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Clerestory windows to light up your home

Clerestory windows to light up your home

August 04, 2023

Clerestory windows are a unique type of window design that is commonly used in architectural designs, particularly in larger structures. Follow us to get some key features and characteristics of clerestory windows:


Location: Clerestory windows are typically located at the upper part of a wall or roof, just below the roofline. They are often positioned in a row or series, creating a horizontal band of windows along the upper portion of a building.


clerestory windows


Purpose: The main purpose of clerestory windows is to bring natural light into a building while maintaining privacy. Because they are positioned high on the wall or roof, clerestory windows allow daylight to enter the space without sacrificing the occupants' privacy, as they are generally located above eye level.


Design and Architecture: The design and size of clerestory windows can vary widely, depending on the architectural style and design intent. They can be small and narrow or larger, spanning across a significant portion of the wall. The shape of the windows can also vary, including rectangular, rounded, or arched designs.


Functionality: In addition to providing natural light, clerestory windows can also help with ventilation and airflow. They can be designed to open, allowing for the release of hot air and the circulation of fresh air in a space.


aluminium clerestory windows


Aesthetic Appeal: Clerestory windows are also appreciated for their aesthetic appeal. They can add visual interest to a building's exterior, create a sense of verticality, and enhance the overall architectural design.


Clerestory windows can be found in all types of buildings, including commercial buildings, religious buildings (such as churches or temples), museums and modern homes. They are an effective architectural element that helps to enhance the overall ambiance and functionality of a space by bringing in natural light and creating a unique visual effect.


 A clerestory windows exterior will add curb appeal to your home. Contact Hihaus for more details.

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