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How to choose windows and doors for warehoue in Ghana?

How to choose windows and doors for warehoue in Ghana?

October 31, 2022

Loading day for Ghana warehouse project


We are here like to share you what can be choose for warehouse windows doors, case by one of our Ghana customer’s warehouses


For the side of warehouse, will recommend by using double glazed sliding windows, if you want brighter in the warehouse, white color will be your best choice.


white sliding window


**Bulk of windows were waiting for package


White color it match all design, with quality surface color coated, durable and easy to clean. For glass part, we are using single 6mm thicken tempered glass, light will be easily to bring in and glass will be easy to clean up.


aluminium sliding window


Our workshop had installed white sliding windows as well for brighter and simple function.



Beside, there have garage door for the main gate of closing the warehouse.


For this Ghana warehouse, our customer chooses Europe design in white color, here is the warehouse garage door design he had pick


garage door


Base on the hole size of garage door customer provided, we offer match door hole and accessories location drawing, below also share for reference:



We pointed out all details, so our customer can check for distance correction, and his architect can check on-site space is it enough for the roll in.


And here, is the finished panel actual picture, super nice work!!


garage door

If you are also looking for your warehouse or workshop windows and doors, please do contact us right now to get your own plan

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