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  • The choice of strips effect the sealing performance of sliding windows and doors The choice of strips effect the sealing performance of sliding windows and doors
    May 12, 2023
    Just like the adhesive strips, weather strips are also a sealing material for windows and doors. Although the sealing performance is not as good as adhesive strips naturally, they have always played an important role in sliding doors, windows and screens by virtue of their "low resistance" feature. 1. The function of weather strips in window and door products The sealing strip is most commonly found on aluminum sliding doors, sliding windows, and invisible screens. It is a "two-phase combination" of a strip of polypropylene yarn and polypropylene film at the top and a base made of polypropylene at the bottom. The function of the strip is similar to that of an adhesive strip: Because of the opening method of aluminum sliding windows, the gap around the window will be relatively large (small gap or tight, the resistance will not be pushed), and can not use rubber strips ( still because of resistance, but not absolutely, some sliding windows and doors will use low resistance rubber strips to solve this problem and improve the sealing), so it is used to although not squeeze deformation, can not be tight, but win in low resistance. When the sash is locked, the strip smoothly slides through, like a "curtain", to seal the gap around the active sash ( anti-dust and anti-insect ). 2. Types of sealing strips Along with the progress of technology, the evolution of the strip except material, product varieties, from "technology", the market is roughly divided into three grades of products, A Non-silicone strip, the lowest grade. Its disadvantage is not long service life, weather resistance is not good, which leads to its use after a period of time easy to lose hair (two or three years), "bald hair" bad also let the door and window sealing effect is reduced. B Siliconized hair strip, which is treated with silicone oil, is now the main stream. Its durability soared (about ten years), and the fluff is not easy to absorb water, so that the sliding doors and windows rainy day sealing greatly improved. C Siliconized laminated wool, on top of siliconized, the middle of the wool also has an additional "plastic sheet", and the highest grade. The plastic piece makes the pile upright effect enhanced, but also to overcome the problem of the existence of gaps in the woven pile, to better improve the sealing performance, blocking the seam ability is also more outstanding;; 3. What effect the sealing performance of the wool strip, or take the most common sliding windows for example. If you want the sealing effect of the wool strip to pass, the quantity and quality are concerned. First, there should be: 2 strips of wool inside and outside the upper and lower tracks of each sash, 2 strips of wool inside and outside the side of the sash and frame position, and 1/2 strip of wool on the side between the sash and the window. Then there should be no less than one cut and fit: the strips are basically worn by hand, so if there is less than one cut, it will affect the seal. And the fit refers to the base of the hair strip and the window sash into the position of the "fit" degree, such as the base is too small hair strip will be very loose affect the sealing effect. In addition to the above-mentioned clip, the pile of the strip itself should be dense enough to leave no gaps as much as possible, blocking light, wind and dust. It should be long enough so that when the sash is locked, the fur is already in place and slightly deformed against the aluminum. More knowledge about doors and windows, welcome to contact HAN TAN building materials, to provide you with professional knowledge, professional services.
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