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  • Aluminum alloy doors and windows history and culture Aluminum alloy doors and windows history and culture
    Feb 14, 2022
    The aluminum alloy door occupies a small space, the use span is large, the sliding is flexible, the separation changes are various, and the flexible use function is very popular with the convenient and comfortable opening method. The mature and optimized structural design and perfect product matching ensure excellent performance. It is also economical, inexpensive, economical and durable. The good performance of the aluminum profile determines that it is welcomed by architects and users once it is put on the market. As early as before World War II, a small number of buildings abroad were equipped with aluminum windows. Aluminum alloy doors and windows came out in my country in the early 1980s, and until the late 1990s, basically used several old window types in foreign countries, but they developed from less to more. The advantages of aluminum alloy doors and windows have been in the world for decades, and its unique properties have been recognized by the world, such as light weight, corrosion resistance, high strength and rigidity, non-toxic, high temperature resistance, good fire resistance, long service life, It can meet various functions of various complex sections and is difficult to replace by general materials. With the acceleration of reform and opening up, my country's aluminum alloy doors and windows industry has developed rapidly, from glass curtain walls, glass lighting roofs, to the world's latest hidden-frame glass curtain walls, frameless all-glass curtain walls, as well as the world's newest hidden-frame glass curtain walls and frameless all-glass curtain walls that have appeared in Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places in recent years. Although the aluminum composite panel curtain wall started late, the private exhibition is faster and the level is higher. In the early days, there were a large number of powerful military enterprises engaged in the production of aluminum alloy doors and windows. Once their products came out, they were appreciated by architectural design and users. However, as many collective enterprises, township enterprises and individual enterprises rush into action, the quality of the product declines, which will have a negative impact on the product for a period of time. At present, there are many aluminum alloy door and window production lines introduced in my country, and there are series in almost all countries in the world. In addition to the introduction of more than 100 aluminum doors and windows processing and assembling production lines, profile extrusion, oxidation coloring, powder coating, insulating glass, mold processing, group punching, glass cutting, computer-aided design, door and window performance testing, sealing tops , low-frequency induction heating furnace, strong stretching and straightening, fixed-length cutting, aging treatment, electrophoretic painting, waste water and alkali recovery, pure water preparation and other production lines or equipment, and introduced technical drawings, raw material formulas, production processes, product standards , product trademarks, etc. Most of these imported software and hardware are of the advanced level in the 1980s, laying the foundation for the modernization of the aluminum door and window industry. Due to the small space occupied by aluminum alloy doors and windows, large use span, flexible sliding, and various separation changes, the flexible use function in a convenient and comfortable opening method is very popular. The mature and optimized structural design and perfect product matching ensure excellent use. The performance is also economical, and it is the characteristics of high quality, low price, economical and durable products. Therefore, aluminum alloy doors and windows are not only supplied domestically, but also exported to Algeria, Sri Lanka, Liberia, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Zaire, Burkina Faso, Mauritania, Western Samoa, Benin, Uganda, North Korea, Jordan, Djibouti, Russia, the United States , Japan and other foreign exports.
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