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Talk about impact resistant glass

Talk about impact resistant glass

March 25, 2022

Impact resistant glass consists of two or several layers of glass which are combined with a protective laminate such as PVB to keep them intact even when broken and as a type of safety glass.


The lamination between the two pieces of glass is a very strong polymer layer to provide reinforcement and hold the glass pieces together even in the event of breakage and is the most basic and widely used type of lamination in the impact resistant glass industry.


The construction and infrastructure sector holds the largest share of the impact resistant glass market at 44% by 2021. Impact resistant glass is mainly used in major infrastructure to maximize human safety and asset security. Impact resistant glass is used in homes and corridors, detached houses, apartments, hospitals, office buildings and high security premises. The focus on the construction and infrastructure industry is expected to drive the growth of the global impact resistant glass market over the forecast period.


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