail could pose a significant safety risk 2. Infill glass handrail: If fallout from a glass balustrade is going to be a significant issue, for example if the handrail is on an overhead balcony or a mezzanine floor, we would recommend heat soaking. 3. Exterior glass doors: A shattered toughened glass door would pose a significant security risk to both commercial and domestic sites. Specially for the office or hotel project. 4. Sloped overhead glazing: Again, the potential risk of shattered toughened glass falling on people from overhead glazing makes this a candidate for heat soaking. 5. Glass spandrels: Shattered toughened glass spandrels could pose a risk to the public from falling glass, as well as being a major inconvenience to replace. If you are looking for reliable vendor for cooperation, leave us your requirement now, we can offer you professional advice Hihaus, your professional windows and doors manufacturer in China for 18 years.
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  • Why choose wood front doors with glass ? Why choose wood front doors with glass ?
    Jan 19, 2022
    Welcome light into your home with a wooden front door with glass. Choosing a wooden door allows the beautiful grain of mahogany or rustic walnut to shine through with natural warmth. Factory-applied stains come in a variety of shades and can provide long-lasting durability and beauty. As no piece of timber is the same, each door is unique to provide a unique and distinctive look. Wooden doors with glazing are available in various shapes with varying amounts of glass to provide a flexible look. The opaque glass allows natural light into the entrance while maintaining privacy. Decorative glass in styles ranging from traditional to contemporary offers creative textures and designs that make a warm and welcoming first impression. You can also enhance the style of your front door with an elegant wrought iron fence that exudes a classic, sophisticated style. Enhance the curb appeal of your home and find an option to complement your style. Warm and Welcoming Entrance Natural, Timeless Beauty Customized Designs
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  • Why choose steel front doors? Why choose steel front doors?
    Jan 17, 2022
    Steel is naturally strong, offers extra durability and is easy to care for. As one of the most weather-resistant materials available, steel doors demonstrate a sleek, clean look that is low maintenance and enhances curb appeal - season after season. Our steel entry doors have a rot-resistant frame that provides years of exceptional energy efficiency and performance. Gain peace of mind with maximum privacy and increased safety.Steel door benefits Naturally Strong and Durable Steel front doors do not absorb moisture and have a rot-resistant, low-maintenance frame. Steel is naturally strong and exceptionally durable, making these doors easy to care for. Increased privacy and security Performance Reliability
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  • New Arrival for garage door, wooden door,security door New Arrival for garage door, wooden door,security door
    Jan 14, 2022
    Recently, we have some new products on the shelves, among which the most popular are garage doors, security doors and wooden doors. We have put these products on the official website, looking forward to our customers' consultation. Garage door is generally used for the garage or gate of the house is very suitable for the decoration of private mansions. Wooden doors are generally used for interior room door decoration, security doors are generally used for luxury apartment doors.
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