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  • Do your windows doors glass need heat soak treatment ? Do your windows doors glass need heat soak treatment ?
    Jan 21, 2022
    Welcome to Hihaus windows and doors, here we are like to introduce you more about the glass, one of the important issue for the windows and doors. You may know that there have semi tempered and fully tempered glass, base on different area , the project will choose different type of glass. But mostly will use fully tempered glass consider for the safety issue. So let's see what is Heat Soaking System? Heat soak testing is a destructive test. Tempered Glass is put into a heat Soak Oven and brought to and held at a temperature of reach to 555 degrees Fahrenheit for two hours !!! Most glass containing Nickel Sulfide will shatter during this process and thus be eliminated from the glass project. On rare occasions, this tempering process can cause problems if the plate glass used has microscopic inclusions within it. Heat soaking will identify more than 95% of problem panes. So when should we consider heat soaking? 1. Frameless glass handrail: If a frameless, cantilevered, or structural glass balustrade shatters, the absence of any kind of frame or handrail could pose a significant safety risk 2. Infill glass handrail: If fallout from a glass balustrade is going to be a significant issue, for example if the handrail is on an overhead balcony or a mezzanine floor, we would recommend heat soaking. 3. Exterior glass doors: A shattered toughened glass door would pose a significant security risk to both commercial and domestic sites. Specially for the office or hotel project. 4. Sloped overhead glazing: Again, the potential risk of shattered toughened glass falling on people from overhead glazing makes this a candidate for heat soaking. 5. Glass spandrels: Shattered toughened glass spandrels could pose a risk to the public from falling glass, as well as being a major inconvenience to replace. If you are looking for reliable vendor for cooperation, leave us your requirement now, we can offer you professional advice Hihaus, your professional windows and doors manufacturer in China for 18 years.
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