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Follow Hihaus to choose aluminum doors and windows

Follow Hihaus to choose aluminum doors and windows

June 29, 2022

Nowadays more and more consumers are using aluminium doors and windows, because raw material prices, transport and labour costs are rising, but some doors and windows it not only did not rise with the price of aluminium, but also reduced the price?


Let’s follow us to get some points:


1.The impact of poor quality insulating glass in terms of appearance, transparency, energy saving and thermal insulation. Insulating glass caused by the choice of unqualified desiccant or sealant condensation, salt precipitation, dust pollution, volatile pollution, etc., transparency is reduced, you can not see the situation outside the window, and lost the good effect of energy saving, heat preservation, sound insulation.



2.The harm of poor quality hardware: easy to rust and deformation, poor smoothness and flexibility, short lifetime and increased costs.


If you want your windows and doors to be of maximum value, so that they can achieve high performance in energy saving, environmental protection, sound insulation, heat insulation, light and ventilation, you must have a set of hardware to match them.



The furthest distance in the world is not between life and death, it's when a brand tells you that I am quality assured, but you ignore it.


You're happy to go elsewhere and get ripped off!


When you buy windows and doors from quality assured company , you can enjoy professional installation and after-sales service to ensure that the products that arrive at your home, are in perfect condition. Please send your requests to contact Hihaus as your right choice.


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