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Hihaus- Chinese National Holiday

Hihaus- Chinese National Holiday

Oct 14, 2021

Chinese National Holiday


In order to promote patriotism and stimulate employees' national pride, Hihaus flag-raising ceremony of "72 Years of Splendid China" was held on on  Sep 29th in advance to celebrate the upcoming public holiday--Chinese National Holiday.



Along with the "Volunteer March", Hihaus national flag was slowly rising and flying high in the affectionate gaze of all the employees.




As the pioneers of doors and windows in the new era, we look to the world and the future, keep up with the development trend of the times, maintain a high spirit, cultivate innovative thinking and innovative spirit, and be the leader of the new era!



In the future, every Chinese is the protagonist. We believe that the most glorious moment in China will always be tomorrow. Let us embrace the next more prosperous birthday of the motherland together!


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