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  • Why does tempered glass of windows and doors self explode? How to choose the glass of windows and doors? Why does tempered glass of windows and doors self explode? How to choose the glass of windows and doors?
    May 08, 2024
    Part 1: Why does tempered glass of windows and doors self explode? Glass self explosion refers to the sudden rupture or bursting of glass without external force. There are mainly two reasons as follows: : ※Thermal stress caused by extreme weather The thermal stress caused by temperature changes, is known as thermal burst. When air conditioners are turned on indoors and sunlight is exposed outdoors in summer, the temperature on the glass surface suddenly increases or decreases. The thermal stress gap between inside and outside can cause cracks and breakage. Meanwhile, extreme weather such as typhoons and rain may also cause glass to burst. ※Instability of glass raw materials The original glass sheet itself contains impurities - nickel sulfide. During glass manufacturing, if bubbles and impurities are not completely eliminated, they may rapidly expand and cause rupture under changes in temperature or pressure. Therefore, the self explosion of glass cannot be completely avoided, which is also an inherent characteristic of glass. To address this issue, We Hihaus use raw materials from two top brands in the glass industry and heat the glass to a high temperature of 290 ° C for homogeneous hot dip treatment, achieving quality improvement. After treatment, the number of broken particles of 10CM² is controlled between 80-100 particles, and it will become granular after crushing to reduce secondary damage. Meanwhile, the self explosion rate has decreased from 3 ‰ of ordinary tempered glass to 1 ‰. Part 2: How to choose the glass of windows and doors? When selecting glass, it is recommended to use 3C certified tempered glass with good bending strength and impact resistance. On this basis, you can further choose the glazing configuration according to the living environment, urban area, floor level and other factors. ※Urban area If the area is in the south and the population is relatively dense, it will be necessary for you to pay attention to the sound insulation and watertight performance of windows and doors. If it is in the north, you will pay more attention to airtight and insulation performance. ※ Environmental noise If you live on the side of the road or other noisy areas, it will be recommended that the windows and doors can be configured with hollow + laminated glass, which can greatly improve the sound insulation effect. ※ Floor height When selecting glass for high floors, it is necessary to focus on wind pressure resistance. The higher the floor, the greater the wind pressure and the thicker the glass needed. Because the requirements of the low floor against wind pressure are lower, the glass can be selected to be thinner. People who live on high floors have relatively high requirements for watertight performance and sound insulation. These can allow the staff to carry out targeted calculations when selecting windows and doors. Part 3: How to deal with self explosion of windows and doors? ※Use laminated glass Laminated glass is composed of two or more pieces of glass, sandwiched between a layer or more layers of organic polymer intermediate film. After special high temperature prepressing treatment, the glass and the intermediate film are bonded as one composite glass product. Even if the glass breaks, the debris will be stuck to the film and the broken glass surface will remain intact, which effectively prevents the occurrence of splinter injuries and falling events. ※ Apply high-performance polyester film to glass If the laminated glass is not used in the early stage, we can paste high-performance polyester film on the glass of windows and door. When the tempered glass breaks for various reasons, the safety explosion-proof film can stick to the glass fragments to prevent splashing and protect the personnel inside and outside the building from being hurt by the splashing glass fragments. ※Select ultra cleared tempered glass There are two main advantages of ultra cleared tempered glass: the strength higher than that of ordinary glass and the low self explosion rate. The thermal stability of ultra cleared tempered glass is more than good, and its external damage carrying capacity is higher. In the glass production process, the ultra-white process requires a lower impurity content than conventional glass, so the self explosion rate approaches zero. Doors and Windows are the first line of home security protection. In order to prevent glass self-explosion, when we choose and evaluate the safety index of a door and window, we should be from the selection of materials, the performance of windows and door, technical process support and details of the comprehensive assessment.
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  • How to choose windows and doors for warehoue in Ghana? How to choose windows and doors for warehoue in Ghana?
    Oct 31, 2022
    Loading day for Ghana warehouse project We are here like to share you what can be choose for warehouse windows doors, case by one of our Ghana customer’s warehouses For the side of warehouse, will recommend by using double glazed sliding windows, if you want brighter in the warehouse, white color will be your best choice. **Bulk of windows were waiting for package White color it match all design, with quality surface color coated, durable and easy to clean. For glass part, we are using single 6mm thicken tempered glass, light will be easily to bring in and glass will be easy to clean up. Our workshop had installed white sliding windows as well for brighter and simple function. Beside, there have garage door for the main gate of closing the warehouse. For this Ghana warehouse, our customer chooses Europe design in white color, here is the warehouse garage door design he had pick Base on the hole size of garage door customer provided, we offer match door hole and accessories location drawing, below also share for reference: We pointed out all details, so our customer can check for distance correction, and his architect can check on-site space is it enough for the roll in. And here, is the finished panel actual picture, super nice work!! If you are also looking for your warehouse or workshop windows and doors, please do contact us right now to get your own plan
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  • Why and How To Choose The High Quality Windows and Doors Why and How To Choose The High Quality Windows and Doors
    Nov 26, 2021
    When you are building or remodelling ur house, you might feel that the installation of doors and windows is simple. In fact, product is the foundation, and the installation is superstructure. Therefore, the purchase of product and installation are equally important. 1.Window selectionDoors and windows have good performance in sound insulation and noise reduction. The important is how to choose windows. Situation: It is very likely that the windows will gradually shake when the wind is strong at home. If it is a high-rise residential building, the risk factor will increase greatly. Solution: When buying windows, you must understand some basic common sense. For example, 1. The aluminum frame thickness cannot be less than 1.4mm. 2. Checking whether the doors and windows are covered with qualified maintenance plastic film. Generally, the surface is clean and tidy. 3. Windows should be produced in strict accordance with our country's standards. Buyers can ask for sound insulation inspection and other qualified reports from supplier. 2. LeakingCondition: When it rains, there will be traces of water on the side of the window. The occurrence of this kind of phenomenon is the use of mixed mortar to fill the joints in the case of assembly operations, the sealing of the windows is not very good and sealing tape is not qualified. Solution: 1. Remember to prevent the use of mixed mortar to fill the joints during operation. Generally, foam glue with good ductility will be used to fill the joints. 2. The concave groove under the window should have external drainage pipe holes to prevent accumulation of precipitation. 3. The window frames should have a certain distance to prevent the water from flowing back. 3. Sound insulation and noise reductionCondition: The doors and windows have been installed, but the noise from outside can still be heard. Solution: 1. Pay special attention to the sealing tape when installing. Most of this type of sound insulation is due to sealing tape quality. It should be a closed whole and should not be broken at the corner. 2. The actual sound insulation effect of general bedroom balcony will be relatively weak. Because the total area is large, you can add a sound insulation decoration partition sliding door inside, two layers to eliminate noise.
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