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  • Elegant Modern Front Wooden Pivot Entry Doors Elegant Modern Front Wooden Pivot Entry Doors
    Apr 25, 2022
    When you order a pivot entrance door, you can choose how the door swings out. Although in 99% of cases you want the door to swing towards the interior (inward swing), we can also build the door frame so that the door swings outwards. However, when it comes to a right or left hand swing, the layout of your installation site will determine the configuration of the swing. To determine whether the door swings left or right, imagine that you are looking at the door from the street. If the pivot point is on the left, the door is left-hand swinging. If the pivot point is on the right, the door is a right-swinging door. Hihaus take pride in the quality of the products with our doors. Every stage of the manufacturing process is carried out internally so that we can ensure the highest quality and exceptional standards for each of our products. Please send us your requests , we will contact you as soon as possible.
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