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New launch of Hihaus Intelligent Technology Exhibition Hall !

New launch of Hihaus Intelligent Technology Exhibition Hall !

Oct 18, 2021

As we all know, at the eye-catching Guangzhou Construction Expo, the Hihaus intelligent technology experience museum with the theme of "scientific and intelligent life and unlimited future" not only brought its highlight, grabbed the C position in the industry, but also won strong affirmation from the on-site experience audience. The mainstream authoritative media of major industries scrambled to report, the application scenario of science and intelligence integration caught the eye, and the strength explained the "new wind direction" of the future development of the industry. This is a modern intelligent exhibition hall with a high combination of doors and windows and modern science and technology, with a total area of more than 1000 square meters. So what are the bright spots?

Hihaus new showroom


As the leader of China's "door and window integration revolution" and the trendsetter of modern doors and windows, Hihaus firmly grasped the general trend of the times and industry and used its technical advantages to launch the intelligent technology experience Museum.


1. Design style

The pavilion is dominated by the popular "advanced gray" and adopts a simple and fashionable design style. Remove the heavy and complicated decoration, integrate the breadth of natural beauty into life, and show the brand charm and corporate image of Hihaus doors and windows. Match with simple texture lines to create a calm fashion sense. At the same time, smart technology elements are skillfully integrated to make the overall space more comfortable and elegant. Where you can see, there is a high sense of art. On the whole, the design of the exhibition hall emphasizes the sense of integration with the times and the attribute of scientific and technological intelligence, with a unique shape. The creative collision of various door and window products, combined with lighting, presents an elegant atmosphere and a three-dimensional sense.


Hihaus windows and doors


2. Overall layout

The overall spatial layout of the intelligent Experience Hall focuses on intelligent products and integrates sereral new products and best-selling product series of Hihaus to fully display rich and colorful products for customers.


Hihaus showroom overall layout


3. Product performance professional test area

There are a professional test area for the water tightness, air tightness, sound insulation and noise reduction functions of doors and windows to provide quality assurance for doors and windows.


Product performance professional test area


4. Life scene structure

Product categories are increasing layer by layer. Through excellent design and perfect presentation, the regional and overall space is independent and unified. At the same time, the visual space is divided and decorated by decorations, so that the product characteristics can be presented in a perfect situation.


Life scene structure



We can see that behind the new exhibition hall is the upgrading of batches of products, representing new leaps and breakthroughs of Hihaus doors and windows again and again. The sixth-generation intelligent technology experience center connects the history, present and future of Hihaus, and is also a window for the dissemination of Hihaus brand image. There are not only the honor wall of Hihaus but also the high-tech exhibition of Hihaus doors and windows. In addition, you can not only visit all kinds of popular doors and windows but also experience the brilliant sparks of the integration of technology and life. Experience attractive real-life scenes and appreciate the real charm of the Hihaus doors and windows.



Finally, it can be said with certainty that the successful completion of the sixth-generation intelligent technology experience center of Hihaus is the result of the hard work of all Hihaus people, the crystallization of Hihaus' 16 years of ingenuity, and the solid step taken by Hihaus doors and windows on the road to "expand the foundation of a century and create a world-famous door". There is no doubt that this will add strong wings to the development of Hihaus doors and windows and make the Hihaus brand fly higher. We believe that with continuous efforts, Hihaus doors and windows will make more outstanding achievements and make greater contributions to creating a better living life.



We always believe that a good product is one in a million and Hihaus is the first choice for your decoration.

We look forward to your understanding and participation.

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