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The Light Of Dealer!Five Advantages Of Joining Hihaus

The Light Of Dealer!Five Advantages Of Joining Hihaus

Oct 29, 2021

With the rapid development of China's reform and opening up for 40 years, aluminum alloy doors and windows are now known as "the last piece of cake in the building materials industry". The annual sales of aluminum alloy doors and windows reach 500 billion yuan, which is also an important reason why more and more dealers have taken the initiative to join the team of aluminum alloy doors and windows in recent years. However, as a traditional and backbone channel force in the Chinese market, dealers are experiencing the test of the flat wave of channels and new channel forces. Under heavy pressure, Hihaus still adheres to its own development strategy and is committed to building a stronger dealer team. So far, Hihaus has more than 1000 distribution stores in China, covering more than 500 cities. So, what are the advantages of becoming a dealer of Hihaus?



1.Powerful aluminum storage

Whenever the peak demand for aluminum alloy doors and windows comes, the shortage of supply has become the most worring problem for manufacturers. However, the Hihaus workshop has more than 3000 tons of aluminum. Even in the peak period of delivery, it can ensure the accessibility of production and supply. More importantly, Hihaus doors and windows strictly controlled the delivery time, drafted the delivery time challenge into a military order and hung it in the most prominent position in the workshop. Such discipline and commitment are the strong backings behind Hihaus dealers and the most powerful guarantee to promote the development of distribution outlets.




2.Efficient production efficiency

After having a strong reserve of raw materials, efficient production is essential. The production line of the Hihaus factory adopts scientific and fine divisions of labor, and the division of each work area is very particular. The vertical division of the working area can reduce the handling and inspection time of doors and windows in each link of processing. In addition, Hihaus has not only introduced the most advanced machines and equipment at home and abroad, but also passed the strict product PC inspection to ensure the high efficiency of production and the high quality of finished products.



3. Advanced marketing management system

Hihaus adopts a scientific marketing management system to provide dealers with rich management experience. Each department is independent of the other, has a rigorous division of labor, and strictly implements the work of the Department. At the same time, in practical work, all departments communicate and assist each other. For example, the storage department should not only do a good job in inventory management of best-selling products and unsalable products, but also summarize and feedback ; The logistics department should not only be responsible for distribution but also understand order planning. In the long run, dealers will make continuous progress and obtain better management ability.



4.Clear policy support

Hihuas provides dealers with preferential product prices, brand promotion and preferential policy support. Whether in terms of product quality or terminal support, we will give the most mature and powerful support and help. While helping dealers avoid the risk of opening stores, the company also provides follow-up guidance in the later stage. Hihaus will provide a one-stop business support policy for every partner who joins the door and window industry. From store site selection, design and decoration, sample selection, pre-job training to after-sales service, we try our best to minimize the difficulties that partners may encounter when starting. Hihaus doors and windows, let you have no worries, develop the market and pursue your dreams.



5.Correct corporate cultural values

Hihaus always adheres to the development strategy of "supreme and serving the world", and always takes it as its responsibility to carry forward the Chinese door industry culture. Over the years, Hihaus has continuously carried forward the craftsman spirit, believed in "quality is life", and carefully achieved the ultimate quality of every detail of doors and windows. Hihaus firmly believes that only by integrating the meticulous and excellent craftsman spirit into every link can we make high-quality door and window products that move people's hearts. There is no doubt that through the edification of such corporate culture, dealers will carefully cultivate and develop the consumer market, expand and make a good brand.



Now is the era of brand popularity. Whether a specialty store can develop well, the brand is an important factor. Therefore, we can say that choosing a high-quality brand is the first step to success. The powerful strength of Hihaus is worth your choice. Joining Hihaus is to open the door of wealth and embark on the road of wealth.



Hihaus, prove your choice with strength.

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