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Hihaus China Distributor Experience Share

Hihaus China Distributor Experience Share

Nov 08, 2021

Hihaus China Distributor Experience Share

-- Finding the right brand is the best way

----From Guangxi, China

We joined DIAOSI(Hihaus China Brand name) for 17 years

From the street shop

Up to now, the big showroom

From 2 of us till now big sales team



At the moment of profound changes in the channel mode of the home decoration industry, how does the one of millions of big businessmen break through and expand and maintain the continuous growth of annual sales? Next, let's find the real answer through his story.

View the trend & Clarify the direction



Before joining, I was engaged in the taxi industry as a driver. In the process of my driving, I saw more and more newly developed buildings, so I felt that there would be a big market for doors and windows, which could be used by every family, so I made up my mind to do doors and windows.



In order to increase sales, I chose to enter the local high-end market. Since 2015, I have been stationed in fuanju(Local high end store) high-end stores and formed a different industry alliance in the process. We constantly do return visits and related services for old customers every month, and have also been trusted and introduced by old customers. Therefore, the turnover rate of old customers can reach more than 60%.

Core with quality


A recent municipal government project is also an old customer who used our products. He thought it was very good and the quality was pass in all aspects, so he recommended me to bid. At that time, there were more than a dozen brands bidding, and finally our DIAOSI brand won the bid!


Why can we win the bid? First, the strength of the company is strong; Second, the quality of the product is hard enough; The comprehensive strength is very in line with the positioning of high-end food street, so we finally chose DIAOSI!



The municipal project is located in Yulin Water Street,Guangxi , China, the most prosperous local food street. The whole street is equipped with doors and windows of our DIAOSI. Every tourist can see DIAOSI and pay attention to DIAOSI, which greatly improves the brand awareness of DIAOSI doors and windows.

Base on innovation & activation



As the saying goes: choosing a good brand is far greater than your own efforts; So choose DIAOSI and let's create the best era together!

On my way of operating DIAOSI doors and windows, the company has given me great help: team training, activity support, more product innovation.



Our DIAOSI system window adopts the design of nail cutting and glue injection process to improve the sealing performance and safety performance of the whole cavity. The opening fan also adopts the design of internal and external flat frames, which is beautiful and fashionable. The drainage system is a hidden drainage downward, and the water tightness will be better. These  are our advantages

The higher the goal, the greater the achievement


Over the past 17 years, I have also made some money; The next focus goal: expand the business team, do a good job in pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services, improve the market share, and build DIAOSI into a well-known DIAOSI in Yulin door and window industry!

Above is the story from one of our distributor

With rich experience for brand building, we can assist you greater business in oversea,

Hope the story can offer you the motivate idea and have good action,

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