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  • Some suggestions to choose the right aluminum windows and doors when remould home Some suggestions to choose the right aluminum windows and doors when remould home
    Dec 22, 2021
    When remould a house, aluminum windows and doors are the general trends, however there are more disputes when install the aluminum windows and doors, for example, the aluminum thickness is not enough, the glass is not up to standard and so on. So it is necessary to take time to choose the right aluminum windows and doors for your house in case spend money in vain. 1.Aluminum Profile of Aluminum Windows And Doors Most important is that DO NOT choose recycle aluminum but choose the original aluminum. Some small aluminum factories, in order to reduce the cost, may use the recycle aluminum that is very easy oxydic and soft. Secondly, the thickness of the aluminum profile need to choose right, normally, thickness is up to 1.4mm will be good, for some strong wind areas the thickness of aluminum should be up to 1.6mm. 2.The Glass Of Aluminum Windows and Doors Tempered glass is much better than normal glass, and insulated glass is better in sound insulated and thermal insulated than normal glass. For the areas with hurricanes, laminated tempered glass is the first choice. For the areas with low or hot temperature, triple insulated glass with Low-w will be good for thermal resistance. 3.The Hardware Of Aluminum Windows and Doors Good famous hardware brand could be insure the good performance of the windows and doors, and could make the service life of windows and doors more longer. The good quality of hardware with smooth surface, not be easy to rust, and with strong load-bearing capacity. 4.The Sealing StripA good seal strip could be used for up to 8-10 years, with better tensile strength and acid-alkali resistance. Recommended to use EPDM( We, HiHaus Ltd, use EPDM too), which has better weather resistance.
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