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Human high-quality new doors and windows outline every inch of happiness radius!

Human high-quality new doors and windows outline every inch of happiness radius!

August 11, 2021

Hihaus windows and doors project

【What is your happiest life state like? 】


Solitude in school days

The company team building party

Parent-child weekend after getting married

Go home to see elderly parents


Maybe happiness is hidden in the corner of your growth

First stop for growth


One's sense of security



Entering the society

The most important small blessing is

Find a safe "shelter"

Doors and Windows not only rely on excellent product force

Creating a "livable living Space"

More with its sense of mission of security guarding

Escorting the growth of the younger generation

65 Series

Aluminum System inside casement window

The latest national standard profile wall thickness

Tilt and turn window to save space

Three seals, three glass and two cavities

Wind and rain 0 penetration, sense of security MAX

Aluminum System casement window

Community carnival

Neighbor Autonomy, "Sound" Freedom



Circle of friends, social chain gradually established

Fun parties are the new social tie

Living field also needs bright fireworks gas

System doors and Windows in the application scenario construction

Strive to meet the needs of contemporary young people

   Create an exclusive space where you can play freely

Open the new mode of Autonomous Sound Insulation and Noise Reduction! !

112 series



System double inward opening casement window

A full set of imported accessories

Multi-channel sealing isotherm vertical

Sound insulation and noise reduction "Sound" comes from

Ingenious color contrast design


New era home standard

double inward opening casement window

Start a family

Quality life should be a show


We are a generation pursuing the quality of life

High-pressure and fast-paced life

I never stingy to give my life a holiday


What a wonderful experience to be with family

"There is love", it must be shown

No matter how hot it is, also can't resist, love "noisy" heart

Let the enthusiasm for quality life gather in one place at home

122 series 

Inside and outside flat frame casement window 

Antibacterial handle without base base 

Zinc alloy rounding process 

Adopt 24C type heat insulation strip 

Strengthen multi-channel sealing patent 

The best thermal insulation effect of the broken bridge 

casement window


Late years

Enjoy the fun of returning to old age



Smart home


Never patented by young people

It's more helpful for the elderly

As a child, I am usually busy at work

Parents can’t take care of many things

Now with smart system doors and windows

Realize hand-smart integration, wind, rain and climate monitoring, etc.

Never worry about the safety of your parents anymore!


95 series

Middle narrow sliding door

The home has Hihaus

Is the happiest state of life

Home is centered on love

Happiness is a circle of radius


Hihuas would like to be a part of each circle

Leave us your contact, let us be part of your life


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