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With heart abd mind, and one way to go, the 2021 Hihaus (DIAOS)

With heart abd mind, and one way to go, the 2021 Hihaus (DIAOS)

Sep 10, 2021

Hihaus Elite team development training made a complete succeed!

Hihaus team

In order to strengthen the cohesion and cooperation consciousness of functional teams,

Improve team quality development and innovation ability,

Inject positive energy into the harmonious and stable development of enterprises;

On August 29, 2021, the 2021 Hihaus (DIAOS) Elite Team outdoor Development Training Camp

Successfully held in Foshan Nanhai Wetland Park!


Journey to Intimacy ______________________________

We welcome you to join in "Journey to Intimacy" to learn, experience, understand and share about love.


Journey to Intimacy


Elite team ____________________________________


Elite team


Collective vitality ____________________________



Listen and share _____________________________


This is a multiple contest of brain power, physical power, and perseverance!


HIHAIS(DIAOS) keeps up with the pace of the times, conforms to the trend of younger corporate teams, and strives to build an elite team that dares to overcome difficulties and is brave to innovate!


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