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  • Why and How To Choose The High Quality Windows and Doors Why and How To Choose The High Quality Windows and Doors
    Nov 26, 2021
    When you are building or remodelling ur house, you might feel that the installation of doors and windows is simple. In fact, product is the foundation, and the installation is superstructure. Therefore, the purchase of product and installation are equally important. 1.Window selectionDoors and windows have good performance in sound insulation and noise reduction. The important is how to choose windows. Situation: It is very likely that the windows will gradually shake when the wind is strong at home. If it is a high-rise residential building, the risk factor will increase greatly. Solution: When buying windows, you must understand some basic common sense. For example, 1. The aluminum frame thickness cannot be less than 1.4mm. 2. Checking whether the doors and windows are covered with qualified maintenance plastic film. Generally, the surface is clean and tidy. 3. Windows should be produced in strict accordance with our country's standards. Buyers can ask for sound insulation inspection and other qualified reports from supplier. 2. LeakingCondition: When it rains, there will be traces of water on the side of the window. The occurrence of this kind of phenomenon is the use of mixed mortar to fill the joints in the case of assembly operations, the sealing of the windows is not very good and sealing tape is not qualified. Solution: 1. Remember to prevent the use of mixed mortar to fill the joints during operation. Generally, foam glue with good ductility will be used to fill the joints. 2. The concave groove under the window should have external drainage pipe holes to prevent accumulation of precipitation. 3. The window frames should have a certain distance to prevent the water from flowing back. 3. Sound insulation and noise reductionCondition: The doors and windows have been installed, but the noise from outside can still be heard. Solution: 1. Pay special attention to the sealing tape when installing. Most of this type of sound insulation is due to sealing tape quality. It should be a closed whole and should not be broken at the corner. 2. The actual sound insulation effect of general bedroom balcony will be relatively weak. Because the total area is large, you can add a sound insulation decoration partition sliding door inside, two layers to eliminate noise.
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