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Do you know the safety sizes for windows?

Do you know the safety sizes for windows?

August 06, 2021

Hihaus custom windows

1 About window height

In general residential buildings ,the window height should be under 1.5m, plus the windowsill height under 0.9m, the window top is maximum 2.4m away from the floor surface.

The height of the window should wait for a requirement to decide according to image of day-lighting, ventilated, space.

2. Window width

The width of the window generally starts from 0.6m. According to the provisions of the building standard hole specification, the width modulus of the general building hole is 300mm, that is, the general width is 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm and so on.

It should be noted that when the window hole is too wide, should be added vertical keel or "go all out door or frame", or the stiffness of the window is easy to appear.

Hihaus 86 casement window

Reflective glass interpretation

The thermal reflectivity of heat reflecting glass is high, such as the total reflection heat of 6mm thick float glass is only 16%, under the same conditions, the total reflection heat of endothermic glass is 40%, while the heat reflecting glass can be as high as 61%, so it is commonly used to make insulating glass or laminated glass to increase its thermal insulation performance.

The metal-coated thermal reflective glass also has the function of one-way image transfiguration, that is, the outdoor scenery can be seen indoors during the day, while the indoor scenery can not be seen outdoors.

One-way perspective glass (also known as atomic mirror, single-side mirror, SLR glass, double-sided mirror, one-way glass) is a kind of glass with a very high reflection ratio to visible light.

Unidirectional perspective glass is mainly used for concealed observation Windows, holes, etc.

aluminium awning window

The product can be used in public security bureaus, detention centers, police stations, prisons, courts, procrastinates, karaoke, offices, kindergartens, psychiatric hospitals, schools and other special places.


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