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Hihaus 3rd Quarter Flag Raising Ceremony & Employee Commendation Conference

Hihaus 3rd Quarter Flag Raising Ceremony & Employee Commendation Conference

Oct 09, 2021


On 2rd September, Hihaus 3rd Quarter Flag Raising Ceremony & Employee Commendation Conference holding in our Head workshop 



In the majestic and inspiring 'March of the volunteers', the bright five-star red flag rises slowly. All Hihaus people, in a neat and solemn team, saluted the national flag with a energetic attitude, deeply expressed their loyalty and love for the great Country, and sincerely wished that our motherland would be more prosperous under the leadership of the party.



Mr. Wu, CEO of Hihaus doors and windows, took the lead in delivering a speech. Mr. Wu expressed his sincere feelings for the party with sonorous, powerful and uplifting language, United and mobilized all employees to resolutely support the party's leadership, actively contribute to the new era, and deeply promote the reform and innovation of doors and windows; At the same time, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all employees for their hard work in the first half of the year! Encourage everyone to take responsibility and act actively; Brave the wind and waves and make another success!



Set up models and build to the power of model

With full enthusiasm and high fighting spirit, the employee commendation ceremony in the first half of 2021 kicked off. By praising the individuals and teams that play an important role in the strategic development of the company, we can stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of all employees, enhance the collective sense of honor and mission of employees, and make greater contributions to the rapid development of the enterprise.



Vice general manager : Mr. Liang Huanxin
Award for "excellent employees in the first half of 2021"



Vice general manager: Mr. Xie
Award for "2021 Dios elite development training champion team"



Operations director: Mr. Zeng

Award for "order rapid delivery project department in the first half of 2021"


The whole house intelligent doors and windows have been customized for 17 years, creating one of the few supporting industrial chains in the industry and a strong product R&D and production guarantee system, repeatedly refreshing the industry fastest delivery cycle, and demonstrating the profound internal strength of cutting-edge brands.


Hihaus , One-stop building facade, windows,doors and curtain walls solutions provider, Top 10 branding manufacture in China.

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