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504 ㎡ villas windows and doors project, Chinese and Western mixed and harmonious

504 ㎡ villas windows and doors project, Chinese and Western mixed and harmonious

Oct 18, 2022

Huizhou, Guangdong, China

Date: September, 2022

Product Supplied:
Villas project windows doors: Casement windows, Sliding Door, Wooden interior door.


Project Story:


Hihaus villas windows and doors project


Project background: The villa is designed for vacation, the owner was planning to use the villa as a retirement house.

The designer selected the luxurious and elegant style with dark gray as the main color tone for the owner. The floor glass with a wide view gives a sense of visual impact. As the separation point between indoor and outdoor, the one-way perspective of LOW-E glass can not only ensure spaciousness and transparency but also ensure the privacy and safety of the indoor space, so as to create a comfortable space that is both independent and connected inside and outside.


Hihaus villas windows and doors


Hihaus villas sliding door


Thermal Break aluminum doors and windows are ideal materials for modern residences. They not only have excellent energy saving, heat insulation, sound insulation, and low conductivity but also greatly improve the structural strength of doors and windows, bringing a different living experience to the living space. Our doors and windows strictly follow German window-making technology and are committed to creating high-performance doors and window products to create a comfortable and comfortable home environment.


Hihaus wooden interior door

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