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Hihaus: The scale of large factories contribute to the new development of the new area!

Hihaus: The scale of large factories contribute to the new development of the new area!

Sep 15, 2021

Hihaus doors and windows, as a flagship brand of high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows, has experienced 17 years of market precipitation and has strong comprehensive strength, excellent product quality and perfect service system. These have been tested by the market and industry, so they have more advantages and guarantees in terms of products, services and support. It is noteworthy that these achievements are inseparable from the strong factory guarantee behind Hihaus. The scale of Hihaus's factory is huge, which undoubtedly contributes to Hihaus's outstanding achievements to a great extent. Let's introduce it in detail.


Hihaus doors and windows

1.Perfect production system

In 2004, Hihaus doors and windows have established its own aluminum spraying workshop, with two spraying lines, Bangxin and Bangsheng, ensuring a complete upstream and downstream ecological supply chain system. It has its factory, from independent research and development to independent production, which provides a full guarantee for the quality of products.

Hihaus factory

2.Stable production lead time

Hihaus introduces the world's leading German and Italian production equipment and advanced ERP production system. With technical advantages, the product manufacturing process is automated, information-based and refined. Hihaus products are guaranteed to be the best in every link from design, cutting, surface treatment, assembly, glue ,QC, packing , transportation,and service to provide customers with high-quality products.


Hihaus workshop


At the same time, Hihaus has more than 831 production employees in the workshop, and more than half of the old employees are experienced and skilled. The intelligent production and management system escorts high-quality products and can easily solve various technical difficulties in the process of product production. The above advantages not only inject new energy into the harmonious and stable development of the enterprise but also provide reliable delivery guarantees for franchisees' orders.


Hihaus workshop


3.Huge production scale

As we all know, production scale is very important for the production capacity of enterprises. Hihaus doors and windows have accumulated 17 years of brand strength. Now it has a large door and window production industrial park covering an area of 123000 square meters. The production scale of the enterprise leads the door and window enterprises. In addition, Hihaus also has a perfect product system and a modern intelligent technology experience hall leading the industry. This has injected a strong impetus into Hihaus's production capacity.


Hihaus showroom


4.Continuous innovation ability

The innovation ability of an enterprise determines its core competitiveness. Research and development strength is an important guarantee for the sustainable development of an enterprise. Any product has a life cycle and the preferences of any customer will change. Therefore, only by continuously innovating and developing new products, to meet customer needs and adapt to market changes. At present, most domestic door and window manufacturers are still in the primary production stage, and there are few factories with real   R & D capability. Hihaus doors and windows is a manufacturing enterprise integrating product R & D production, marketing and service. It has an efficient R & D team and process. In the past 17 years, it has always focused on professional R & D in the field of production and products, and developed several patented products. It can be seen that Hihaus has continuous innovation ability.


5.Reliable after-sales service system

Hihaus has a professional after-sales service team with 24-hour online service. The team connects with the factory on time, solves customer problems on time, and always adheres to the service tenet of the special person in charge and one stop to the end.

Hihaus team

With the advent of the Internet plus era, the doors and windows of the century have broken through the tradition. Both the comprehensive strength and the core competitiveness are at the forefront of aluminum alloy doors and windows. We believe that the Hihaus factory will make continuous progress and inject new vitality into providing better aluminum alloy door and window products.

Hihaus has been keeping pace with the style of the times. The first-class quality can stand the test of the times and is the priority of many dealers. Welcome more entrepreneurs to join Hihaus and go to the star sea of the door and window industry.

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