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Residential Glazed Aluminium Glass Curtain Wall Manufacturer

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Residential Glazed Aluminium Glass Curtain Wall Manufacturer

A curtain wall is a thin aluminium framed wall. It can have different infill materials, including glass, metal panels, or thin stone blocks. The frame is attached to the building structure. It does not carry the load of the roof or the floor; instead, it depends on the building structure, especially at the floor line.

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Residential Glazed Aluminium Glass Curtain Wall Manufacturer

Product Features

1.Impressive visual effects.

It is indisputable that curtain walls add a striking and stunning visual effect to the design of a building. With the installation of the curtain wall, the building's stylish and robust design is impressive enough to attract clients and meet the standard requirements of modern building construction and design.

2.Strong and durable construction.

Curtain walls are mainly made up of high quality materials such as aluminium, which are low in weight but strong and durable. Aluminium also adds to the durability of the building structure.

3.Flexibility in design.

Another great advantage is the flexibility that curtain walls offer in terms of design. You have a great deal of autonomy in planning and designing your project and can build bespoke structures with the help of a commercial glazing manufacturer. As mentioned earlier, the construction of curtain walls involves aluminium, which is a highly flexible metal; therefore, there are no design barriers. Commercial glaziers and glass manufacturers can quickly meet project standards and help you to reflect the brand image of your business.

4.Reduced construction costs.

As the manufacture of curtain wall systems involves lightweight materials, it reduces construction costs to a large extent.

5.Supporting its weight.

The curtain wall is technically designed so that it can support its weight without the need for support from the building.

6.Elimination of water and contaminant infiltration.

A curtain wall does not allow water to seep in during precipitation. It also does not allow airborne pollutants to enter. These features are environmentally friendly, as it also prevents the entry of carbon dioxide, increasing the durability of the building structure.

7.Protection against wind.

Curtain walls provide wind resistance and protection for the building structure. The curtain wall system does this by distributing the kinetic energy equally along the surface of the structure. As a result, the structure creates greater resistance to the forces of the wind and remains safe.

8.Protection against extreme weather conditions.

Curtain walls are protected against any form of extreme weather conditions such as high precipitation in the form of rainfall or snowfall. A curtain wall is specifically designed to withstand extreme weather without collapsing. It can withstand sufficient earthquake loads and other severe weather catastrophes without causing fatal damage to the structure and interior of the building. This also saves on damage and repair costs. You can also install special commercial glazing when designing curtain walls that are vulnerable to weather hazards such as hurricanes and earthquakes.

9.Positive impact on the interior of the building.

Curtain walls ensure better lighting inside the building and improve the working environment, especially during the day. With curtain walls, the interior of a building gives a feeling of extensive spaciousness. This helps you to optimise smaller spaces in a significant way.

As a result, you can create a brighter, larger space within your building.

Product Specifications

Frame Aluminum
Glass 1. Single/Double tempered glazing
2. Laminated glazing
3. Low-E glazing : Green / Blue/ Brown / Golden ...
4. Tinted glass, reflective glass, frosted glass , as customer’s requests
Hardware China top brand
Accessories Full set of included. gasket,silicon,sealant rubber,screws.



Wind-resistant and safe



The mullions are firmly connected

More stable , better waterproof and safety performance




Heat insulation, energy saving, moisture-proof effect

Hihaus aluminium curtain wall


Hihaus partner

Why choose us ?

1. Proved reputation and quality from homeowners, contractors, builders and architects for more than 18 years;

2. AAMA/AS2047 standard certified manufacturer;

3. Factory of 123,000 m2 with 800 skilled technicians, strong production capability;

4. 40+ patents, strong ability of design, innovation and custom-made manufacturing;

5. On time delivery satisfying the request of projects.

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